7 Of The Best And 7 Of The Worst Things About A WWE Contract

To this day, the WWE does their very best to not leak information pertaining to the contracts of its talent. For years and years now, the company has had an obsession in keeping this aspect of the business behind closed doors, and far away from the public eye. Thanks to social media though, this aspect is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain, as contract terms are now finally starting to leak out. Wrestler salaries are also becoming disclosed to the public.

With all this information it's quite obvious that a WWE contract includes some obvious pros, as well as some serious cons. This article will take a look at some of the best parts, which include travel expenses and medical treatment; and the worst parts, which include ground travel and some performers making ridiculous amounts of money because of their experience and not based on their talent or card status with the company.

This article will go behind the scenes and discuss the good and the bad that comes with signing a deal with Vince’s empire. Here are seven of the best and seven of the worst things about a WWE contract. Enjoy!

14 Best: Bonuses, Bonuses and More Bonuses

13 Worst: Independent Contractors

12 Best: Air Travel

11 Worst: Ground Travel

10 Best: Medical Expenses

9 Worst: Not Responsible For Career Threatening Injuries

8 Best: The Performance Center

7 Worst: WWE Owns Your Rights

6 Best: Booking Outside of The Company

5 Worst: Can Still Profit Off You Once You're Gone

4 Best: Release Policy

3 Worst: Exclusivity Of A Contract

2 Best: Contract Consistency and Confidentiality

1 Worst: Experience Over Talent

This factor really upsets a lot of wrestling fans. How the likes of Mark Henry, Kane and Big Show are out-earning Kevin Owens, The New Day and Sami Zayn, is absolutely unbelievable to think about. In fact, one of those wrestlers alone makes the combined salary of The New Day altogether…. ouch. We understand; yes, loyalty and experience are valuable commodities, but contract terms for Superstars that aren’t even on television is quite ridiculous, and is money that can certainly be put to better use. This remains a massive flaw in regards to a WWE contract.


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7 Of The Best And 7 Of The Worst Things About A WWE Contract