7 Most Overpaid And 7 Most Underpaid Wrestlers On WWE’s Roster

With Ryback’s recent statement going viral, you can’t help but to really think about what he said. Ryback believes all wrestlers should be treated as equals financially, and he stresses this factor because after all, wrestling is in fact pre-determined. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as to say all wrestlers deserve to be paid equally, but I would agree that some superstars undeservingly get paid way more than others. You admire Ryback’s intent, but at the end of the day countless wrestlers have tried to unionize the superstars together only to see it fail, time and time again. The company has made it clear, they do not want a union.

As you will see in this article, the WWE likes to reward loyal wrestlers more so than young, popular WWE superstars. It’s quite bizarre to think that the likes of Big Show and Goldust are making nearly double than New Day members Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, despite their on-again, off-again type of schedule with the company. This list will feature some of the most ridiculous and underpaid contracts in the WWE today. So, here are 7 of the most overpaid and 7 of the most underpaid wrestlers on the WWE’s roster. Enjoy!

14 Overpaid: Sheamus - $1.3 million

13 Underpaid: Sami Zayn - $7,000 (NXT)

12 Overpaid: Ryback - $655,500

Pretty ironic that Ryback’s complaining about how much money he’s getting, yet he somehow lands on our overpaid list. The WWE superstar recently made headlines expressing his displeasure for the recent contract negotiations. Ryback is baffled on how upper-card wrestlers make so much more than lower-card guys in a sport that is pre-determined. In his statement, Ryback expressed his interest to promote pay equality in the WWE ranks.... Good luck with that, big guy. Laughable to think that wrestlers like Roman Reigns and John Cena would take a pay cut in order to satisfy the needs of a lower-card wrestler. At the end of the day, the Las Vegas native is living in a dream world if he thinks that’s an actual possibility. Given his pushing time and time again, it’s rather apparent that the WWE Universe just isn’t fully sold on this guy.

11 Underpaid: Bray Wyatt - $254,200

10 Overpaid: Dolph Ziggler - $900,000

9 Underpaid: Cesaro - $80,145

8 Overpaid: Big Show - $1.2 million

7 Underpaid: Paige - $65,000

6 Overpaid: Goldust - $ 725,000

5 Underpaid: Roman Reigns - $2.1 million

4 Overpaid: Mark Henry - $877,000

3 Underpaid: Kevin Owens - $ 400,000

2 Overpaid: Brock Lesnar - $6 million

1 Underpaid: The New Day - $574,200

Making their debut in July of 2014, nobody could have predicted the success that this stable would gather two years later. The group is considered one of the most over-acts in all of the company at the moment. These guys even have their own cereal selling, “Booty-O’s”. With all of this success, it’s hard to believe that the group makes a little over half a million combined. When you look at which wrestlers make this salary alone, it’s kind of hard to digest. Xavier Woods is currently in the midst of a starter’s contract package, while Kofi makes the majority of the money at a little more than $350,000 per year. With this group being one of the only positives to come out of the PG Era, look for their salaries to increase rather quickly, especially with some tremendous merchandise numbers. And also, because.... NEW DAY ROCKS (Big E dancing with a deranged look in his face)!


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7 Most Overpaid And 7 Most Underpaid Wrestlers On WWE’s Roster