20 of the Most Awkward Moments in Recent WWE History

One of the greatest things about WWE is the live events. The live events like WWE Raw allow fans to get an up close and personal look at their favorite Superstars and Divas in action. Anyone who has ever attended a live show gets to feel the energy in the arena and gets to witness the amazing matches that air on television.

Airing live shows not only allows fans to join in on the action, but it also allows viewers at home to keep up with every important event right as it happens. Live shows that make the WWE great also have a drawback: Bloopers and embarrassing moments can’t be edited out of the show.

Some of these gaffs are entertaining to fans, while others make viewers feel secondhand embarrassment. Live TV is always full of surprises, and nothing showcases that better than the WWE live shows. With the increase of Internet usage in homes across the world, these embarrassing mistakes don’t just go away, either. Instead, they are uploaded for all of the world to watch again and again.

Here, we put the spotlight on 20 of the most embarrassing, cringe worthy moments of Superstars and Divas, all caught on camera and seen by a live audience arena and millions of viewers at home.


20 Roman Reigns Botches His Entrance

At a live show in Dublin, Ireland, Roman Reigns attempted to leap over the top rope and land gracefully in the ring. Instead, what happened next was something that was embarrassing for him but was used as material by another wrestler. When Roman jumped over the rope, he miscalculated and landed awkwardly on his rear. He recovered and tried to play it off. However, it didn’t go unnoticed by fans or his colleagues. Just days later, at another live show in the United Kingdom, former wrestler CM Punk recreated the fall, much to the delight of fans and other wrestlers in the ring.

19 Has Cameron Even Watched Wrestling?


Before becoming a Funkadactyl and showing her skills off in WWE and NXT, Cameron was featured on the competitive Tough Enough, WWE’s TV show that seeks out the newest WWE stars. Other contestants on the show questioned how much Cameron knew about wrestling, and when questioned by Stone Cold Steve Austin, her fellow competitors and viewers of the show found that she didn’t know a lot. Cameron was asked about her favorite match in WWE history, and her response was completely unexpected as she cited a match between Alicia Fox and Melina. WWE fans know that there are hundreds of memorable matches, and this 2-minute matchup was certainly not one that stands out in the history of the organization, proving that Cameron wasn’t as well-versed about wrestling as she claimed to be.

18 Summer Rae Goes Fishing

In a July 2015 episode of Raw, Summer Rae accompanied Rusev to the ring to laugh at his ex-girlfriend Lana. The duo brought out a raw fish to taunt Lana, as Rusev had called her a “cold fish.” Lana, fed up with the two talking badly about her and new love Dolph Ziggler, stormed into the ring and delivered a beating that many fans felt Summer deserved. What Lana did next had the fans on their feet: She rubbed Summer’s face all over the raw fish. While this was a scripted moment, one would imagine that having your face shoved in a piece of raw fish for the whole world to see would be pretty humiliating.

17 Mr. McMahon Gets Hurt at the Royal Rumble


In 2005, Vince McMahon suffered injuries during the Royal Rumble, but not because he was a participant. During the final moments of the match, Batista lifted John Cena and as he tossed him over the top rope, both men came tumbling down, leading to a dispute about the true winner of the Rumble. Mr. McMahon came out to the ring furiously, and as he slid under the ropes, stumbled and remained seated while he ordered the match to resume. It has been spectated that he tore his quads when jumping into the ring, although this may have been a scripted moment. After the fall, Batista went on to toss out Cena and win the Royal Rumble.

16 John Cena Just Can’t Hold It In

In an episode of Total Divas, John Cena reveals to girlfriend and fellow wrestler Nikki Bella that he just couldn’t hold it in during a match. The match, which occurred in Saskatoon against Scott Steiner, was still held despite Cena being struck with food poisoning and not feeling well. After feeling the urge to throw up, he was told by the referee to do so under the ring. As he was getting sick, he pooped in his pants. According to Cena, “Everybody knew.” He had also previously revealed this embarrassing moment during an interview back in 2010.

