The 15 Hottest WWE Diva Halloween Costumes

Boo! Indeed, it’s just about that time to find the perfect costume, and head off to your friend’s Halloween party for all sorts of ghostly and ghoulish shenanigans. With Halloween drawing near, eac


Indeed, it’s just about that time to find the perfect costume, and head off to your friend’s Halloween party for all sorts of ghostly and ghoulish shenanigans. With Halloween drawing near, each year, WWE uses this holiday to put their Divas in some of the hottest and funniest costumes they can find. Whether it’s backstage segments, a battle royal, or singles match, you can guarantee seeing the women go at it in everything from a French maid costume to the Super Mario Brothers, or in this case, Sisters outfit.

The WWE Divas have dressed up for years, and this list will focus on the best of the best, hundreds of costumes have been worn, but only the top 15 best will be chosen. This group will comprise of WWE Divas from both present and past, including those still working on NXT. So, you can expect to see current favorites like, Sasha Banks and Paige, as well as former Women’s champions, AJ Lee and Trish Stratus.

Not all of these costumes made to TV, but some were instead taken at backstage parties, and put on their Twitter or Instagram accounts. No matter the source, the finest have been found and ranked, so here are the best looking Diva costumes of all-time!

15 Maryse – French Maid


Being from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, this costume seemed like a no-brainer for the former WWE Diva, Maryse. With lace cuff accessories and her feather duster in hand, she rocks this looks unbelievable well.

14 Maria – Bunny


Fair to say, Marie pulls off a bunny outfit way better than that one that hung around Adam Rose and his Rosebuds. Even Tyler Breeze would be jealous of those feather boot covers, an “uggo” she is most definitely not.

13 Sasha Banks – Clown Zipper-Face Zombie


Okay, not exactly sure what look she was going for here, but that dress is hot fire! With her typical “Legit Boss” accessories in-tact, Sasha looks fierce, even in the after-life. Seriously though, that zipper on the side of her face is pretty sweet looking. Fun fact: that’s Vickie Guerrero’s daughter to the left.

12 Alicia Fox – Fox


Again, sometimes it’s better not to over think things with these costumes, she’s got Fox in her name, acts quite foxy, so why not make her a fox? The hat is a cute touch, and the simple look works nicely as sometimes the WWE goes way over the top with their makeup and outfits.

11 Layla – Clown Mime


Okay, maybe this isn’t the “hottest” looking outfit, but it’s probably one of the funniest costumes used on WWE TV, so it was hard to pass up on it. She did a bunch of the usual mime stuff, but was more colorful than the traditional look, thus the “clown” in the title. Also, yes, that is Paige dressed as Summer Rae in the background.

10 Paige – Ghost


Naturally, with a paler complexion, Paige makes for a fantastic ghost; her darker features provide a nice contract producing a striking look. WWE put together a photo shoot with multiple Divas, all acting like ghosts, but Paige’s look way by far the best of the group. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she floated into your room at night, right?

9 Bayley and Alexa Bliss – Zombies

via Instagram

It might be just a coincidence, but it seems like many of the women in NXT rock zombie costumes every Halloween. No complaint here though, as these two are looking hot, in that “I’m going to eat your brains” dead-eye kind of way. Bayley is known for her hugs, but be careful; she may take a hunk of skin, if you get too close.

8 Mickie James – Lara Croft


As one of video games most popular women ever, Lara Croft was a perfect choice for 10-time WWE and TNA champion. WWE went all out with the gear, accessories, and even the crazy long hair to make this look just work perfectly. Random observation, but Mickie has nearly the same look in all three photos.

7 Nikki Bella – Voodoo Paint


In yet another Halloween photo shoot, WWE used a Voodoo influence style by painting half the faces of a bunch of their Divas. As you can, Nikki’s face is both creepy and striking, with the usual makeup on one side and a haunting look on the other. The white collar is a nice addition to this simplistic, but still eerie looking photo.

6 Eva Marie, Lana, Paige, and Emma – Zombies

via Instagram

The trend of NXT women zombies continues! It’s Tough to argue that you can find a better looking bunch of undead creatures, looking to tear you limb from limb. Have to say Lana’s look might be the best, with the Joker-like lips, eye makeup, and teased out hair, for that added “I’m dead” look.

5 Charlotte - Batman

via Instagram

When have you ever seen Charlotte looking this fierce? With a mysterious mask and a top that leaves little to the imagination, Charlotte rocked this during her NXT days. Also, notice the black tips on her nails, details people, details!

4 Eva Marie – Jessica Rabbit


What does it take to make a proper looking Jessica Rabbit? A curvy figure, a red sparkling dress, and bright red hair tend to do the trick just nicely. Lucky for Eva, she’s got all of the requirements, and that’s why she’s this high up on the list. With red gloves, and black heels to break up the “all red everything”, this costume is a home-run.

3 Trish Stratus – Wonder Woman


Trish would look great in a paper bag, but as Wonder Woman? That’s just not even right. First off, the black hair looks awesome on her, and the outfit itself is just perfect, showing off a bit more than usual. Accessories are also on-point with her bracelets, headband and the Lasso of Truth tucked into her tights.

2 AJ Lee - Kitana


As a well-known gamer, AJ decided to go all Mortal Kombat on the WWE Universe and do a photo shoot as the fan slicing and dicing, Kitana. You just know AJ loved this shoot with this awesome looking outfit, a cute cross-stitch top, and mask, for that mysterious look. Seriously though, if she turns into a bunny, everybody run!

1 Sasha Banks – The Joker

via Twitter

What’s needed to break the internet; take a popular person (Sasha), have them dress up like another popular character (The Joker), and make it sexy as hell! This photo became all the rage for a few days when Sasha unleashed it on her different social media accounts. Using the more simplified make-up look, seems more like Jack Nicholson than Heath Ledger, yeah? The flower and especially the green bows are a nice touch to complete the look, making this an easy choice for number one.

Doing just about everything she could in NXT, it’s time for Sasha to start getting more attention on main roster. Some rumors have swirled the net that she will be next to take on Charlotte for the Divas title, hopefully that comes to fruition, as she’s one of the most talented workers on the roster. Why so serious? She won’t be in the background for too much longer...



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The 15 Hottest WWE Diva Halloween Costumes