8 Reasons Why You "Shouldn't" Hate John Cena

Ok Cena haters, before you click the red X in the top corner, hear me out. I will be the first one to admit that I have never been a fan of John’s work, and I can never really recall a moment where I was left saying, "wow" after one of John’s matches. I have also frequently questioned the job that the WWE’s creative team has done with Cena in the past, and many of us have probably wondered, "will this guy's character ever change?" The answer quite simply is, probably not. Even though I have never really been drawn to this guy's personality, I respect John and what he has done for the WWE, despite the criticism he so often received in his WWE career. I will not go as far as to say you should like the guy, but to sum up my feelings, I dislike the wrestler, but I respect the person he is. With that being said, here are 8 reasons you shouldn't hate John Cena. Breathe wrestling fans, and remember to open up your mind, even though you can probably give me a list of 100 reasons you dislike John. Regardless, try to enjoy.

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8 Terrific Role Model For Children


One thing you have got to respect about John Cena is his ability to be a terrific role model for young children. Yes, he wears annoying colorful shirts from time to time, which hurt our eyes and our souls, but the guy has good attentions and preaches 3 main things all children should live by: “hustle, loyalty and respect." These are definitely 3 pretty meaningful words to live your life by. Cena has also preached to fans to "be who you want to be", no matter how much you get criticized for doing so, and this is pretty much a reflection of his own character we see every week. Despite his colorful t-shirts, John has been an inspiring role model for the young generation watching WWE programming every week, and we can't dislike or criticize the guy for doing so.

7 Great Work Ethic Outside The Ring


Love him or hate him, this guy is built like a beast and has an insane work ethic outside the ring. It’s not easy to constantly be on the road with the WWE and still maintain a tremendous physique while doing so; for that I tip my hat to you John Cena. John picked up a passion for training in his teen years and has kept with it till this very day. Image is undoubtedly crucial in the wrestling business, and you have to respect the work that John has put in at the gym all these years.

6 Plays Himself


This may be one thing that most fans hate about Cena; the fact that he pretty much plays himself every week and doesn't have much of an appealing gimmick. I myself, am not crazy with his gimmick either, but I respect that John does not have to hide behind a fake character every week. He simply plays himself, and everything you are seeing from John, is pretty much all that John is. It may not be appealing to many people in the WWE universe (including myself), but you have to somewhat respect the guy for going out there and being himself in the front of the world, and succeeding at doing so.

5 Humble Superstar


Despite all of his success in the WWE, John has never really lost his mind, like we've seen with other wrestlers in the past. Cena remains driven on work ethic and staying humble, and he attributes his success to these two factors. Additionally, he credits these factors to not only wrestling, but as well as to his projects outside of the ring. Cena has been especially humble towards the WWE universe on a nightly basis, taking in all the boo’s and respecting those who boo. It certainly takes a pro and quite a humble man, to put up with this with a smile after so many years.

4 Great With Fans Outside The Ring

One thing most wrestling fans who have met Cena in person can agree on, is that the guy is tremendous with the fans. There is something very real about John Cena when you talk to him, he is a down to earth guy who connects with his fans on a deeper level, in comparison to others in the company. I got a chance to chat with many wrestlers over my life, surprisingly none were more genuine and welcoming than Cena himself, and that is why I have a lot of respect for John and his interactions with not only his fans, but fans of the WWE in general. Many wrestling fans can agree, even though they are not Cena’s biggest fan, that getting to chat with him is in absolute pleasure. Cena takes time to interact with wrestling fans, something most wrestlers shy away from today.

3 Work Horse For The WWE


Despite not being one of the best technical wrestlers in the WWE, we have to give props to John for constantly keeping up with his jam packed wrestling schedule over the years. No wrestler has worked more shows in the last 10 years than Cena himself. John is a work horse and unlike some other upper card wrestlers, Cena has rarely taken time off (he has just recently started to work less live shows than usual). Cena has been WWE’s "go to" guy in the last decade, something you have to at least respect about John’s career in the WWE. He may not be the best wrestler, or most entertaining, but one thing’s for certain, he is always ready to work and is focused on the WWE.

2 Cena Is A draw For The WWE


Even though the experienced wrestling fan may not be into John Cena, one thing we must accept is that John is a draw wherever he goes (Cena’s name on the card adds an incredible amount of value to a live show). Just recently going to the Bell Center and watching a live show, I can recall myself thinking "hey, why wasn't Cena here tonight?" (Thankfully I did not share that thought out loud, or else I would have been in for a big bashing). Cena quite simply draws, and the WWE surely knows this as well, using Cena as the main event at Wrestlemania, an impressive five times. Additionally, Cena stands fourth of all time, as the highest number of combined days as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion (trailing behind Hall of Famers: Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan). Cena creates a reaction amongst the WWE universe. He provokes emotions and this, folks, is what sells John Cena.

1 His Charity Work


This is the number one reason why I have so much respect for John Cena. No wrestler has even come close to the work Cena has done over the years with charity organizations. Cena has played an extraordinary part with the "Make-A-Wish" Foundation, granting more than 400 wishes to sick children, a record for the "Make-A-Wish" Foundation (no celebrity has ever granted more than 300 wishes). John Cena is viewed as the leader of "Make-A-Wish" and time and time again, has contributed to the organization, not just by agreeing to meet children, but by going as far as granting a little girl a one-on-one tea party. If you haven't gotten the chance to see the look on the kids' faces when they meet John, I recommend you do so, it's really great to see.

With that being said, not being a fan of John Cena in the ring is fine, but the person, and his great contributions in making the world a better place for children in need, is truly remarkable.

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