The 15 Best Instagram Pics of WWE Superstars (July 2016)

Even though WWE doesn’t require it, they push all of their Superstars to be on social media as much as possible. Most of them tend to use Twitter or Instagram to show not only their wrestling life, but life outside of the ring. While Twitter is a great means to communicate with fans and send out bits of information, Instagram is where their lives can be easily viewed through collections of photos.

With so many accounts and photos, it can be overwhelming for fans to keep up with the information, so this article will go over some of the hottest, funniest, and most interesting pictures that WWE Superstars have shared with their fans. Whether it’s hanging backstage, going to award ceremonies, or just rocking a bikini on the beach, there are tons of great photos to pick from.

This collection will focus on the month of July, which means summertime, which also means tons of beach pictures! WWE recently visited Hawaii so many of the wrestlers that were luckily enough to travel there grabbed plenty of shots on Hawaii’s beautiful beaches. So, let’s check out some of the best from Eva Marie, Nikki Bella, Natalya, Sasha Banks, and even “The Celtic Warrior” himself, Sheamus!

15 Nikki Bella’s Night At The ESPYs

via Instagram

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, Nikki is John Cena’s lady, so wherever John goes, she’s usually right by his side. In this case, Cena was hosting the 2016 ESPY Awards and Nikki was his lovely date for the evening. This was an occasion were she decided to take a number of pictures for her fans to show off the awesome all black latex dress that she wore to the ceremony. Did she look awesome? That’s a stupid question... of course she did!

In this photo, you’ll also notice the thin choker necklace that she wore with the outfit. This has been a fairly standard accessory with Nikki ever since she had a bone fusion procedure to fix a herniated disk, as the surgery left a small scar on the front of her neck. Luckily, Nikki has made a full recovery and is currently on the road to coming back to the WWE, possibly by the end of 2016.

14 Maryse’s Day Off

via Instagram

The Miz needs to write a book on how he managed to land Maryse because it might be one of wrestling’s greatest mysteries. Here she’s showing off what looks like a bikini with some short shorts, you know, just casual stuff to wear around the house. At 33, she is looking as stunning as ever, which was probably aided by her five-year absence from WWE’s rigorous schedule when she left the company in 2011.

Back in April, she returned to work with her husband and to no one’s surprise, it's been a fantastic pairing that has given Miz just that much more of an edge. Fans already hated him (he is one of WWE’s best true heels) but with Maryse by his side, she’s able to rub it in fans' faces by fawning all over her hubby. Well, it’s worked as Miz has been the Intercontinental champion for her entire second run with the company, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be dropping the title anytime soon.

13 JoJo’s Beach Selfie

via Instagram

Here we have JoJo hanging on a Hawaiian beach; you may remember JoJo from her time in Total Divas, but that’s long in the past as she was moved to NXT to work on her ring announcing skills. While there, she also spent some time as a backstage interviewer and it’s a position she shines in due to her diminutive stature. At only 5’2”, she makes even the smallest wrestlers look sizeable, which is something Vince McMahon prefers in his interviewers. Once, JoJo interviewed Stephanie McMahon and even she stopped mid-interview to comment on how gigantic she felt standing next to JoJo.

In 2015, she was moved up to the main roster to help split duties on SmackDown and Main Event, but had some luck in that two ring announcers have left within the past few months. Most recently, Lilian Garcia decided to leave WWE to take care of her father, while Eden decided to head out with real-life husband Cody Rhodes to pursue new opportunities. This suddenly left a huge gap and thanks to the brand split, JoJo was promoted to being the lead ring announcer for Raw (along with Superstars and PPVs) going forward.

12 Surf And Sand

via Instagram

Eva continues to be one of WWE’s busiest workers, not only finally focusing on her wrestling career down in NXT, but she continues to do magazine cover shoots for Muscle and Fitness, while also just recently being a judge for Miss Teen. Initially signed to be just on Total Divas, Eva has managed to stay on the show consistently since season one; the only others to do that have been Natalya and The Bellas.

Over the years, Eva has built up quite a following of haters and was able to use that in building a very solid heel reputation while working in NXT. She was able to improve enough that WWE decided to bring her to the main roster as she was drafted by SmackDown. She is a very polarizing person, where people either can’t stand her or absolutely love her work and so far on SmackDown she’s done a great job with getting over without speaking or wrestling at all.

