20 Times WWE Superstars Relieved Themselves During A Match

Wrestling is a very physical form of sports entertainment and different wrestlers' bodies react to this physicality in their own personal ways.

Some wrestlers can go through their whole career being hit in the stomach and allowing their stomach muscles to take the entire hit, but some wrestlers are not that lucky. Whether it’s lack of stomach muscles or just the way the hit is taken, it can have disastrous consequences. Not to mention that urine or poop has worked its way into far too many storylines in the WWE's history.

Wrestlers are not given a lot of time off and if they are a part of a main event storyline and fall ill with something like food poisoning, then it may not be the easiest for the WWE to replace them on short notice.

This means many superstars are forced to wrestle injured or ill and as you're about to find out, this can have embarrassing consequences. Sometimes it’s not even injury or illness that is the problem, some people suffer from stage fright and this is their body's reaction to a live audience.

Whatever the reason, there have been many superstars who have managed to soil themselves inside a WWE ring. Luckily the audience has often only found out about this after the event, when either the wrestler in question or his opponent revealed the truth. So at least one thing is clear, their ability to act like nothing is wrong can also translate to their ability to hide some poop.

The following is a list of the 20 times WWE superstars have managed to allow their bowels to do the talking, it is never pretty but if you have to go, then you have to go.

20 Seth Rollins


 The former member of The Shield made dirt sheet headlines back in 2014 when he admitted that he needed the toilet during a match.

Obviously it was much easier for him to leave a match during the time he was tagging with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. After all, why not just tag out of the match and roll underneath to do his business?

19 Mr. Perfect


One story that is highly speculated online is the fact that Mr. Perfect was waiting under the ring to do a run in and he needed a bathroom break. Obviously there is no way that wrestlers can leave once they are positioned under the ring so he had to do it where he was.

18 Doink The Clown


Doink was a funny guy, but hopefully he was able to have a sense of humor after one particular stinky incident. Sometimes there is no medication in the world that will stop it coming out when it’s coming out, and that is what happened to Doink.

Apparently the colourful superstar seemed to be having a lot of bathroom breaks before the show until he was scheduled to wrestle, and just because he was in the ring, did not mean that desire stopped. To his credit, he did appear to wrestle, but was done within a few minutes because he told the ref to make the three count and ended the match after under two minutes, all because he really needed to go to the bathroom.

17 Doug Basham


Many wrestlers think that they are going to fall foul to the mistake of saying too much in interviews, but sometimes they say just enough when they are asked the right questions.

Doug was part of a feature in WWE’s Magazine and he was asked about his most embarrassing moment as a wrestler. He then went on to confess that he had soiled himself in the ring during a tag match with his brother Danny.

16 Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels is one of the only people on this list that was forced to urinate in the ring. While some wrestlers did not mean to use the washroom, this time it was a planned storyline between Michaels and Vince McMahon.

Michaels and McMahon had a back and forth rivalry heading into WrestleMania 22 back in 2006 and as part of this McMahon forced HBK to take a drugs test in the middle of the ring.

15 Dusty Rhodes


John Nord was a special guest of a shoot interview with Bill Alfonso. On the show, Nord discussed how larger wrestlers used to wrap toilet paper around their hands and insert it into their behind as a way to help them if they were about to have an accident. To make it even classier, they called these a “muffler.”

He then wrestled Dusty Rhodes later that night and he went for a piledriver finish and as he picked Dusty up by one of his cheeks, his “muffler” managed to fall out in the middle of the ring.

14 Darren Young


Darren Young was asked his most embarrassing moment as part of WWE Inbox on YouTube and he confessed that he had once soiled himself during a match.

He said that Titus O’Neil had managed to get him hooked on vitamins that basically “clean you out.” He was supposed to take two but he took four instead, and before his match he felt quite strange.

13 Stephanie McMahon

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Stephanie McMahon is the daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and also a principle owner of WWE herself. She always portrays herself as a woman of dignity, grace and power, that was until Payback 2014.

Stephanie was a part of the main event story line where she was trying to force Daniel Bryan to drop the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by firing his wife if he didn’t comply.