15 Snooki Goes from the Jersey Shore to WrestleMania


WWE cashed in on the popularity of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore by bringing in an unlikely contender: Snooki. By the time WrestleMania XXVII rolled around, Jersey Shore was at the height of its popularity, and some writers thought it would be a good idea to bring one of the stars of the show to the ring. Snooki teamed up with Trish Stratus and John Morrison in a face-off against Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. What made this match even more unbelievable (and embarrassing for the organization) was when Snooki’s team took the victory after a pin fall. This embarrassing match is something that the WWE wishes they could forget.

14 Kharma Breaks Down

Kharma, known in the ring as Awesome Kong because of her 5’11”, 270 pound stature, looked like she was a force to be reckoned with when she interrupted a Divas tag team match on a 2011 episode of Raw. As she made her way to the ring, she looked intimidating to her opponents. Once she entered, however, she left the Divas and fans shocked when she burst into tears, falling to her knees in the middle of the ring. She continued to cry without speaking for several minutes. In a later interview, Kharma explained that she was crying because she was pregnant.


13 John Cena Spits Out His Words


John Cena is known for cutting a great promo, but during a live broadcast of WWE Raw in 2011, he just couldn’t get the words out without a little something else slipping out. As he spoke the name of The Rock, he spit on his microphone, just as the camera cut to a close up of his face. A little spit didn’t slow Cena down, and in the next close-up shots, the spit had been removed and he continued on with his promo without any other incidents. Various memes have circulated the incident using photos of this extremely embarrassing moment.

12 Roman Reigns Gets Booed at Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns is fairly new to wrestling, and while many fans think he has potential, these same fans feel as though he needs extra work on his wrestling moves and his mic skills. When Roman won 2015’s Royal Rumble, instead of applause, he was bombarded with boos from disappointed fans. Even an appearance from The Rock, Roman’s cousin, didn’t put fans at ease. In the days following, the WWE Universe lit up the Internet with complaints about Roman’s win, feeling that the match should have been won by a more seasoned veteran. Since that moment, Roman has continued to wrestle and has made noticeable improvements in the ring and on the mic.

11 Taunts and Insults are Part of Wrestling; Fat Shaming Is Not


The women of WWE are known for being tough, powerful, and beautiful. Unfortunately, in the past, women who have not fit a stereotypical mold are not only shamed by the media but have also been taunted in live WWE shows. The most notable example of this includes the shaming of Mickie James, who was called “Piggy James” multiple times by other female stars Layla and Michelle McCool. Even the commentators made negative comments about her weight. Vickie Guererro has also been criticized in the past for her weight. Not only is this embarrassing for the lovely ladies, but it’s just not cool!

10 John Cena Sucks?

As any WWE fan knows, you either love John Cena or you hate him. Fans tired of the “Super Cena” gimmick decided to let Cena know exactly how they feel about him during live shows. Cena’s entrance theme “My Time Is Now” (which was recorded by Cena himself) has given fans an invitation to sing “John Cena sucks” along with the catchy tune. These fans also respond heartily to the “Let’s go Cena” chants by retorting with “Cena sucks.” It’s happened so many times in live shows that Cena has now made a joke of it and even brings it up in his promos.

9 How Santina Destroyed the Credibility of the Divas Division


At WrestleMania XXV, a battle royal for the Divas Division was a much-anticipated match, pairing current Divas with former female favorites. The winner of the match was Santina Marella, who was very obviously Santino dressed in drag. Santino claimed that Santina was his sister. Because the win carried with it the title of Miss WrestleMania, this move was not only embarrassing because it just didn’t win over fans, but it also made the Divas Division look like a joke. Luckily, the WWE didn’t take long to figure out that this storyline just didn’t work, and “Santina” disappeared almost as quickly as she appeared.

8 The Undertaker’s Entrance Is Hot!

The Undertaker is known as one of the toughest, scariest, and most legendary WWE performers. However, at the Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View in 2010, he had to break his character for a few seconds when his entrance went completely wrong. As he walked out slowly, sporting his trademark trench coat, pyrotechnics went off all around him. However, as he slowly walked to the ring, one of the devices exploded right next to him as he walked past, lighting his coat on fire temporarily and forcing him to run past the effects. Luckily, Undertaker was okay, and not every fan was aware of the issue, but with the power of the internet, the video has circulated from different angles to show the dangerous entrance that led to burns on his chest.