11 Lana Looking Lovely

via Instagram

“The Ravishing Russian” has had a strange year, first getting separated from Rusev, only to work with Dolph Ziggler in a really terrible storyline that just disappeared when she got hurt while training for a potential match. Then, she got in trouble for posting pictures of her engagement to Rusev, which somewhat broke the kayfabe environment that WWE weakly attempts to keep going. When she returned, it was on her own, where she feuded with Brie Bella for a while that somehow ended with a 10-women tag match at WrestleMania.

Thankfully, in April she was paired back up with Rusev and the two got back to what they do best, and that’s crushing other wrestlers. Individually, neither was as effectively and luckily WWE realized this, so back together they went. Rusev is now the current U.S. champion. The couple also just got married this past weekend, surrounded by many of their WWE friends on the beach.

10 The Legit (Blue) Boss

via Instagram

It’s not often we get to see Sasha rock a dress, but not surprisingly she has an underrated fashion sense. Here she is backstage at a show that presumably she won’t be wrestling in, hence the lack of wrestling gear in the photo. After WrestleMania, Sasha took some time away from the ring, partly to heal up and partly because Creative was waiting for the right time to bring her back into the fold. She returned in June to restart her feud with Charlotte to go after the Women’s championship.

After Emma went down with an injury, Dana Brooke was moved over to team-up with Charlotte, thus becoming an extra thorn in Sasha’s side. For weeks, “The Boss” battled against not only Charlotte, but Dana too, even performing in handicapped matches against the two women. At Battleground, Sasha was able to bring in a mystery partner to help put down Charlotte and Dana and to the surprise of many fans, it was Bayley who came out to help her former nemesis. Ultimately, Sasha was able to get Charlotte to tap to the Bank Statement for the win.

9 Emma

via Instagram

Emma is one of those talents you just can’t help but root for; she seems like a genuinely sweet person that honestly loves pro wrestling. Initially jumping to the main roster with her dancing goofball gimmick, Emma was quickly swatted down the roster, thanks mostly to being paired up with Santino Marella as his friend, kind of, not really, girlfriend. Add on getting arrested for stealing iPad case (which looked like an honest mistake) and Emma’s WWE dreams were dashed in a hurry.

Luckily, WWE gave her another shot in NXT where she developed a totally new gimmick by going dark with an egotistical edge. Pair that with some shiny sunglasses, those sweet half gloves, and Emma suddenly was back in the mix. She got back up to the main roster and only months later had to go on the shelf with an unfortunate back injury. She’s recovering now and could make an appearance near the end of 2016.

8 Cathy Kelley

via Instagram

Now, some of you might not recognize this next pick as she’s somewhat new to the WWE Universe, and technically, isn’t a WWE Superstar (aka “a wrestler”). Signing with WWE in late March to help out with coverage of WrestleMania 32, Cathy Kelley has quickly become a favorite among fans with her infectious smile and a true passion to talk pro wrestling. In this photo, Cathy is looking all glamorous because she’s about to hit the ESPYs, this year WWE had quite a number of their talent there, including The Miz and Maryse.

As of right now, Cathy has a number of roles at WWE including social media work, backstage interviews, and hosting shows like What’s Trending in WWE and Afterburn. Outside of the WWE, she continues to co-host the Sam & Cathy podcast that also talks about wrestling. If her popularity continues to rise, look out Renee Young, you might have some competition on your hands!

7 Great In Green

via Instagram

Becky Lynch in a bikini is not something you see every day. Luckily, since it’s the Summer, WWE has been doing a number of swimsuit shoots with their women wrestlers. Compared to most of the other women wrestlers, Becky’s in-ring gear is a bit more conservative, where she actually wears a t-shirt with the sleeves usually cut off. With one of the nicer physiques in the company... it’s nice to see her go out and hit the beach!

After her amazing WrestleMania 32 match against Sasha and Charlotte, Becky started up a feud against Emma, which was unfortunately cut short when Emma went down with a back injury. Initially teaming up with Natalya, Becky got blindsided by her partner, who turned heel in the process. Since then, these two have been going at it, even after the WWE Draft as both wrestlers were picked by SmackDown. With a new Women’s title on the way, most expect Becky to get a chance to run with it for awhile.

6 Natalya Hits The Beach

via Instagram

Speaking of Natalya, she is incredibly active on both Instagram and Twitter, constantly chatting with fans and taking pictures of herself, Tyson Kidd, and her many cats. Here she took a number of pictures while in Hawaii in a fantastic red bikini; Natalya has always been one of the more photogenic WWE Superstars.

