The 10 Hottest Moments From WWE's Total Divas

Starting in 2013, Total Divas has beamed into people’s homes, providing the usual mindless entertainment that would be expected from an E! show. From backstage drama to silly competitions, the writing in this show falls into the category of “so bad, it’s good” which is a big reason why the fifth season just got underway this month.

With an ever revolving cast, there have been some Divas who have remained throughout such as Natalya, Eva Marie, Nikki and Brie Bella. Joining them this year is Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Paige, and new comer from the most recent Tough Enough, Amanda. So, with four full seasons complete, and so many beautiful women involved, there’s bound to be some hot moments; some are more subtle like vacation trips, while other moments have been extremely scripted kissing sessions, but that’s reality TV, right?

Yes, from bikinis to wardrobe malfunctions, Total Divas has given plenty of sexy moments that have been compiled into one tidy list for your reading enjoyment. Sorry, John Cena and Daniel Bryan fans, you won’t find either of them on this list, unless you consider Cena’s nuggets of motivation or Bryan kissing his dog hot. Anyways, enough of these unimportant words, let’s get right to the 10 hottest Total Divas moments!


10 Nikki Bella's Red Bikini

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Be honest, you’re not even reading this; it’s understandable, because Nikki rocking a red bikini is much more interesting than anything written down here. At any rate, whenever the Divas head out for a vacation that always means one thing: bikinis! As you can see, Nikki looks great in red and had no problem appearing in almost every scene rocking it.

In this particular scene, Nikki was having a heart to heart talk with den mother, Natalya, who always lends an ear to whoever needs to get something off their chest. Heh, get it? “Chest”. Okay, moving on…

9 Rosa Kisses Paige


Rosa and Paige are friends, they hang out a lot, so because they are friends and hang out a lot, Rosa thought Paige was into her, as more than just a friend. So, of course, rather than just simply asking Paige, she goes right in for a kiss that Rosa looks to enjoy way more than Paige does. Paige sets the record straight that they are indeed, just friends, and that’s all it is - awkward situation ensures and Rosa make a quick exit to a taxi.

For whatever reason, Rosa got all the – usually weird – sexual segments in this show, but it’s two Divas kissing, so what’s there to complain about?

8 Eva Marie Maxim Shoot


Eva was hired by the WWE mainly to be included in this show and to do a bunch of photo shoots. Until very recently, actual wrestling wasn’t high on the priority list for her. Here she’s doing a shoot for Maxim Magazine, in a black bikini, but she also wore a one-piece that looks just as awesome.

Aside from Maxim, she’s also done the cover for Muscle & Fitness, and has been in a few commercials for the WWE including WWE 2K16. Now in NXT, Eva’s focus looks to be more at becoming a wrestler, which so far she’s done a great job at doing, getting boos every time she shows up.

7 Rosa Mendes’ “Malfunction” Gimmick


Rosa isn’t a fan of clothes, she said so herself, so it wasn’t a surprise to see her literally open her hotel room door with nothing on in this particular scene. Natalya was pretty much mortified by this, but came into the room anyways to speak with Rosa.

Going with this theme, Rosa ended up having a malfunction during a match, when Layla went to pull her down to the floor, she instead got a handful of tights, and pulled them down exposing Rosa's backside. Since it didn’t bother Rosa that bad, she thought maybe she could create a gimmick out of having wardrobe malfunctions! Once the higher ups caught wind of this idea, they immediately shut it down, causing Rosa to go back to the drawing board.

6 Naomi Bikini Shoot


Naomi is one of the more conservative Divas, both in attitude and dress attire; part of this is due to her husband (Jimmy Uso) wanting her not to show too much in public. Well, when she got the opportunity to be Jet Magazine’s “Beauty of the Week”, she went for it.

Part of the show was her trying on bikinis for her husband, trying to find the right one for her curvy physique, having some trouble, mostly due to her Nicki Minaj-like bottom half. Eventually, the right ones were found and she ended up popping off the screen as you can see in the picture.

5 Paige And Natalya Backstage Session


The back story to this random video clip was Paige being overly sexual in her matches (crawling on the other woman, licking them, etc) which caused Natalya to have a chat with her about how that wasn’t necessary to have a great match. Paige agreed to chill out with that stuff, they had another match, and Paige went right back to the same tactics, angering Natalya for ignoring her advice.

After their match, Natalya went backstage to have yet another talk with her, and decided to give Paige an idea of what it felt like, by groping the heck out of the former Divas champion.

4 Nurse Nikki


John Cena really has it rough; millions of dollars, tons of fans, a huge white marble castle, and Nikki Bella dressing up as a nurse to heal his wounds. In this episode, Cena was recovering from an injury, and Nikki had felt bad for not being around enough to help him out.

So to make up for it, she dressed as a sexy nurse so she could pamper her beat-up boyfriend with love and kisses, all while the camera man stood in the same room. Both she and Cena looked kind of embarrassed in this awkward situation, but that aside, Nikki looked great!


3 The Bellas Check Out Eve’s New Work


Wrestling can be a tough business, and Eva found that out first hand, when one of her breast implants began leaking, which can be incredibly dangerous to her health. She ended up going in for surgery to take care of the issue; it was a success, and she just needed time to get back to one-hundred percent.

When Eva returned, she decided to show off the new breasts to Nikki and Brie Bella, who wasted no time lightly touching them, at the same time. The camera was all over this as they zoomed in on the action, because they can’t miss this critical storyline!

2 Vacation


Throughout their first four seasons, the Divas have headed out for vacation to relax, swim, drink, and of course start drama, wherever they can. They have gone to places like Cancun and Mexico City for sun and fun. These episodes tend to be especially great as the entire group is in swimsuits for the entire episode.

These episodes are also usually pretty funny because they tend to drink more and do a lot more unscripted things, like in Brie’s case falling down, yelling, or drunk calling people. Which one looks the best in a bikini: Nikki? Naomi? Wrong, the right answer is all of them!

1 Nikki In Any Scene


Speaking of Nikki Bella, she deserves an entry for all of her appearances in this show, mainly because it doesn’t matter where she is, Nikki always looks on point. She can go for a walk in a park with Brie and be dressed to the nines, or just wearing as little as possible in pretty much any situation.

Fair to say she’s one of the more popular Divas among fans, with millions of followers on social media, so she earned this spot. It’s not just about looks though, she’s actually one of the more comedic people on the cast, especially when she hangs with Brie and Daniel Bryan. She acts like a spoiled princess, but at the same time, has a modest side that shows up once in awhile to counter her high spending habits.



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