Hustle, Loyalty, Respect: 11 Shocking Things You Didn't Know About John Cena

Everywhere you look, you hear about John Cena. Even if you aren't a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, Cena has permeated your television, big screen and magazines. This isn't a bad thing, the guy is over 200lbs of pure muscle, with a baby face and a rapper's ego. He plays great roles both as part of the WWE and further. He is multi-talented, charity-minded and does most of this for the millions of kids out there who love what he does, plus a few of the ladies. While Cena is in our faces quite a bit entering 2016, there are probably quite a few things you really didn't know about the star wrestler and entertainer. TheRichest has created a list of 11 shocking things you didn't know about John Cena. Enjoy!

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11 He has granted over 500 wishes with Make-a-Wish

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Cena is definitely a philanthropist, dedicating his time to various charities, but not one more than the Make-a-Wish foundation, where he has granted over 500 wishes! Cena granted his 500th wish in August of 2015, to an 8-year-old boy from Queens, New York who has leukemia. Cena attended the Today show, giving the child ringside seats to WWE Raw, plus other swag. The boy said Cena "was nice and strong and inspirational. He reminds kids to never give up".

He is the first celebrity in the history of Make-a-Wish to grant this many wishes, which he has been doing since 2004. Many of the families try to stay in touch with Cena, even sending him letters when a child has succumbed to their illness, which Cena says he finds difficult to read, but that the strength of the parents and finding out what he has done for the child is special, allows him to continue doing it.

10 He says he has never taken steroids... or maybe he has?

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Cena has been asked on occasion if his immense muscle tone has been the result of steroids. In an interview with CNN, they framed it that Cena was ambiguous with the question saying it could never be proven, leaving out the "absolutely not" he answered first. Instead they only aired this statement: "I can't tell you that I haven't, but you will never prove that I have". The WWE asked CNN for a retraction, which they refused. So, Cena has absolutely not taken steroids, but you couldn't prove it anyways.

9 He pooped during a match

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While not the most fun fact, it is definitely one of the most interesting. During a match in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (the place is actually disputed as Cena has gotten it confused in different interviews), Cena had food poisoning. He fought anyway, which was his biggest mistake. After rolling out of a DDT, Cena asked the referee where he could puke. He went under the ring and let it rip, literally, from both ends. He attributes this to being the most embarrassing event of his life.

8 He is in a bunch of hit movies right now

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You may have seen a familiar face in the latest hit comedies recently. Cena recently had hilarious roles in the blockbuster movies Trainwreck, Daddy's Home and Sisters this past year. In Trainwreck, he can be seen enthusiastically having sex with star Amy Schumer, dirty talking about exercise. In Sisters, he plays a thug drug dealer, who isn't very interested in typical partying. In Daddy's Home, let's just say that Mark Wahlberg has a little bit of a competition from Cena in the relationship department. He plays each role amazingly well and definitely adds to the laughter in each movie.

7 He is also a rapper

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With professional wrestling and acting not being enough for Cena, he is also a rapper, who writes most of his own lyrics. Cena's Doctor of Thuganomics character in the WWE became a real life thing to him when he released his debut album "You Can't See Me". He has since released songs with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa, which are now background songs for the video game WWE 2K15. Ice Cube said that Cena is reminiscent of L.L. Cool J, which may or may not have been a compliment after Cube also called him a fool.

6 Has a degree in exercise physiology

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The former WWE star applied to 60 colleges and was accepted to 58. In the end, he decided to major in exercise physiology and did a little bit of bodybuilding as well. This all occurred after graduating from high school, where he gained almost 100lbs during his time as a student, from a lean 155lbs, up to 240 to 250lbs by graduation.

5 He is one of five brothers

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As if one Cena isn't enough for everyone, Cena is one of five boys (hopefully for his mother's sake they didn't all come out as huge as him). With four brothers, Cena is the second oldest. His youngest brother has an inoperable brain tumour and Cena calls him his "silent champion". Another of his brothers is gay, of which Cena is very supportive (as he should be!).

4 He has sold energy bars, energy drinks & Subway

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Before his WWE stardom took flight, Cena was a poacher for various healthy products. He was a spokesman for Subway, doing commercials with now-disgraced sexual deviant Jared Fogle. On top of this, Cena has also promoted the energy drink YJ Stinger and energy drinks and bars for the American Body Builders. This commercial success eventually ended when he began promoting himself in the WWE instead and launched his fantastic career.

3 He has his own meme

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Not all celebrities can boast that they have their own viral meme. The Unexpected John Cena meme interrupts videos with his music and his name in some pretty obnoxious but hilarious ways. Apparently is not advised to go looking for the unexpected John Cena meme, because then you expect it and there are no laughs to be had. He's been in clips from the Shining to SpongeBob SquarePants to various super hero movies.

2 He married his high school sweetheart but divorced her after cheating

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Cena is a romantic at heart and married his high school sweetheart. That was until he cheated on her with other wrestling babes, ruining the lives of his mistress, her fiancé and his wife. Cena blamed remodeling his home as the cause of his marriage strife, when he blindsided her with divorce papers. While he had a pre-nuptial agreement with her, to ensure she didn't take any of his mass fortune, she still felt entitled to fight for some of it. In the end, they apparently settled amicably and the details are under lock and key. Cena is now dating another WWE celeb - Nikki Bella - and has been for a few years now.

1 His characters are extensions of himself

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Cena has played a few different characters during his time in the WWE, as well as in a variety of movies. Cena says his characters are not truly characters, but just extensions of his true self. With his Five Moves of Doom, Cena is the good guy everyone hates. While he cheated on his high school sweetheart wife, he has also granted over 500 wishes to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The women and kids cheer him, while the men boo and wish death upon him. Reason being, he's a good guy and wrestling fans don't care about the good guy - they want the best guy and it is time for Cena to pass the torch to new wrestling talent.

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