12 Natalya


Natalya is the only female wrestler ever to graduate from the Hart dungeon and she is currently one of the best female technical wrestlers in WWE.

She is also one of the main characters on Total Divas and it was being a part of this show that ultimately revealed one of her secrets.

11 Triple H

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The King of Kings himself proved that no one is too powerful for a minor accident when he came out to attack Brock Lesnar back in 2012.

Triple H and Brock had a fantastic rivalry that engulfed most of that year, but in this particular brawl, Triple H was seen with a rather big stain on the crotch of his trousers. This was made all the more evident when he was being F5’d through the announce table by Brock.

10 Vince McMahon

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 Vince McMahon was a part of many main event rivalries and still continues to be to this day, but there will never be a fiercer rival that Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The former WWE Champion forced the Chairman of WWE to actually wet himself in the middle of the WWE ring on a live episode of Raw.

9 Yokozuna


There are many stories online about Yokozuna and the fact that he always needed to be in close proximity to a toilet and if he wasn’t then there were dire consequences.

This particular story was told by Bret Hart when he recalled that he faced Yokozuna in India on a particular bad day for the Samoan, who was suffering from a rather bad stomach issue.

8 Tommy Dreamer


Tommy Dreamer is remembered as one of the most extreme wrestling legends of all time, but even he managed to fall foul to nature.

As part of an interview with Jeff Pearlman, Tommy recalled that he was in a match with Mark Henry and he had just received his finisher (The World’s Strongest Slam) when he smelled something terrible.

7 Vince McMahon


The second entry from the WWE Chairman on the list as he becomes the only person to have both urinated and defecated in a WWE Ring.

Jim Ross told the story in a recent interview and it seems Vince McMahon is still annoyed about the fact that it became public knowledge. Ross stated that once during a backstage promo Vince had accidentally “sharted” and left a stain on his trousers but he still headed out to the ring afterwards because he had no time to change.

6 Andre The Giant


One of the more disgusting additions to the list, but it sees Andre The Giant join after it was revealed that he managed to not only soil himself, but someone else as well.

Bad News Brown confirmed in an interview that Andre had been feeling really ill the day they had a match, but the show had to go on and Andre still managed to wrestle that night.

5 Stone Cold Steve Austin


After forcing Vince McMahon to relieve himself in the ring, it seems only fair that Stone Cold Steve Austin joins the list after Yokozuna managed to force it all out of him during a match in South Africa.

4 Sycho Sid


Sycho Sid was definitely considered one of the biggest characters in wrestling history. If there was any doubt, it was confirmed when during his final match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 13, he left The Deadman a lasting gift.

The rumour was that Undertaker lifted Sid up for his tombstone finisher and smelled what he had done. Sid then rushed from the ring to sort himself out after his accident, that many thought he had done on purpose.

3 CM Punk


CM Punk may have claimed he was the best in the world, but his time in the WWE was not all highlights. Punk was part of one of the most controversial wrestling podcasts in November 2014 when he sat down with Cult Cabana and talked all about WWE.

Punk revealed that he had been given so many antibiotics for what he was told was an infection in his back that at one point he had gone out to the ring for a match and legitimately couldn’t control his bowels.

2 Yokozuna


As already stated above, there are many stories involving Yokozuna and the fact that he had major bowel problems, one of which actually sees him falling through a toilet whilst backstage at a WWE event. Bret Hart and The Undertaker were backstage when they heard Yokozuna crying out for help after the toilet that he was on exploded under his weight. This may not have happened in a ring, but it is by far one of the funniest mental images out there.

1 John Cena


John’s story has become one of the most famous in the wrestling industry and this is perhaps because he wasn’t even worried about admitting it.

Following Natalya’s accidental leakage on Total Divas, Nikki Bella went to find John to laugh about it only for him to tell her it wasn’t funny and confess that he had once had to take part in a match when he had food poisoning and managed to relieve himself from every opening.

John was thought to have had to roll under the ring to vomit as well as accidentally reliving himself while in the ring as well.


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