The 10 Worst Royal Rumble Winners Ever

The Royal Rumble match is one of the most exciting matches that the WWE puts on for various reasons. It is typically one of the most unpredictable wrestling matches there is because so many wrestlers are in the match, and there are many moments where there are several of them in the ring at the same time.

The Rumble is also exciting as it is a platform for many exciting returns from injury, returns to the company, debuts of wrestlers, and also the return of legends for one more moment in their illustrious career.  Everyone is on the edge of their seat when the countdown starts at 10 seconds until the buzzer sounds and the next wrestler enters the match.

Leading up to the 2016 Royal Rumble pay per view, there have been a total of 28 Rumble matches in WWE history.  There is only one 3-time champion in Stone Cold Steve Austin, and there are four wrestlers with two wins:  John Cena, Batista, Hulk Hogan, and Shawn Michaels.

While the list of Royal Rumble winners include several current and potential Hall of Fame wrestlers, Vince McMahon's decision on a winner has been off at times (especially the past two years), and this list will cover ten of the worst winners in Royal Rumble history.

This list will include the only 3-time winner;,which could be a surprise to many.  Also included are some of the early winners when the match really didn't have as much meaning or so much on the line.  This list even includes the boss himself.

10 Stone Cold Steve Austin - 2001


It would be hard to fathom that the only WWE wrestler with three Royal Rumble wins would be on this list, but he is due to a couple of factors.  Austin's career was starting to wind down at this point as injuries were really mounting up for the rattlesnake, but he entered the 2001 Royal Rumble in at #27, so it was very late into the match.

9 Edge - 2010 


Edge is one of the greatest wrestlers of this generation, and it was a career that ended all too soon with his neck injury.  When you look back at the 2010 Royal Rumble, it was genuinely a great moment to see Edge return from injury after being gone for over six months.  Looking at the match and performance itself, it lands on this list.

8 Alberto Del Rio - 2011


For the 2011 Royal Rumble, the WWE tried an experiment that went over like a lead balloon.  Instead of the usual 30 competitors in the match, they decided to increase that to 40.  This was a case where more wasn't better as it wasn't a great match.  The reason why Alberto Del Rio is on this list is due to the fact that he, like Edge before, didn't really do much to win.

7 Batista - 2005 


While Batista is a great wrestler and is missed in the WWE, he's not had great moments in the Royal Rumble.  That is proof in the fact that he's the only one with multiple entries on this list.  The first one in this article comes from one of the greatest flubbed endings to a Royal Rumble in history with the event in 2005.

The match came down to Batista and John Cena.  Both men would go over the top rope and land on the floor at the same time, but this was not planned.  The refs had no idea how to call the end, which led to a furious Vince McMahon to rush the ring only to tear both of his quads as he was trying to enter.

6 Jim Duggan - 1988


The Royal Rumble match debuted in 1988, but it wasn't until 1993 that the main even spot at WrestleMania was on the line for the winner.  While winners from 1990-1992 included Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, the first two winners of this match didn't have near the prestige of those two hall of famers.

5 Vince McMahon - 1999


While it made for an excellent moment in the middle of the Attitude Era, the entire situation during and after the 1999 Royal Rumble gives reason enough to put Vince McMahon on this list.

In what would be some of the best segments ever, Vince would go through rigorous training with his son Shane as he was going to enter the Royal Rumble at #2 to prevent Stone Cold Steve Austin (who entered at #1) from winning the match.

4 Big John Studd - 1989


Just like Jim Duggan's Royal Rumble win at the first event in 1988, Big John Studd's win in 1989 is equally as meaningless. In the second year of the event, they increased the amount of participants to the standard amount of 30, and Studd entered the match in at #27.  He would eliminate Ted DiBiase at the end of the match to win the second ever Royal Rumble.

3 Roman Reigns - 2015


One would figure that one year after the big debacle of having Batista winning the Rumble (we'll cover that later), that they would get it right this time.  Instead Vince took a huge swing and whiffed once again.

A great majority of the WWE fans are smart and know when something is getting shoved down their throats.  That someone was clearly Roman Reigns.  While Reigns is a great talent, the way he was being presented as John Cena 2.0 made people get tired of him.

Once Daniel Bryan was unceremoniously eliminated from this match, the writing was on the wall that Vince's golden boy was going to win.  It became even more apparent when the final four competitors were Big Show, Kane, Rusev, and Reigns.

2 John Cena - 2008 


This is another example where a great moment in Royal Rumble history translates into the winner landing on this list.  John Cena had torn his pectoral muscle and was expected to even be iffy for WrestleMania, let alone the Royal Rumble.  Cena made a miraculous recovery and was entrant #30, months ahead of schedule.

The return was kept a secret from almost everyone, including Triple H who was in the ring at the time.  If you look back at Triple H's reaction, you can tell he was genuinely surprised when Cena's music hit.

1 Batista - 2014


About a month prior to the 2014 Royal Rumble, Batista made his return to the WWE after nearly four years away from the company.  There was excitement for the return of one of the great wrestlers of the 2000s, but booking would completely erase any goodwill the WWE Universe would have towards Batista.  It wasn't Batista's fault, and he even told Vince that a babyface run like this wouldn't work, but Vince wouldn't listen.

Once Rey Mysterio was entered in the Rumble at #30, the WWE Universe realized their beloved Daniel Bryan was not going to be in the match, raining the arena with boos.  A man who hadn't been in the company in four years would win the Rumble and be inserted in the main event at WrestleMania XXX.  As we all know, the main event was changed and Daniel Bryan got his big moment to close the show.


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