The 10 Most Embarrassing Mug Shots of Wrestlers

Good versus evil is a theme found nearly everywhere, from fiction world of TV to real life world in which we live. It's no different in the world of professional wrestling where good fights evil. Ther

Good versus evil is a theme found nearly everywhere, from fiction world of TV to real life world in which we live. It's no different in the world of professional wrestling where good fights evil. There are the good guys, and there are the bad guys; your allegiance to either side depends on the type of person you are. Sometimes  a wrestler is good and heroic for a long time, then all of a sudden he or she turn bad and it seems like being good was all an act. Every so often it is the other way around, and the bad guy becomes good.

In the ring, if a wrestler does something bad they might get booed by the fans or maybe get a 5 count from the referee. In real life, if a wrestler does something bad, just like the rest of us, they get arrested. And when they get arrested, they get a mugshot taken which remains on the Internet for the rest of time.

Some of the wrestlers on this list just had a bad night and got into a little trouble. Or maybe they were innocent but just found themselves on the wrong side of the law. Others have been in trouble their whole life like Scott Hall. He's been arrested numerous times for groping women, disorderly conduct, and domestic abuse. But all of them got busted, at least once, and had a mugshot taken, and no matter who you are, that is not something to be proud of.

Whether it be for drugs, driving infractions or roughing people up, here is TheRichest's Top Ten Most Embarrassing Mug Shots of Wrestlers.

10 Andre The Giant - Allegedly Assaulted Cameraman


Everyone knows Andre the Giant. Also known by his real name of Andre Roussimoff, he is arguably the most famous wrestler of all time. Standing at 6'11 and weighing 500 pounds, Andre was totally massive. His wrestling appearances around the world were legendary and he became known in the acting world as well. He appeared on the TV show "The 6 Million Dollar Man" and also the movie "The Princess Bride."

9 Big Show Paul Wight - Indecent Exposure

Paul Wight is an enormous human being. His success as a wrestler has been just as enormous. He has been a wrestling champion numerous times, and has become a huge star in the WWE. He's 7 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs in at 460 pounds. He also has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies.

8 Steve Austin - Stone Cold Wife Beater


Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the most successful wrestler in history. He won over 20 world championships in his day and headlined many of wrestling's more popular Pay Per View events. Former WWE executive Paul Ross has said of Austin: "Nobody touches Austin... No one generated more cash in the length of their WWE career."

7 Lita Dumas - Driving Without A Licence 

Lita is a former WWE wrestler who now works part time as an agent. She was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014. She also is well known for things she did outside of the ring as Dumas had a relationship with Matt Hardy, and then had an affair with wrestler Adam Copeland.

6 Scott Hall - Shot A Man, Groped Women


Scott Hall was huge in the wrestling world. He was a champion numerous times in many different leagues and was popular for a long time. It is truly sad how far he has fallen.

5 Jack Swagger - DUI And Possession Of Weed


Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Jack Swagger was arrested in 2013 in Mississippi for driving under the influence. At the time, police also discovered Swagger, whose real name is Jacob Hager, was in possession of marijuana.

4 Tammy "Sunny" Stych - Burglary


This mugshot is sadder than most as Tammy Stych used to be incredibly hot. She was one of the best female wrestlers on the WWE circuit and had many fans. Things have gone a bit downhill over the last few years though.

3 Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart - Possession Of Narcotis

Neidhart was a longtime wrestler, best known for his tag team appearances with Brett Hart in the WWF - they were known as the Hart Foundation. They were tag team champions and headliners of a couple of Pay Per View events.

2 Matt Hardy - Assault And Battery


Now this is a really bad mugshot. Matt Hardy, and his brother Jeff, have been enormously successful wrestlers for years. While Hardy had a fast rise up the ladder as a wrestler, and still is quite well known, his personal life has gone downhill fast.

1 Brock Lesnar - Cops Mistook Vitamins For Steroids


Brock Lesnar is truly an impressive guy, and before we go further we should say he was cleared of all charges. Lesnar has been incredibly successful as a professional wrestler and as a mixed-martial artist. He even attempted at an NFL career and played in the pre-season with the Minnesota Vikings before being cut.  He is a 5-time world champion in professional wrestling.

Lesnar was once arrested in 2001 for illegally possessing steroids. Lesnar was busted by detectives after receiving  a package that cops said contained a 'large amount of steroids." He was let off the hook when tests showed that the seized pills were not  steroids and were some sort of vitamin. While Lesnar was innocent, he still had to take that mugshot, which will live on throughout time.


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The 10 Most Embarrassing Mug Shots of Wrestlers