The 10 Most Devastating Finishers in the WWE

So, who has the most devastating finisher in the WWE? Who is the most feared of the Modern Era? What is the finisher to end all finishers? Who is NUMBER ONE?

Let's find out ...

This is a list filled with outrageously dangerous moves and feats of pure strength and power mixed in with god given talent and agility. There is a good mix of future 'Hall of Famers', WWE World Heavyweight Championship title holders and future stars of professional wrestling. There will be some names on here that you don't necessarily agree with, some names you may not have even thought of. However, when you start thinking "That's wrong!" ask yourself if you'd like to be on the receiving end of their move...

This list has been kept relatively current, focusing on the end of the 'Attitude Era' into the 'Modern Era', identifying the real future talents of the WWE and remembering those who got us to where we are today.

Is you favourite Superstar on the list? Did your hero make the cut? Let us know in the comments section below.

10 CM Punk – Go To Sleep (GTS)

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Fan favourite CM Punk held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for 434 days, a record of the ‘Modern Era’. This immense title reign largely came down to his ability to win matches through sheer technical brilliance, unmatched resilience and the GTS!

CM Punk would use his in ring ability to beat down his opponents and when the time was right, when they were dazed and confused, Punk would sense the weakness much like a lion stalking a gazelle. He'd slip into the perfect position to lift them onto his shoulders and then throw them down where they would be met by an awaiting knee. The Go To Sleep finisher was rarely followed by anything other than a referee's count of 1, 2, 3 allowing Punk to continue his powerful run in WWE.

Even without the title CM Punk remained the ‘Voice of the Voiceless’, the fans' ‘Face of the WWE’ and the ‘Best In The World’.

Last year CM Punk officially retired from the realm of professional wrestling and is awaiting his first fight in The Octagon as a professional MMA Fighter with UFC.

9 Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail

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In the summer of 2013 the lights dimmed and 3 men entered the WWE. The leader of these men was Bray Wyatt, a character like no other. Wyatt has a mystique not dissimilar to The Undertaker, a build that can only be described as ‘Tank Like’ and the athleticism of a (rather large) gymnast!

‘The New Face of Fear’ decimates his opponents with a flurry of moves, striking fast and strong, all the while maintaining a crazed look in his eyes waiting for the right moment to kiss their forehead before sending them to Sister Abigail.

Whilst weakened and often already beaten, Wyatt rests his foe on his outstanding knee and tenderly gives them ‘The Kiss’ before rapidly spinning them over and sending their face crashing into the mat!

Bray Wyatt recently fought The Infamous Undertaker at this year's WrestleMania giving us one of the greatest ‘WrestleMania Moments’ of recent times.

8 John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) – Clothesline From Hell

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John Bradshaw Layfield, or JBL to us fans, was a long standing competitor in the WWE. Most famous for his tag team partnership with Faarooq as part of ‘The Acolytes Protection Agency (APA)' and one of the longest WWE Championship Title reigns of ‘The Attitude Era’ at 280 days.

When his music hit and the horned bonnet of a Lincoln Limousine entered the arena, his opponent knew they were in for a fight!

Bradshaw would leather his opposition with hard fists and massive power moves before finishing them of with clothesline unlike any other. He would run from one side of the ring to the other, launching himself from the ropes into a massive clothesline often spinning his foe in mid air and leaving them on the canvas in a heap of confused mess. Not many have made it up from this simple but powerful finisher!

Bradshaw now sits as a lead commentator on WWE Smackdown and has his own shows and books on finance. A wealthy, powerful and extremely talented Superstar, not to be trifled with!

7 Edge – The Spear

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Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland is one of the most decorated Superstars ever to compete within the WWE. He has held 31 titles in all including 11 WWE/World Heavyweight Championships and a record breaking amount of Tag Team titles with his long time friend and partner Christian.

Edge’s technical ability was rarely matched. He would train tirelessly in order to cement his position at the top of the WWE roster. Although the spear has been used countless times by WWE Superstars, very few made an impact quite like Edge. When his Spear hit it came with such speed and precision that even the stronger, more powerful opponents would immediately double over into a V-shape and crumble to the canvas giving opportunity for the cover and inevitably the referee's 3 count.

Copeland’s WWE career was cut short when he was forced to stand centre ring and give an emotional speech explaining the injuries he had suffered, and to the dismay of all of us he announced his retirement from in ring competition. Since then Edge has made a few appearances often bringing back his ‘Cutting Edge’ talk show segments. He is always, without fail, welcomed with appreciation from the fans!

6 Seth Rollins – The Curb Stomp

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When The S. H. I. E. L. D. entered the WWE as a forceful trio it quickly became apparent that Seth Rollins was the ‘Architect’ behind the stable. He proved time and time again that his talent was the ‘(Self Proclaimed) Future of the WWE' and was the secret weapon behind the dismantling of The S. H. I. E. L. D.

Rollins is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion after cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase at WrestleMania 31. He defeated both Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match after hitting both of them with The Curb Stomp, causing the greatest shock of WrestleMania 31, maybe even WrestleMania history!

Rollins will beat down his opponents with unrivalled athleticism and ability before sensing their weakness. As the challenger drags themselves up to an up right position Rollins dives of the ropes and jumps high in the air, seemingly floating for a second, before coming crashing down boot first into the back of the opponents head, making their face impact the ring surface.

Rollins is widely regarded as the future (even if we don't want to admit it) and has the full backing of HHH and The Authority!

