The 12 Craziest Moments In Shane McMahon's Career

After being gone for nearly six years, Shane McMahon made a surprising and triumphant return to the WWE on this past week’s episode of Raw. For those of you who are old wrestling fans, you’re well aware of some of the crazy stuff he’s done in the past, but if you’re new to sports entertainment, you may be wondering who this guy is and why were people so happy to see him?

His on-screen role started in humble fashion as both a referee and a backstage official - you know, those guys who run out and attempt to break up brawls, failing miserably - that was Shane for awhile. Then in 1998, his role grew to becoming a member of The Corporation, a stable led by his father, Vince McMahon.

During the next few years, Shane would be involved in some hellacious matches, putting his body through punishment in a few short years that most wrestlers endure over a full career. Part of it was to gain respect from the other wrestlers (he wasn’t just the boss’ son) and he wanted to do as much as possible to help make every show he was on that much better.

Was he the most technically sound wrestler? No way, in fact, his matches were fairly sloppy and sometimes a bit dangerous, but the fans took to them in a big way and thanks to all his efforts, people applauded the heck out of him when he made his big return. Excited to see what he’s done in the past? You should be, because it includes gravity, electricity, glass, and pure destruction - let’s check out some of Shane’s most insane moments!

12 Jumping Off The Titan Tron


If there was one moment that would define Shane McMahon’s in-ring career, it would be that time he willingly jumped off the top of the Titan Tron scaffolding to take out Big Show at the 2001 Backlash PPV. If Shane wasn’t already receiving enough punishment from other wrestlers, he would constantly do it to himself with stunts like this.

11 Falling Off The Titan Tron


At one point in his career, Shane became the Hardcore champion, which put him in multiple matches that had basically no rules, fitting his style quite nicely. At the 2000 SummerSlam PPV, McMahon took on martial arts extraordinaire Steve Blackman for the Hardcore title.

10 Shocked In A Bad Way


One of Shane’s more notable (and, of course, insane) feuds was against Kane, who caught Shane’s ire when he gave his mother, Linda McMahon, a Tombstone piledriver because she wouldn’t make him the number one contender for the World Heavyweight championship.

9 Coast To Coast


A move popularized by Rob Van Dam in ECW, Shane made it his own in the WWE, typically putting a garbage can in front of his fallen opponent (who’s in the corner of the ring). Across the ring, Shane climbs the ropes, leaping all the way over, kicking the garbage can into his opponent's face.

8 Chokeslammed Through A Table


At the 2000 King of the Ring, the main event pitted Triple H, Vince, and Shane McMahon against The Rock, Kane, and The Undertaker. The stipulation in this match was whoever got the pinfall would become the WWE champion, so even though there were “teams” they didn’t last long.

7 Turnbuckle To Announcer Table


Shane became known for performing elbow drops from crazy locations, so eventually it was aptly named the "Leap of Faith." Here he’s seen taking the big leap from the top turnbuckle all the way through the Spanish announce table, taking Kane down with him.

6 Thrown Through Glass - Twice


If there was a match that embodies Shane’s in-ring career, it would have to be against Kurt Angle at the 2001 King of the Ring PPV. To put it plainly, Kurt Angle beat the hell out of Shane for 26 minutes, including a viscous spot that included glass.

5 Fighting Undertaker In Hell In A Cell


Although this match has not yet occurred, if Shane does indeed fight Undertaker, it could easily be his most insane moment yet. Not only is it at WrestleMania (typically a tough place to defeat The Undertaker), but it’s Hell in a Cell, which gives Taker the edge in experience.

4 Purchased World Championship Wrestling

When WCW went up for sale, the WWE was there to pick up the pieces as Vince McMahon bought them (and their entire video library) out in quick fashion. Of course, this would make for a fantastic wrestling storyline, so Vince demanded that Ted Turner sign the contract at WrestleMania 17.

3 First-Ever Ambulance Match


Although there have only been four in history, Ambulance matches aren't the most popular with fans, it's just too gimmicky with the sole focus on putting your opponent in a vehicle. The match between Kane and Shane was slightly different though, because it was the first-ever Ambulance match. In terms of quality, it wasn’t that great, but Shane did his usual thing by getting destroyed for most of the match.

2 Kissed Vince’s Behind


Vince McMahon took on Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 22 in a No Holds Barred match, the fight initially started one-on-one until Michaels had to fought off not only the entire Spirit Squad, but Shane McMahon.

1 Taking A Stunner From Austin


Most wrestling fans know that The Rock is the best performer to ever sell “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Stunner, but this one by Shane has to be an all-time great. Over the years, Shane took quite a few Stunners, so it’s fair to say he got a lot of practice on how to make it look as devastating as possible.

In the one linked above, he was lulled into thinking him and Steve were celebrating, until Austin turned to him, beer dribbles out of Shane’s mouth, eyes widen, realizing he’s about to go down. Not only does he bounce away from the impact, but spews beer out in dramatic fashion, making the move look that much more devastating.



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