The 10 Incredible Things About Sting You Probably Didn’t Know

Sting is one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling. Born Steve Borden on March 20, 1959, Sting wasn’t a big fan of wrestling. His passion was bodybuilding, and after graduating from high school, he went on to pursue it as a career. During this time, he co-owned a health and fitness club known as Gold's Gym. One day, some people came into his gym and noticed his impressive, chiseled physique. They invited him to a WWE event in LA where Borden was so impressed with the likes of Hulk Hogan, The Iron Sheik, The British Bulldogs, and André the Giant and decided to join pro wrestling.

Sting's first ring name was Flash Borden. His career skyrocketed, which made him a good buck (as we will see shortly). However, things never went smoothly, as at the peak of his career Borden was so lonely, depressed and stressed that he turned to drugs. This also took a toll on his marriage. Sting turned to God, who helped him get over drugs, and he became a born-again Christian in 1998.

Sting's career is an impressive one. He is a six-time holder of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship title, a three-time holder of the WCW World Tag Team Championship title, a two-time holder of the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship title and a two-time holder of the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship title, among many other titles.

Here are the 10 incredible things you probably didn’t know about Sting:

10 He Has a Net Worth of $8 Million

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Sting is one of the wealthiest wrestlers in history. Currently, he has a net worth of $8 million dollars and he has amassed much of his wealth as a multiple-time world heavyweight champion. He first started wrestling in the Continental Wrestling Association where he was a tag team partner to The Ultimate Warrior. They originally called themselves Team USA, but changed their name to The Blade Runners after being absorbed by the Universal Wrestling Federation. Sting's career, as well as his net worth, skyrocketed after he claimed his first NWA title. Sting is worth much more than other WWE stars such as Kane, Jerry Lawler, CM Punk, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio, and most of it is due to his now legendary status in the industry.

9 He is a Born-Again Christian

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During the peak of his wrestling career, Sting experienced a serious burnout. He was out on tour 340 nights in a given year and suffered intense loneliness and depression. Along with that came serious injuries and drug and alcohol addiction. In 1998, Sting found God and made a decision to become a born-again Christian. Finding God helped him stop his drug addiction cold turkey. He said, “Some people believe in a 12-step program, and there's nothing wrong with that, but I did a one-step program to Jesus Christ, and I stopped cold turkey.” He even left wrestling to serve God and live a holy life, resisting calls from Vince McMahon to make him an even bigger star... for a while at least.

8 WWE Referred To Him as the Greatest Wrestler Never To Wrestle For the Company

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Sting has always been revered by fans and peers alike as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of wrestling. Before Sting signed with WWE, the company always referred to him as the greatest wrestler never to wrestle for them. The company also went on to call him the greatest superstar in WCW history. In a poll organized by WWE to unearth the greatest American wrestler ever, Sting clinched the title with a whopping 53% of the overall vote. Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s president also referred to the wrestler as the major wrestling superstar that established the brand.

7 His Championship Titles

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Along with the impressive recommendations we’ve seen from the previous entry, the Stinger also has an impressive ‘trophy cabinet’. He is a six-time holder of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship title, a three-time holder of the WCW World Tag Team Championship title, a two-time holder of the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship title, and a two-time holder of the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship title. He also holds an NWA World Heavyweight Championship title, an NWA World Television Championship title, a Battlebowl Battle Royal title and a WWA World Heavyweight Championship title. Additionally, he is also a four-time holder of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship title and a three-time holder of the UWF World Tag Team Championship title.

6 His Signature Moves

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Sting has several signature moves. These include the diving clothesline, where he dives from an elevated position and performs a clothesline move on his opponent, the powerbomb, where he lifts his opponent in the air and slams him back-first into the ring’s mat, and the vertical suplex, where he applies a front face lock on the opponent, lifts him into an upside-down position and falls backwards slamming his opponent down. He is also known to perform other signature moves such as the diving DDT, the inverted atomic drop, the running leaping elbow drop, and the tombstone piledriver. The tombstone piledriver is the same one performed by the Undertaker. Sting's finishing moves are the Scorpion Deathlock submission and the Scorpion Death Drop inverted DDT.

5 He Was a Bodybuilder

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Sting had no interest in professional wrestling while he was growing up. His passion was for bodybuilding. After graduating from high school, Sting pursued a career in bodybuilding and at one point he co-owned a fitness club known as Gold's Gym. During an interview, Sting points out that his goal was always to lift heavy. He focused on leg extensions, leg curls, squatting and said that his best on the bench was 435 lbs. All that training made his knees arthritic. While training, he was also taking steroids. However, he decided to quit taking them in 1990. He only joined professional wrestling after some people scouted him and took him to a World Wrestling Federation event in LA. Here, he was so impressed with the likes of Hulk Hogan and André the Giant that he decided to join pro wrestling.

4 Between Gordon Sumner and Steven Borden, Who Owns the Name Sting?

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There are two famous Stings currently. One of them is Steven Borden, the wrestler, and the other is Gordon Sumner, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and famous front-man of The Police. So who is the rightful owner of the name Sting? Well, it is the wrestler, as he has in fact trademarked the name. However, Steven Borden allows the musician to use the name for publicity reasons. Back when the Internet had so little information on the two, a vast majority of people thought that Gordon Sumner and Steven Borden were the same person. However, this isn’t the case. One thing that they have in common though is that they both had much success in their careers in the 80s and 90s.

3 He’s Also Wrestled Under the Name Flash

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Sting has wrestled under many names. During his time at the Continental Wrestling Association, he wrestled under the name Flash. He has also wrestled under the names Blade Runner Flash, Blade Runner Sting, Flash Borden and Steve Borden (his real name). He has also had a number of nicknames. During his time at WCW, he was known as The Franchise of WCW and The Stinger. At TNA, he is widely known as The Icon, The Insane Icon, and The Stinger. At WWE, he is popularly referred to as The Vigilante.

2 He Battled With Addiction

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When Sting’s career was at its climax, he began to lose control of his life and his family. His marriage to his longtime girlfriend started shaking so he turned to drugs and alcohol to soothe the pain. When asked by his wife about the drugs, he responded that he was only taking painkillers. However, his wife knew what was going on and persuaded him to check into rehab. He vehemently refused, saying “No, no. I don’t need that. I don’t need to go into rehab.” Things continued going downhill. Then, he remembered advice he had gotten from his brother about turning to God for help. He prayed and said “I cannot do this on my own. I need You to come save my life, save my marriage, because it’s out of control.” Soon, he stopped taking the drugs cold turkey.

1 He Refused to Work With WWE Until 2014

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After turning to God, Sting quit pro wrestling to serve Him. Vince McMahon tried several times to convince him to return to wrestling under his banner. He even promised to make him an even bigger star than he was then. However, Sting wouldn’t budge until 2014. That is when he signed with WWE. On April 15, 2014, he made his first appearance on WWE programming. He made his first-ever debut in a WWE ring attacking Triple H at Survivor Series. January 19, 2015 also saw Sting making an appearance on Raw where he walked to the stage causing confusion. This cost Authority their handicap match against John Cena.

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