The 12 Most Shocking Family Tragedies In Wrestling

The wrestling world has seen a number of highs and a great deal of lows. The highest of wrestling highs have meant championships won and five-star matches. But the lows that also come with professional wrestling consist of death, depression, and loss of income, among other real life crises. While it would be great to see a silver lining for all wrestlers once their careers are over that isn't always the case. While some of these selections may surprise you, the inclusion of some is understandable. Tragedy isn't simply about those that died, but also the unfortunate circumstances of not being able to see the next generation compete.

While some wrestlers had an opportunity to make a living and earn a name for themselves, a number have still yet to do so. In one particular scenario, one has to wonder if the tragic events that took place in one family may in fact cost the next generation. The manner in which some of these deaths took place caught wrestling fans off guard because they couldn't have been anticipated. One can only hope that these families are able to overcome the devastating nature of the events their lives have endured. Here are the 12 most shocking wrestling tragedies that struck wrestling families.

8 The Toombs Family

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7 The Hennig Family

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6 The Duncum Family

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5 The Guerrero Family

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4 The Smith/Billington Family

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3 The Anoa'i Family

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2 The Pillman Family

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1 The Benoit Family

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One of the saddest and most tragic families in wrestling is the Von Erich family. There has been the death of patriarch Fritz Von Erich and the passing of a number of his sons; indeed, the Von Erichs have seen their share of destructive behaviour leading to death. The Adkissons (their real name) have seen number of young men pass away. While some would call it a family curse, others may simply see it as coincidence. Their first son Jack Jr. passed away at the age of six when he was electrocuted in a household accident. Their son Dave passed away from acute enteritis of the intestine which may have been brought on by drug abuse. Their sons, Michael, Chris and Kerry Von Erich all passed away from suicide. The last remaining second generation wrestler is Fritz (Jack Sr.)'s son Kevin, the only one of Jack and Doris Adkinsson's six boys that remain with us today.

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The 12 Most Shocking Family Tragedies In Wrestling