7 Gail Kim Walks Out of a Match and Out of the WWE


Gail Kim was a great wrestler, but unfortunately, she didn’t feel as though the WWE was giving her the right opportunities to advance her career. Instead of voicing her opinion to management and not participating in a match that she didn’t want to be in, she decided to show off some bad behavior in the ring. The final straw came when she chose to eliminate herself during a Battle Royal, walking out much earlier than was scripted. After the incident, she put in a request to be removed from the roster, and after witnessing her behavior during the match, management let her go. Her behavior was embarrassing for the entire WWE organization.

6 Brie Bella Lets It All Hang Out


The WWE Divas aren’t known for modest wardrobes, but that doesn’t mean they want to reveal it all to their fans. In a 2013 episode of Raw, Brie Bella was humiliated when the fashion tape on her top failed, revealing her chest to fans. This wardrobe malfunction would be embarrassing for the average person, but it’s even more embarrassing when it happens on TV, in front of a live audience, and has pictures of the incident circulating the Internet. Despite her embarrassment, this half of the Bella Twins said that she learned a valuable lesson from it all - using more tape the next time she wears a similar outfit.

5 Mae Young Takes It Off


Mae Young was seen as a pioneer for women in the wrestling industry, and even in her later years, never backed down from keeping the show exciting. In 2000, at the age of 77, she competed in the Miss Royal Rumble competition held at the Royal Rumble Event. One aspect of the competition included a swimwear competition, and Young did not back down from her younger competition. Donning a one-piece swimsuit in the ring, she paraded around and even removed the top of the swimsuit to flash the judges. She ended up winning the competition and was involved in other weird and embarrassing storylines, including allegedly getting knocked up by Mark Henry and giving birth to a plastic hand. Hey, it was the Attitude Era – it didn’t have to make sense!

4 Jerry Lawler Has an In-Ring Barbecue

In 2011, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler went head-to-head in a Kiss My Foot Match in the Over the Limit broadcast. After losing the match, Cole lay in the ring and was smothered in Lawler’s barbecue sauce. As if this moment wasn’t humiliating enough for Cole, he also was forced to return to the ring to kiss Lawler’s foot, which resulted in an embarrassing moment of toe sucking that had fans everywhere cringing. Luckily, the two now work together side-by-side as commentators for Raw, and there has not been any more toe kissing or barbecue sauce throwing since this match.

3 Natalya Lets It Rip


Natalya is one of the most respected women in the WWE today, coming from a long line of wrestling greats in the Hart dynasty. However, in 2012, a story angle that was brutal for opponents and refs was embarrassing for Natalya. Supposedly, she suffered from a condition that made her flatulent when nervous, and this condition seemed to flare into overdrive during some of her most intense matches. Opponents, refs, and anyone around the ring looked visibly disgusted as she “let them rip” during matches. Fortunately, her condition disappeared, the flatulence came to a halt, and everyone can breathe a lot easier because of it.

2 Edge and Lita Bring New Passion to the Ring

The Attitude Era is renowned for its wild, out-of-control storylines that really didn’t hold anything back, a very clear contrast from the current PG Era. The organization took it to a whole different level when they staged a passionate scene between Edge and Lita. This wasn’t even a video that was shown to the crowd. Instead, fans at the arena and viewers at home were given a live show complete with a nude Lita and a lot of writhing about in a bed set in the middle of the ring. The most embarrassing part, though, was only seen by live viewers attending the show, as Lita was pulling the covers over herself and treated the audience to a peak at her exposed chest. Talk about embarrassing!

1 The Fallout of Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon


Being caught in an affair with the much-older Vince McMahon may have been embarrassing enough for Trish Stratus, but the end of the relationship was actually far more humiliating. The two seemed to have a hot and heavy affair while Mr. McMahon was still married, but things quickly took a turn for the worse. First, Trish was doused in sludge by Vince and his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, in the ring. A week later, Trish was ordered to strip down to her underwear, get on her hands and knees, and bark like a dog. This was truly one of the most humiliating and embarrassing WWE moments that was performed in front of a live audience.


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