Even though she’s currently playing this strange mix of being a “You better follow the rules,” Soccer Mom and “I’m wrestling royalty, do you know who my Uncle is?” heel, most of her career, she’s been a big babyface. At 34, Natalya has been with the WWE since 2007, becoming the veteran leader of the division and gatekeeper for those who work their way up through NXT. Currently feuding with Becky Lynch, it seems like she will continue to help put over younger talent, as the SmackDown women’s division consists of Eva Marie, Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Naomi.

5 One More Of Sasha

via Instagram

Remember all that talk of Sasha having an underrated fashion sense? Yeah, here’s another simple number that looks just awesome on her and with hair like that, the outfit doesn’t need to be too over-the-top. Side note; notice the masked luchadors on her cell phone case? Yeah, she really likes pro wrestling.

Since returning to TV, Sasha focused squarely on Charlotte and her Women’s title. After going through a number of matches and promos, she was able to get a win with the help of Baley at Battleground in tag team action. The very next night on Raw she was booked to go up against Charlotte for the title and ended up winning it for the first time in her career. She was able to get rid of Dana by throw the title to her and when the ref looked over, Sasha pretended like Dana was about to hit her with the title, so the ref tossed Dana. Without her helper, Charlotte wasn’t able to keep Sasha down and lost the title, the feud is far from over though as they will go again at SummerSlam.

4 Eva Marie Strong

via Instagram

One more photo from Eva Marie? Sure, why not, she’s one of the most active Superstars on social media through not only Twitter and Instagram, but Snapchat, as well. If you ever want to get a good idea of what it’s like to live like a WWE Superstar, just check out what she does on a daily basis. Fans love to hate on Eva, but she is kept insanely busy by the WWE thanks to all of her outside ventures.

If you follow her, you’ll notice this setting as she takes a ton of pictures on the front porch of her home. Looks like she’s just getting back from the gym here, which is a place she has to live at, thanks in part to the gimmick WWE has built around her. Eva is this over-the-top egocentric heel that doesn’t really say much, but rather just a “look at greatness” vibe. For her debut on SmackDown, they had an announcer do a voice over to introduce her as “The most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, continuously charismatic, and fantastically fascinating woman to appear in this, or any arena.”

3 Hugs For Everyone

via Instagram

This is a backstage shot of Bayley and Sasha after their performance at Battleground. Bayley ended up being Sasha’s surprise partner and made her debut on the main roster in the process. Both the announcers and Bayley herself made sure to make it clear this was a one-time appearance... for now.

She has also made it clear there is unfinished business for her in NXT, as she wants to become the first two-time NXT Women’s champion. To achieve this, it hasn’t been an easy road as she first had to recover from the beating Nia Jax recently gave her. Now that she’s healthy, Bayley is going to have to defeat the woman that originally took the title away from her. If you haven’t seen Asuka, she has a devastating arsenal of strikes that have put down basically everyone in the division. There’s a good chance Bayley could win though and hold the title until she’s brought up to the main roster later in the year.

2 Paige And Del Rio

via Instagram

When news broke that Paige and Alberto Del Rio were an item, there was a collective “Huh?” from wrestling fans. It seemed like such a random pairing, with an age gap of 16 years between the two wrestlers. Unfortunately, it looks like the pair received some heat (mostly on Del Rio) backstage when pictures of them surfaced. This was evident when the WWE Draft came up and each person was sent to different shows. Doing that makes it a lot tougher to see each other, since they are wrestling in different cities almost every night.

Adding to that, Del Rio’s contract is running out at the end of the year and it’s been rumored he doesn’t plan on resigning with company, possibly leaving as early as September. After having such a hot start to her WWE career, Paige has been noticeably absent from action for most of 2016. Apparently, this has been due to recovering from injuries (along with filming Total Divas); she was drafted to Raw and should be making her presence felt in the near future.

1 A Shirtless Sheamus

via Instagram

Okay, one photo isn't going to exactly balance things out, but here’s a shirtless Sheamus! Most likely, he’s hitting a tire with that hammer as part of his work-out routine at what looks like a pretty sweet outdoor gym. At the WWE Draft, he was drafted by Raw and it looks like his first feud will be against Cesaro, the two had a match just last week.

At the last Survivor Series, Sheamus was able to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract to take the WWE Title away from Roman Reigns. His title reign only lasted twenty-two days though as he lost the title back to Reigns on an episode of Raw. During that time, he was also a member of the League of Nations, which included Del Rio, Rusev, and Wade Barrett. Unfortunately, they were just kind of thrown together and fans never really got behind them at all, so, as a group they slide down the card until they were disbanded in April.

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The 15 Best Instagram Pics of WWE Superstars (July 2016)