5 Batista - Batista Bomb

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Batista came into the WWE scene as the power house of ‘Evolution’. Under the guidance of two of the true greats, HHH and Ric Flair, he was swiftly transformed into ‘The Animal’. Anyone who got in the ring with Batista in the early days soon found themselves having a beat down bestowed upon them.

In the dying days of Evolution it was Batista that turned the tables on HHH when he decided it would be his World Heavyweight Championship that he would compete for after wining the Royal Rumble match in 2005. In the build up to the WrestleMania match Batista gave HHH/Flair the now famous thumbs down before delivering a huge ‘Batista Bomb’ to HHH, sending him flying through a wooden table!

The Animal was in fact just that. He dominated his challengers in the ring with brute strength and ring savvy. When they became subdued he would place their head between his legs, deliver the thumbs down and lift them effortlessly into a power bomb position. Batista then paused and soaked up the atmosphere of the crowd, for what must seem like an eternity to the opponent, before sending them crashing down into the mat for the pinfall.

Since leaving WWE Batista has become a big movie star, appearing in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy and the upcoming James Bond film, Spectre. He even had a short-lived return to the squared circle in which he won the Royal Rumble again and went on to secure the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

4 Triple H - The Pedigree

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HHH has been the ever-present Superstar of the WWE for the last 23 years. He now heads up Monday Night Raw as the leader and face of The Authority along with his wife Stephanie, Seth Rollins, Kane and the Big Show. Triple H is still producing great matches, most recently taking on and beating The Vigilante Sting at WrestleMania 31.

Triple H’s Pedigree is a statement in the ring, a real combination of power and technique. He places the opponents head between his legs interlocking his arms with theirs before jumping high in the air forcing them down into the canvas. Over the years HHH has dealt The Pedigree to anyone who gets in his way and if that doesn't work his trusty sledgehammer is never far away!

HHH is set to be the real future of the WWE. It is widely believed that Triple H will be at the helm of professional wrestling when Vince McMahon decides it's time to hand over control. After all, it's what's ‘Best for Business’!

3 Randy Orton - RKO

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Randy Orton is widely regarded as the pinnacle of wrestling talent and the true face of the WWE. Orton has the ability to win matches ‘Outta Nowhere’ with the most famous finisher of all...the RKO.

Randy has countless victories against Seth Rollins and is currently standing tall as the number one contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (with Lesnar suspended). He is, and has been for the past 15 years, at the top of his game. This is largely thanks to his natural in ring skills and of course that RKO.

Randy’s RKO can literally come from nowhere whether he is seemingly on the losing side of a match or totally in control. Orton has the ability to dissect his opponents bit by bit with predatory instinct. When he feels the time is right he jumps high in the air grabbing the challenger round the neck and delivering a stunner like move sending them flying backwards across the ring. The speed and agility of Orton allows him to deliver several RKO’s in quick succession laying waste to anyone who gets in his way!

Many believe that Randy Orton is the past, present, and still, the future of the WWE. Week in week out he produces some of the greatest matches of our generation.

2 Brock Lesnar - F5

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Brrrrooock Lllllesnar is one of the most decorated wrestlers in the history of WWE having won major awards in amateur wrestling, becoming one of the youngest ever WWE Champions and going on to become UFC Heavyweight Champion. Now the 'The Beast Incarnate' has returned to professional wrestling and is laying waste to any and all on-comers.

Under the guidance of his manager, Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar made an immediate impact upon his return to WWE defeating the likes of HHH, The Rock and John Cena and let's not forget he's the 1 in 21-1, having defeated The Undertaker and his WrestleMania Streak at WrestleMania 30!

Lesnar most recently served 280 days as WWE World Heavyweight Champion and in that time he never looked close to losing until the unexpected appearance of Rollins at this year's WrestleMania, in which Lesnar lost the title but remained unbeaten under triple threat rules!

Throughout his career Brock has developed what can only be described as the most devastating finisher active in WWE today. The F5 is a power move which very few recover from. Lesnar raises his challengers on to his shoulders before viciously spinning and releasing them, sending them crashing 6 feet down to the hard ring floor.

Even Lesnar's ‘standard’ moves can be devastating, with Roman Reigns the latest Superstar to visit ‘Suplex City’!

Lesnar is currently suspended for an attack on commentator Michael Cole but will surely return bigger, badder and angrier than ever when he's ready to punish Seth Rollins in a rematch for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!

1 Bill Goldberg - Spear/Jackhammer

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Bill Goldberg is recognised as the only undefeated champion in WWE history. Having secured a streak throughout his career with WCW/WWE of 173-0!

He was the most feared man in the locker room when competing. Every move was hit with absolute power and precision. Along with his freakish strength Goldberg possessed the agility and speed reminiscent of a cruiserweight competitor.

When in the ring Goldberg was never left looking weak or in any doubt of his own ability. His finishing moves came in the form of a massive spear, much different from the way it was delivered by other competitors, it was done with bullet-like power and velocity. It didn't end there for Goldberg which is why he has to be placed number one. After completing the spear the match would generally be over, but Goldberg would prove his strength time and time again with The Jackhammer.

Raising his foe in a pile driver type hold, Goldberg would suspend them in mid air for 20 seconds or more. Their face turning red with pressure he would then slam them into the ring floor with speed and pure unrivalled power!

Goldberg is rumoured to be considering a return to WWE in the near future…something I think all professional wrestling fans are eagerly anticipating!

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