The 10 Dumbest WWE Feuds Of 2015

The world of Pro Wrestling is built on feuds. What would be the excitement of watching if these guys actually seemed to like each other? And not only should they not like each other, they should be battling for a long time, with mutual hatred, and a desire to come out on top. That is what feuding is all about after all.

Every once in a while, though, a feud gets started and it doesn't have staying power. Sometimes it doesn't work because one wrestler isn't much of a challenge to the other one, sometimes it is because one of the wrestlers moves on and starts feuding with someone else. Other times the wrestlers get together after a huge build up and then have a match that bores everyone to tears.  Sometimes, though, and this is the worst type of feud of all, no one really cares what happens. Sometimes it is the fault of the talent, and sometimes it is the fault of the WWE, but either way these feuds were just plain dumb.

In 2015, there were a lot of exciting feuds in the WWE, but there were some other ones that didn't really get anyone all that worked up.   And seriously, if fans don't get worked up about your feud, then what is the point of having it at all? None whatsoever.

Here are the 10 Dumbest WWE Feuds of 2015.

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10 Roman Reigns Vs Bray Wyatt

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9 Dolph Ziggler Vs Sheamus

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The feud between these two top wrestlers never took off to say the least. There were a lot of fans who had really high expectations at the thought of Sheamus and Ziggler going at each other as both were thought of highly by wrestling fans, but instead of the vicious fighting that we all expected, WWE fans just got a whole lot of talk.  Obviously the feud did not play well for WWE matchmakers either as one went on to see his career blow up and become champion, while the other is still working hard to stay in the game.

8 Demon Kane Vs Seth Rollins

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This one just didn't work on any level whatsoever. It seemed like the WWE was trying to insult everyone's intelligence, both with Kane playing two roles, and with the thought that he was going to have any chance whatsoever at beating Seth Rollins for the belt. The whole thing just seemed too obvious that fans were going to find out what was going to happen, and that this so called feud was just filler until the WWE figured out who Rollins was going to go at next. Thankfully this feud died of natural causes, and everyone has moved on to something better.

7 Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns

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This one had a whole lot of potential. Lesnar is obviously one of the biggest stars that wrestling has ever seen, while Reigns has, or at least should have, enormous star power in his own right. So why did this feud between these two not go anywhere? Who knows, but this just didn't have what it takes to make a compelling WrestleMania bout.  While it must have seemed like a good idea at the time to have this be a big feud to the matchmakers at WWE, it turned out to be a big dud. This is one feud that died a quick death.

6 Ziggler Vs Rusev

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This one looked like it would be a good feud for both the WWE and fans alike. Both are extremely talented as wrestlers, and both are good talkers as well. Many WWE fans had high hopes for this to be a fun feud to watch but it never really took off.  The feud seemed completely pointless, and ended in a very bizarre way when Lana Ziggler announced her engagement to Rusev, not just in the wrestling world, but in real life.  While this was  odd to many, fans didn't mind that much. Anything  was fine as long as this silly feud between these two ended.

5 The Ascension Vs New Age Outlaws

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The Ascension was supposed to be the next big thing, or at least the WWE wanted them to be. So what do they do? They hook them up with a semi-retired team in the New Age Outlaws. Believe it or not, this didn't take off like the WWE hoped. While the Outlaws were, and still are very popular, it just didn't make sense to pair them off against the Ascension in such a main event.  While the Ascension took care of the Outlaws in their match, they haven't done much since, while the Outlaws have gone back to being mostly retired.

4 Goldust Vs Stardust

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Okay, first of all, can we talk about these costumes? I mean seriously, what the heck was the WWE thinking? While these two are brothers in real life, and both very talented in the ring, this looked like it might have a chance to be interesting. Was it? Not at all. They had a match in Fastlane where Goldust didn't want to hurt his brother badly that just turned out to be plain old boring. What kind of a feud is it if they don't really want to get into it with each other? The answer to that questions is not a very good one.

3 Paige Vs The Bella Twins

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That's right, Divas can have totally lame feuds, too. The Bella's beat Paige and her partner Natalya at the Royal Rumble, then AJ Lee joined forces with Paige to beat the twins at WrestleMania and then....well and then pretty much nothing. After all this build up with Paige and the Bella twins, the story has gone nowhere. AJ Lee retired so it probably will continue to go nowhere for the near future as well. If some people think the feuds with male wrestlers can be dumb, the Divas can be much worse.

2 The Miz Vs Damian Sandow

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Even though a lot of people can't stand The Miz, and lets be honest, a lot of people really can't, this could have been a good feud.  With Damian going as Miz' stunt double, Damian Mizdow, before the two split up and the two working this feud for months, one would think that something exciting was going to happen and maybe a big bout was on the way. But nothing happened. The feud just basically died. This feud had a lot of potential and the WWE has been criticized mightily for dropping the ball and not following through on something that could have really worked.

1 John Cena Vs Rusev

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Maybe dumb is too strong a word for this feud, but no matter how you slice it, this feud did not live up to expectations. These guys feuded for four entire months, without much of anything happening and then finally they fought at Payback for an entire 30 minutes, but still people didn't seem to care whole lot. They fought a few more times in 2015 and even had a Russian Chain Match in which Cena defeated Rusev. While for the most part these fights were okay, the whole thing just didn't work. Just like in other matches on this list, the WWE tried to make a good feud out of something that really wasn't there.

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