The 11 Biggest Trainwrecks In Pro Wrestling History

A train wreck is defined as a disaster or chaotic situation that holds a peculiar fascination for observers and in this case, when it comes to pro wrestling that notion is pretty much woven into the fabric of the business. Sometimes that chaos is a storyline, driven by characters that get fans to cheer or boo in almost a ping pong fashion; good guy overcomes, fans go nuts, back and forth we go.

The darker side of pro wrestling comes when the lights go down and the crowd disappears; what’s left for some wrestlers is the harsh reality of loneliness, addiction, and pain. To alleviate themselves from the negative, they tend to act out in bizarre fashion, usually with the help of alcohol, drugs, or just out of the basic need to survive.

The following group of wrestlers had some really down moments, but for a majority of them the bad times didn’t last forever; at some point they got clean, got hired and moved on to a more positive stage in their respective lives. Everyone loves a good comeback story, but this list will focus on when a collection of pro wrestlers hit some of their lowest points, so as you read through this list understand that this isn’t meant to just poke fun at other people's expense, but rather show what some individuals can come back from, so with that said, here are 11 wrestling personalities that really went off the rails.

11 Jake “The Snake” Roberts


If you’ve ever seen The Wrestler, then you’ll get a relatively good idea of the life Jake Roberts lived in regards to strained family relationships, a star coming back down to Earth, addiction, and health issues. For years, Jake was a wrestler that fans fully expected to not make it into his fifties, but at 60 years old “The Snake” is still alive and kicking.

10 Jeff Hardy


It’s been said before, but pro wrestling is a very difficult career and at 38 Jeff Hardy has been doing it since he was a teenager, actually working for the WWE at 16 (they thought he was 18). Aside from just doing it for decades, Jeff’s style isn’t exactly a methodical mat game; he’s always been a high flyer and a risk taker. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprised when WWE let him go for refusing to go to rehab when his drug habits came to light. No showing events and just general "burn out" from the business didn't help much either.

9 William Regal


What? One of the most well respected minds in all of pro wrestling makes this list? Yes, even Regal had his dark periods of drug addiction, which mostly was to help deal with the physical pain of being a pro wrestler. Regal also had drinking problem, which led to his infamous flight when he got drunk and urinated on a stewardess, when he finally came to, he was in a jail cell in Anchorage, Alaska.

8 Lex Luger


Always known for having one of the best physiques in wrestling, it was quite a shock to fans when Luger had a spinal stroke, initially making him a quadriplegic (he regained use of his arms and legs over time) and causing him to drop an incredible amount of weight.

7 Scott Hall


What’s there to be said about Scott Hall, he’s had his alcoholism actually played out on TV during his time with WCW, numerous health issues (some of which came from drug overdoses). Until DDP got a hold of him, Hall just wasn’t taking care of himself in any shape or form.

6 Iron Sheik


First off, to fully understand Sheik’s amazing story, go check out his documentary, The Sheik, which shows how he was a star at such a young age before pro wrestling even came about. Sheik has said time and time again how hard the wrestling business has been, and that’s clear as he’s been forced to be in a wheelchair thanks to his ailing knees.

5 Goldust


Not that every exit was because of something dramatically bad, but just found it interesting that Goldust has had six individual runs with the WWE (going to WCW, TNA or the indy circuit in between each one). When his book came out, Goldust elaborated on his addictions during his time away from WWE. He would take up to 40 pills a day, having to buy painkillers from drug dealers because he went through them so fast.

4 Sunny


Well, that’s a nice picture of Sunny with her husband - oh, that’s not her husband? Must be a former boyfriend, right? Nope, that would be just a random fan who paid money to get a picture with her in bed and he wasn’t the only one to line up for this privilege. Fair to say, Sunny was in a tough spot if this is what she did for a couple bucks, unfortunately this is only the tip of the iceberg for her.

3 New Jack


Known to most fans during his time with ECW, New Jack has always had a reputation of being a wrestler that is not to be messed with thanks to his proclivity to go off-script during matches. One of the more famous ones was the Mass Transit Incident where a inexperienced/untrained wrestler Eric Kulas (known as "Mass Transit") was beaten badly needing fifty stitches after the match.

2 Teddy Hart


Trained in the world famous Hart Dungeon, Teddy could have been one of the greatest wrestlers ever, getting a chance with the WWE at 18, he was released after a few years due to his bad attitude. It didn’t get much better as he bounced from promotion to promotion; burning bridges every single place he went.

1 Matt Hardy


2011 was a really tough year for Matt Hardy, not only did he have a bad drug addiction that led to being released from both WWE and TNA, respectively, but went to a WWE sponsored rehab where he got drunk and was quickly booted out.

Things seemed to turn around until in 2014 where Matt got into an alleged nasty brawl with his wife (Reby Sky), both were arrested for assault/battery. Then later that same year he was arrested for a DUI and a week after that for prescription drugs (along with steroids and ecstasy). Since then, Matt has been able to recover thanks to focusing on wrestling and being a father to his first child.



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