Behind The Scenes: 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions By WWE Fans

Still today, so many of us have such an interest with what really goes on behind the scenes during a WWE event. Oh, what we would do to just be able to sit and watch the mayhem that ensues during a live event. Thanks to the WWE Network, we are now able to get a sneak peak with various shows such as Breaking Ground, which give us a better understanding. Still, even with these shows, much of the content is filtered, leaving wrestling fans with so many questions of what goes on behind the curtain.

In this article we will take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by wrestling fans pertaining to what goes on behind the scenes. Questions will vary from; what are Shane’s current backstage responsibilities? To something as simple as what the talent eats before a show. We will pull down the curtain in this article and address so many curiosities that we all have about the business we love and hate at times. So, let’s begin. Here are 15 of the most frequently asked question by WWE fans regarding what goes on behind the scenes. Enjoy!

15 Does Shane Help Out Backstage Creatively?

14 Do Wrestlers Rehearse A Match Before?

13 At What Time Does The Talent Arrive To A Show?

12 Are Wrestlers Fed?

11 How Do You Know How Long Your Match Is?

10 How Much Creative Input Does A Wrestler Have?

9 Can You Turn Down A Match?

8 Is It True That Older Wrestlers Get Preferential Treatment?

Hate to say it, but yes, the company does show preferential treatment to older wrestlers. This is especially obvious when looking at how much wrestlers make; inactive wrestlers like Mark Henry and Kane, are making absurd amounts of money in comparison to the foot soldiers on the roster like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Since the beginning, Vince has shared a massive bond with wrestlers that are loyal and have been with the company for so long. This is why superstars like Big Show and Mark Henry are still compensated so well to this day. Vince feels indebted to talent that sticks by him for so many years. So yes, veteran talent is treated better across the board.

7 What Is The Creative Process Like Backstage?

6 What Are The Talent Meetings About?

5 How Does The Editing Work?

4 Why Does The Company Always Use The Same Set?

3 Is The Backstage Morale Easier During Non-Televised Events?

2 Is Hunter The Current Number 2?

1 What Does Vince Do Backstage?

At one point, it seemed like Vince was finally taking a step back lessening his responsibilities. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as Vince is still working like a mad man 24/7, it seems. Backstage, Vince has so many roles which include working the gorilla position, managing Stephanie and Hunter, critiquing talent following a match, talking to the commentators during a live show, communicating with members in the production truck, discussing creative ideas, optimizing the WWE’s popularity on social media and foreseeing all major decisions. As you can tell, the boss is still very much in charge.


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Behind The Scenes: 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions By WWE Fans