18 of the Hottest Exes of Former WWE Superstars

WWE has a long list of amazing alumni. But when you consider that the WWE has been around for as long as it has, should that really come as a shock? With hall of famers, and some names that they'd rather not remember, there are no shortage of great past wrestlers.

Yet for all the love and happiness in their personal life, there have been many relationships between WWE/WWF superstars over the past few decades that haven’t worked out. This is all the more shocking when you consider how attractive some of these people are!

Many of thesesuperstars have retired from the business, but continue to come back to their old stomping ground because let's face it, being in the WWE must be one adrenaline rush!

These superstars make up just some of the WWE’s alumni. While they are the people who have long since left the business, we still fondly remember them and their exploits between the ropes.

Many of WWE’s alumni have dated fellow superstars, but that just makes their breakups all the more intriguing.

The following is a list of some of the most attractive exes of WWE and WWF superstars from the past 30 years. Just always keep an eye out, because WWE just isn’t the WWE without them and they could be just around the corner.


18 Chyna - X-Pac

Chyna is a former Intercontinental Champion and the ex-fiancé of WWE Alumni member X-Pac. The two worked together on screen with WWF as part of D-Generation X, but they didn’t begin dating until X-Pac and his wife separated in 2002.

The duo famously made a sex tape that went viral entitled “One Night in Chyna”, but the pair then split after a short fling. While X-Pac tried to reconcile with Chyna, she didn’t want to continue their relationship. She has since continued to delve into the world of pornography, while X-Pac remains a part of the wrestling circuit and occasionally appears on WWE TV.

17 Alicia Webb - X-Pac 


The beautiful former TNA and WWF star is best remembered as a wrestling valet and as the wife of Ken Shamrock.

She appeared on WWE TV under the name of Ryan Shamrock and was aligned with Val Venus, before moving on to manage her own husband.

Alicia has also previously dated Sean Waltman, who was known as X-Pac during his time in WWE, and is currently married to Shawn Davari, who was known on screen as Davari during his short stint as a manager and wrestler with WWE. She also has a son, Phoenix, who was born in 2003.

16 Debra - "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

The former WWE personality was known as an authority figure and manager during her time in WWE. Debra met and married WWE Legend ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin back in 2000 and the pair then moved in together and seemed to be a happy family.

Two years later she filed for divorce after what looked like an altercation between the two and it was made official in February 2003. She later auctioned off her wedding ring on eBay and donated half of the money to a Domestic Violence charity. Both Austin and Debra have remained single since their divorce was made final over a decade ago.

15 Maria Kanellis - CM Punk


The former WWE Diva and current first lady of ROH has found her feet since her departure from WWE back in 2011.

She has recently married her long-time fiancé and work partner Mike Bennett, but during her time in WWE she was known to have been in a relationship with former WWE Champion and fellow Chicago native CM Punk.

The two briefly dated before Maria then moved onto John Cena who also failed to commit to the long time broadcaster. Punk also moved onto a new love, falling for and marrying former WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee.

14 Sable - Marc Mero

The former WWE Women’s Champion and current wife of WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar was also married to WWE Alumni member Marc Mero.

The pair met in 2003 whilst they were both working for WWE and eventually married the same year, before divorcing in 2004. Sable then began dating Brock Lesnar, and the pair eventually married in 2006.

Sable has gone onto have two sons with Lesnar, Duke and Turk. Marc has since also married for a second time back in July of 2009, to the beautiful Dakota Spezzi.

13 Vesela Marinova - Chris Masters

The incredible fitness model and competitor dated and then married former WWE superstar Chris Masters. It is thought that the duo met and bonded over their love of lifting weights and spending time in the gym, but the relationship broke down and the couple divorced in 2014.

Vesela is one of the most attractive women on this list and perhaps one of the fittest, given that she has had a successful career in body building and trains using kick boxing.

Masters has since become a major part of the British independent circuit since his release from WWE, and is now a former PCW World Champion.

12 Kristal Marshall - Bobby Lashley 


Kristal competed in the 2005 Raw Diva Search that was won by Ashley Massaro, but even though Kristal didn’t win, WWE still offered her a contract.

She then wrestled on Smackdown, boasting feuds with the likes of Jillian Hall and Layla as part of her short run with the company. During her time with WWE, Kristal met former ECW World Champion Bobby Lashley. Both Lashley and Kristal headed over to TNA following their WWE releases.

The two then had a son called Myles who was born in 2008, but the former beauty queen announced on Twitter that she and Lashley had split up that same year.


11 Kelly Kelly - Batista

Kelly Kelly had a highly successful WWE career, coming through from ECW to play a part in the Divas division on the main roster. Kelly also had a headline feud with Beth Phoenix during her short stint with the company, but that isn’t why she makes this list.

Kelly dated many WWE superstars, but she most notably dated WWE Alumni members CM Punk and Batista while she was still a part of WWE programming. Kelly was said to have dating “around ten” different superstars who were a part of WWE, according to Randy Orton.

