20 Past and Present Wrestlers Who Are Heels In Real Life

WWE wrestlers play characters when they are on WWE TV, this means that this is not the real version of them and you have to meet them outside of a show to see their true character. Even if you are the biggest heel on screen, you may be the biggest softy in real life.

That being said, that also means that if you run into someone who is a "face", that also does not mean they are always going to be their cheery self.

It’s hard to image characters like The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt just breaking out of their character to hug a child, and the same could be said for many other strange superstars who have become famous for being different over the years. But that doesn’t mean they are really bad people, because they do sometimes break character, and sometimes in really positive ways. Yet sometimes no matter how good of a character the person is on screen, some wrestlers are just a-holes.

This list is for the ones who play heel characters and live the life of a heel character, the ones who love the fame, but not the fans who come with it. The ones who truly are jerks in real life.

20 Randy Orton


The Viper comes across as one of the rudest superstars in WWE, but is it all part of a gimmick? Or is Orton really a jerk outside of WWE? Various reports suggest that Randy is one of the superstars who rarely has time to talk to the WWE fans waiting for his autograph and often is rude when asked.

19 Bubba Ray Dudley


Even though his long-time tag team partner D-Von is a big fan of making time for the WWE Universe, and many fans have stated how involved with them he is, Bubba Ray clearly does not share that level of enthusiasm for the WWE.

18 Melina


During her time in WWE, Melina took the term Diva to the next level, but not always in positive ways. She was incredible in the ring and had athleticism and flexibility that many of the WWE Universe had never seen before, but with all that talent came an over sized ego.

17 Matt Hardy


One half of one of the greatest tag teams of the late 90s and early 2000s, Matt and Jeff Hardy had a fantastic time in WWE, but whilst Jeff climbed the ranks to the World title later in his career, it seems Matt was left behind.

16 The Bella Twins


The self-proclaimed faces of the Divas Division and the stars of Total Divas, Brie and Nikki Bella have had a lot of things come their way since they were resigned by WWE back in 2012, but unfortunately, it seems there attitudes are still yet to change.

15 Brock Lesnar


Brock Lesnar doesn’t like people. He has admitted many times that he isn’t a fan of them and he never makes an attempt to go over to fans at shows or to sign autographs or even to wave over to them to see he recognizes that they are there.

14 Sable


With her spouse Brock Lesnar on the list above, it was inevitable that Sable was also going to make the list. Yet have no fear, because apparently she was a jerk a long time before she met Lesnar.

13 Kevin Nash


Nash is said to have an estranged relationship the WWE Universe and whenever they raise the fact that they dislike him, he often takes to Twitter to insult any fans that disagree with him or his views.

12 Batista


Batista has always had a strained relationship with the WWE Universe to the extent where he stood on the ramp and swore at the entire crowd after they booed him for winning the 2014 Royal Rumble after he had already threatened a fan.

11 Road Dogg and Billy Gunn


Along with his partner Billy Gunn, both Jesse James and the Badass are known to have been complete jerks both backstage and in front of fans.

Whether it’s because they are classed as veterans and so they feel like they are a cut above the other superstars is unknown, but there does seems to be an ego problem between both members of The New Age Outlaws and the rest of the roster.

10 Goldberg


Another superstar with an overly inflated ego, Goldberg was a big star in his own right in his day, and rightly WWE are hoping to see him return of only for one match, but hopefully without the ego.

9 Shawn Michaels


Back in the '90s Shawn Michaels was one of the biggest stars in the company following his various WrestleMania appearances. But this new sense of confidence made Shawn impossible to work with and impossible to support as a fan.

8 Stacy Keibler


Stacy was a big superstar in WWE during the attitude era and even though she never won a title of any kind, she was a very self-entitled star.

She was aware of how attractive she was and was rather self-righteous when it came to interacting with fans or having to lower herself from where she thought she belonged.

7 Mick Foley


Foley has come up a lot during research for this article as a guy who doesn’t care how he is perceived by his peers or the WWE Universe.

Even though the Hardcore legend currently has family who work within WWE, he doesn’t mind constantly ripping the company apart on Social Media and showing the WWE Universe the way he would have booked the relevant shows if he was in charge.

6 Mark Henry


The world’s strongest man has just been involved in a great tribute by the WWE after it was revealed that this year could actually be his last. He has always come across as a guy who had a heart the size that he is, but other fans' stories differ.

5 Triple H


The COO of WWE is obviously going to ruffle a few feathers being that he is the boss of NXT and owns their creative control.

He has made a lot of enemies over the last two decades as he has climbed the ranks in WWE to become one of the most successful superstars of all time. But he has annoyed a lot of people en route to this, with CM Punk being perhaps one of the most outspoken about the fact that Triple H wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t marry the boss’ daughter.

4 Hulk Hogan


The Hulkster is the most famous wrestler of all time, and at one time he was the biggest wrestler in the world. This fame must have gone to Hogan’s head because he seems to have been paying for it over the past few years.

3 Vince McMahon


Vince McMahon has turned WWE into the world wide phenomenon that it has been over the past three decades, so rightly he is going to have an inflated ego.

2 The Miz


Maybe a lot of Miz’s jerk tendency transfers across from how well he play’s The Miz character on WWE TV.

He is now a movie star as well as a WWE Superstar and he is married to one of the most attractive Divas in WWE history (Maryse), so you have to at least understand where his ego may be coming from.

1 CM Punk


He is perhaps one of the most talked about wrestlers of the current generation, it is only natural that some people are going to think that Punk is a jerk. Yet he  is not doing very much to change their opinion!

Many wrestlers complained that they didn’t like to wrestler Punk because he would call out wrestlers on their mistakes, and because he wasn't afraid to speak his mind, it may have ruffled some feathers. Punk is now set for his UFC debut and it seems he has been just as rude to the UFC fans as he was to the WWE Universe, so it will be interesting to see their reaction, especially if he gets knocked out.


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20 Past and Present Wrestlers Who Are Heels In Real Life