20 Wrestlers You Never Thought Would Own A Restaurant

Many professional wrestlers don’t know when to call it quits and leave the business. Perhaps this is in part due to the fact WWE classifies their wrestlers as independent contractors, and therefore doesn’t properly prepare most of them for retirement. It isn’t fair to blame WWE, though, because it’s actually a problem throughout most of professional sports. Athletes become typically become successful at a young age, and based on physical attributes that aren’t going to stick with them forever.

Many wrestlers chose to combat this by simply never leaving the wrestling industry, but that isn’t always the case. Surprisingly, one of the most popular post-wrestling career choices has been to open a restaurant. In a few instances, it actually kind of makes sense—no, there haven’t been any wrestling chefs that we’re aware of, but a well-known Italian wrestler opening an Italian restaurant isn’t that exactly a stretch. That said, most of these restaurants make a heck of a lot less sense, and it seems like the wrestlers opened them for no other reason than they like making food. Read on to learn which 20 wrestlers opened restaurants, and decide for yourself whether or not their career path made any sense.

20 Big Anthony's - Owned By Tony Parisi


19 Ilio DiPaolo's Restaurant and Ringside Lounge


18 Shoney's - Location Owned By Scott Steiner

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17 The Squared Circle - Owned By Victoria

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16 The Friendly Tap - Owned By Tim White


15 Bam Bam Bigelow - Owned By Bam Bam Bigelow


14 Baby's Steak & Lemonade - Owned By Armando Estrada

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13 Dennis Knight Catering Company


12 Abdullah The Butcher's House of Ribs and Chinese Food


11 Maria's Mexican Restaurant - Owned By El Mongol

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10 Killer Khan Restaurant - Owned By Killer Khan

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9 Toshiaki Kawada's Noodle Shop


8 Big Daddy - Owned By The Great Kabuki

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7 Sakabar - Owned By Antonio Inoki

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6 Jerry Lawler's Slamburgers

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5 Mean Gene's Burgers

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4 Hogan's Beach


3 Hulk Hogan's Pastamania

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2 The WCW Nitro Grill

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1 WWF New York - Owned By Vince McMahon


The ultimate wrestling restaurant was obviously owned by the ultimate wrestling personality, Vince McMahon himself. Technically, the restaurant once called WWF New York and later The World was a subsidiary company of WWE, but ultimately, as with all things WWE, that meant Vince was the man in charge. WWF New York opened a few months after The Nitro Grill, and was initially far more successful than its WCW counterpart. WWE held broadcasts of all live television and Pay-Per-Views from the location in Times Square, and Michael Cole and Tazz even hosted live episodes of Heat from the location, starting in late 2000 through 2001. The restaurant switched names from WWF New York to The World Entertainment when WWF became WWE, but irrelevant of the name change, the company closed the restaurant and sold the location to the Hard Rock Café in 2003.

Sources: WWE

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20 Wrestlers You Never Thought Would Own A Restaurant