10 Stacy Keibler - Test 


Keibler is remembered in WWE circles as the woman with the best legs in the business, as well as being one of the most beautiful women in WWE’s history.

She has previously been in relationships with two of WWE’s current Alumni, Andrew ‘Test’ Martin and the son of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, David Flair.

She was involved in a story line with Test during her time with WWE and managed to date the wrestler both on and off screen before their relationship broke down. Keibler has since dated movie star George Clooney, but the pair ended their relationship in 2013.

9 Alannah Morley - Edge

Alannah is the beautiful first wife of former WWE World Champion and the first ever Money in the Bank winner, Edge. She is also the sister of former WWE Superstar Val Venus.

She married Edge back in 2001 before they filed for divorce in 2004. Edge then married Liz Ortiz later in 2004 before that marriage also ended in divorce in 2005. Edge then began dating former WWE Women’s Champion Beth Phoenix and the two have since had a baby girl whom they called Lyric. Alannah is a more private individual and so very little is known about her relationship status following her divorce.

8 Ashley Massaro - Paul London and Matt Hardy


The 2005 Raw Diva Search winner is without doubt one of the most beautiful WWE Divas of all time and this was made clear in 2007 when she appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine, but she makes this list because of her relationships with two current WWE Alumni members.

Ashley has previously dated both Matt Hardy and former Tag Team Champion Paul London. The two men were not the best of friends and even called each other out on social media after London started dating Ashley. Matt is currently married with a child, while Ashley has dated singer Chuck Comeau.

7 Sunny - Shawn Michaels

Sunny is still widely considered to be the first ever WWF Diva and she is also a WWE Hall of Famer, but she makes this list because of her relationship with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels.

The former Diva was in a nine-month relationship with the former World Champion, who she had admired for many years. Michaels then accused her and Bret Hart of having a secret relationship on WWE TV and it seemed to break them up.

Michaels is currently retired and married with two children, while Sunny has now stepped into the world of adult acting.

6 Karen Jarrett - Kurt Angle 


Karen was actually under contract with WWE while her husband Kurt Angle was appearing on the company’s TV shows, but she never made any appearances herself.

This was different then her time in TNA when after a brief run in the company, she left, only to return after she had divorced husband Kurt Angle and instead marry TNA founder Jeff Jarrett.

Karen and Kurt’s relationship ended amicably, even though the on-screen portrayal was a lot more dramatic. She is currently working as part of the company that she and her new husband founded, GFW, while Kurt Angle looks for a WWE return.

5 Melina - John Morrison

Former WWE Divas and Women’s Champion Melina is thought to be one of the most influential Divas of the last decade, even though it seems she was also the highest maintenance.

Melina makes the list thanks to her relationship with WWE Alumni members Batista and John Morrison. Batista and Melina had a small fling behind Morrison’s back, but the two forgave each other before amicably breaking up years later. Morrison now plies his trade in Lucha Underground while Batista continues to seek out a career in acting.  Melina is currently a part of the independent wrestling circuit in both Europe and America.

4 Mickie James - Kenny Dykstra

Mickie has made a name for herself in both WWE and TNA as well as lapping the independent circuit a few times, but she left a lasting impression on two standout WWE superstars.

Former WWE tag team champion Kenny Dykstra was engaged to Mickie at the beginning of both of their careers, until the former Knockout had an affair with fifteen time World Champion John Cena. Dykstra then decided to share all of the details of this affair on social media.

The pair then called off their engagement but Mickie James still remains one of the most attractive women in sports entertainment.

3 Lita - Matt Hardy and Edge 


The former four-time Women’s Champion makes the list after relationships with three members of WWE’s Alumni.

Lita started dating Matt Hardy in the early days of Team Extreme before she cheated on Hardy with Edge and set up one of the most personal rivalries of all time. After Edge and Lita broke up, she then started dating CM Punk before he left her for his current wife AJ Lee.

Lita picked up many accolades during her time with WWE, and there is no argument that she is also one of the most attractive WWE Divas of all time.

2 ODB - Mr. Kennedy 


The current ROH star found her fame in TNA after they recruited her from WWE’s development territory, OVW.

ODB is famed for her drunken, crazy in-ring style, but she makes the list at number two after a failed relationship with former WWE and current TNA Superstar Ken Anderson.

The former four-time Knockouts Champion was part of the same TNA Roster as Kennedy for a while, but after their relationship didn’t work out, Kennedy married his current wife Shawn Trebnick and the two now have two children together. ODB headed over to ROH and is currently a part of their main roster.

1 Torrie Wilson - Billy Kidman

The former WWE Diva is still considered to be one of the most attractive Divas to ever compete in a WWE match. Not to mention that she is also a former Playboy cover girl.

Torrie was married to WWE Alumni member Billy Kidman for just under three years. The couple married in 2003 before living together in Tampa Florida and separating in 2006 and finalizing their divorce in 2008.

Kidman has recently been rehired by WWE as a road agent/producer who often makes occasionally unscheduled appearances on WWE TV, while Torrie has been linked to New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.


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