The 10 Most Useless Divas in WWE History

Ever since the WWE's Attitude Era, 'Divas' - as they're known in World Wresting Entertainment parlance - have been known for their sex appeal and, well, not much else. The continued unwillingness by Vince McMahon and his wrestling empire to entrust female wrestlers on his roster to be more than arm candy has earned recent backlash, leading to a #GiveDivasAChance Twitter movement last month after a Divas match on Raw lasted just 30 seconds.

Over the years, many Divas have broken through and stood out in spite of the limitations placed on them. Wrestlers like Trish Stratus and Lita had the looks needed to get noticed, but they also possessed the raw athletic ability to put on some great matches and the charisma to stand out in a male-dominated sport.

But just as the men's division in WWE has offered up some pretty big 'Superstar' duds, not every Diva has shone brightly. Needless to say, the #GiveDivasAChance Twitter movement wasn't talking about these 10 less-than-ferocious females.

10 Krissy Vaine

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Few people - male or female - got a shorter cup of coffee in WWE than Krissy Vaine, who debuted on the September 28, 2007 episode Smackdown! by attacking Torrie Wilson. That attack, which featured an awkwardly long wait and no discernible wrestling moves beyond a backbreaker, would be her high point. Following a brief appearance in a backstage segment the following week, Vaine and boyfriend Ryan O'Reilly quit WWE on account of their conflicting schedules. O'Reilly would return (as Konnor of the Ascension), Vaine would not.

9 Jackie Gayda

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The reality series Tough Enough seemed like a good idea in theory - offer contestants the chance to prove that they've got the goods to make it in the WWE. And yet, season two winner Jackie Gayda is one of many TE winners that just never panned out. The WWE run of Mrs. Charlie Haas is probably best known for a botch-tastic inter-gender tag match in which she and Chris Nowinski took on Stratus and Bradshaw. If you can't get a good match out of Stratus, then maybe you should think about another line of work.

8 Nicole Bass

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Things went from bad to ugly to just plain strange for Nicole Bass, a former bodybuilder who debuted in WWE as Sable's bodyguard after a short stint in ECW. Bass was a physical freak marvel, but that was about it. She couldn't wrestle, couldn't cut a promo and didn't offer the sex appeal that the organization craved. Her daunting presence kept her around for a while, until she quit and filed a lawsuit against the company alleging sexual harassment against Steve Lombardozzi, aka the Brooklyn Brawler.

7 Cherry

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I'm not sure how much upside a 1950s greasers gimmick had in the WWE in 2007 to begin with, but it sure wasn't helped along by the underwhelming trio that took on the gimmick. Deuce and Domino were the Andrew Dice Clay-looking tag team (who actually won the tag titles at one point), while Cherry was their roller-skating manager. She could roller-skate a little, which was a relief since she didn't do much else. With no in-ring or mic skills to speak of, it's no surprise that she was released less than two years after debuting on Smackdown.

6 Marianna Komlos (Mrs. Cleavage)

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Speaking of awful gimmicks, Marianna Komlos was saddled with the Mrs. Cleavage role to Chaz Warrington's "Beaver Cleavage", an odd take-off on the Leave It To Beaver character. Komlos was basically assigned to the character because of her, well, 'tit'ular assets and little else. The gimmick was so bad that the duo was actually scripted to break the fourth wall by renouncing its ridiculousness on air. Komlos, who later went by her real first name, didn't become any more interesting after Mrs. Cleavage bottomed out and, sadly and ironically, passed away from breast cancer in 2004.

5 Amy Weber

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The 2004 Diva Search introduced Amy Weber, an actress who sported a handful of minor acting credits (including Saved By The Bell and Melrose Place) and was marketed as a pseudo-celebrity by relevance-craving WWE. Being aligned with JBL's Cabinet, Weber's only official match was won by forfeit over fellow Diva Search alum Joy Giovani (hey, she's undefeated!). However, she is best remembered for a cringe-inducing Diva Search segment in which she was bleeped repeatedly for swearing.

4 Caryn Mower

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Few wrestlers have made less of a mark on the WWE Universe than never-realized-she-was-there heel Diva Caryn Mower, who was brought to the roster as a crazed fitness instructor (think female version of Simon Dean) named Muffy. She was reportedly being groomed for a feud with Trish Stratus and appeared in backstage skits with Stephanie McMahon over consecutive Smackdown episodes and... that was it. It's unknown why the gimmick was shelved, but it's telling that she never got another shot. Mower has done well as a prominent stunt woman in the years since, however.

3 Layla El

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The rest of the Divas on this list got ample opportunity to showcase their abilities - or lack thereof. Layla, for instance, remains in WWE to this day after joining the company back in 2006 as a Diva Search contestant. The bubbly Brit even won the Divas championship at one point, but her shrill, squeal-y voice and perpetually manic cheeriness was (and is) grating in both face and heel roles. The high point in Layla's WWE run has been her part in the mean girls-esque LayCool team, but that was driven by the charismatic Michelle McCool. With no mic or in-ring skills to speak of, Layla added little to the mix.

2 Ashley Massaro

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You can totally see where WWE was going when they hot-shotted Ashley Massaro into a key on-screen role shortly after winning the 2005 Diva Search. She effortlessly pulled off the hot punk rock chick look and even gave WWE some mainstream exposure through her role as a Survivor contestant. The problem: beyond the look, she just wasn't talented. Coming along at a high point for a division that featured Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Beth Phoenix, Massaro brought zero personality and possibly even less in-ring talent.

1 Jillian Hall

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You think about Jillian Hall and two images immediately come to mind: her nauseating facial mole gimmick (which ended when it was bitten off by The Boogeyman) and her deliberately bad singing gimmick. While most Divas on this list range from entirely forgettable to laughably bad, Hall owns a place of her own on account of her utter unwatchability. Yes, she was supposed to be hard to watch, but it's hard to think that a character that prompted you to change the channel was, in WWE-speak, "best for business."

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