20 Most Hilarious Car Smashing Scenes in WWE History

Throughout its history, the WWE has had countless number of memorable moments. Some of those moments have included the use of a car, either as a weapon or as the target of destruction. Cars have come in all shapes and sizes, from expensive ones to limousines to trucks and semitrailers. Some of these car crashes have been hilarious, some have been scary, and some have just been shocking.

A few times, fans have been left wondering if what they just witnessed was real or simply part of the storyline. There is no limit to how far wrestlers will go to entertain their fans, especially if it includes bodily harm. Now, with the rise of the Divas division, one has to wonder if it’s a matter of time before we see Divas involved in car crashes or some type of vignette where a Diva destroys a vehicle in some form or fashion.

With this said, here is a look at 20 of the most awe-inspiring moments of vehicular destructions in the WWE, including a description of what led up to the accident or incident. Be ready to laugh, cry and be in awe once again (or for the first time) at some of the most outrageous moments in WWE history.


20 Big Show Flips A Jeep 

At WrestleMania 21, The Big Show was scheduled to face Japan’s Sumo Grand Champion Akebono in worked sumo match. Akebono was a massive former sumo and professional wrestler who stood 6’8 and weight nearly 500 pounds. Suffice to say, The Giant had his work cut out for him. On an episode of SmackDown leading up to the match, Show attempted to push over a Jeep. On his first attempt, The Giant was able to rock the Jeep, but he couldn’t push it over. A second try brought the same result. The crowd was cheering him on, and on the third attempt, The World’s Largest Athlete was finally able to tilt over the massive vehicle, proving he was ready to take on the former Yokozuna (No, not THAT Yoko!).

19 John Cena and Ryback Do Battle in an Ambulance Match


At the 2013 Payback PPV, John Cena put his title on the line against human weapon of destruction Ryback in a Three Stages of Hell Match. Ryback won the first match, a Lumberjack Match, with the Shellshock. In the second match, a Tables Match, Cena reversed another Shellshock attempt into the Attitude Adjustment for the win and tied the score up at one match apiece. In the third and final match, an Ambulance Match, the Doctor of Thuganomics reversed an Irish whip attempt by the former Nexus member and sent Ryback crashing into a driver’s side door, completely ripping it off! During the match, Ryback attempted to punch Cena and the leader of Cenation moved, with Ryback breaking a hole in the passenger side window. In one spot, Cena back body-dropped Ryback into the hood of the ambulance, cracking the windshield. The end came when both men were atop the ambulance and this generation’s Hulk Hogan gave Ryback an AA for the win to retain his belt.

18 The Nexus Tries to Cripple The Hitman

The Nexus was a group of NXT rookies who joined forces under the leadership of NXT winner Wade Barrett. On the June 7, 2010 episode of RAW, they made an immediate impact by attacking John Cena and CM Punk after their championship match, along with the RAW broadcasters and WWE personnel around the ringside area. The nefarious faction completely destroyed the ring and announce set as RAW went off the air. The following week, Barrett explained the group’s actions and demanded that each member receive a contract with WWE, as he was the only one who earned one by winning the first season of NXT. Newly appointed RAW GM Bret Hart fired Barrett and took away his opportunity to challenge for the championship in the future. The Hitman ordered NXT to leave the building under threat of security escort, and he ordered the RAW roster to watch the ringside area to prevent another attack. Unfortunately for the Excellence of Execution, The Nexus accosted Bret in his office and beat him down, dragging him to a black limousine and having the driver crash the vehicle in reverse as retribution for not complying with the members’ demands. At the time, no group had made such an immediate impact and presented such a threat to the rest of the roster since the formation of the nWo 14 years before, albeit in WCW.

17 Kofi Kingston Trashes Randy Orton’s Car


At the 2009 Bragging Rights pay-per-view, Kofi Kingston lost a traditional 5-on-5 match for Team RAW when the Big Show betrayed his team and choke slammed the fake Jamaican, allowing Chris Jericho to pin him and win the match for Team SmackDown. Kingston and Cody Rhodes, who was a member of Team RAW, got into an argument about Kofi letting his team down. Later that night, during Randy Orton’s championship match, his Legacy stablemates Rhodes and Ted Dibiase interfered in the match, only to see KK run them off with a chair. Orton would go on to lose the match, and he blamed the future New Day member for the loss.

On the October 26 episode of RAW, Orton assaulted Kingston after his match with Y2J. Kofi would get the last laugh that night, interrupting Orton’s promo from the top of The Viper’s new NASCAR vehicle, including keying the car, smashing the windows and pouring a bucket of orange paint all over it. At this moment, Kofi was at his highest push.

So whatever happened to that Jamaican accent?!?

16 Booker T Trashes Stone Cold’s Truck

After WWF defeated The Alliance at Survivor Series 2001 for brand supremacy, Booker T, who was a part of the Alliance (via WCW), joined forces with Vince McMahon and targeted Stone Cold Steve Austin. Booker cost The Rattlesnake the championship during the latter’s match with Chris Jericho at the Vengeance PPV. Shortly thereafter, Stone Cold hunted down The Five-Time WCW Champion in a grocery store and memorably gave him a beating using grocery store products. In retaliation, The Booker Man interrupted an Austin and Vince McMahon in-ring promo via the TitanTron by reminding Stone Cold he had not forgot his supermarket beat down. Booker T then took Austin’s truck to town, smashing the windows and headlights before Austin 3:16 ran him away. Booker T had made his presence felt – now can you dig that…. SUCKA?!?

15 HHH Destroys The Undertaker’s Motorcycle


After he defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin in a 3 Stages of Hell match at No Way Out 2001, HHH said there was no one left for him to face because he had beaten them all. The Undertaker confronted him and told him he had not beaten him. The Deadman (The American Bad Ass at the time) challenged The Game to a match at WrestleMania 17. After being ambushed by HHH, The Phenom tried to break into the limousine of The Cerebral Assassin and Stephanie McMahon, but he was arrested. On the following SmackDown, HHH rode into the entrance ramp in The Deadman’s customer motorcycle. Stephanie handed him his trustworthy sledgehammer, and The Game obliterated Taker’s ride before throwing it off the stage. The former leader of Degeneration X had hell to pay at WrestleMania in The Undertaker’s home state of Texas.

14 Eddie Guerrero Demolishes Kurt Angle’s Car…Or So We Thought…

Over the summer of 2004, Kurt Angle got involved in a feud with Eddie Guerrero over jealousy of Latino Heat being named the No. 1 contender to JBL’s WWE Championship. At the 2004 Great American Bash, The Olympic Gold Medalist interfered in a Texas Bull Rope Match between Guerrero and JBL, causing Latino Heat to lose the championship match. On one particular episode of SmackDown, Angle baited Guerrero into damaging what Eddie thought was Kurt’s car. Latino Heat went to town on the Lincoln Towncar, using a lead pipe to destroy the headlights, windows and windshield and giving the car a good dent job or, as he later explained to SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long, “detailing Kurt Angle’s car.” Unfortunately, Eddie found out the car belonged to Long! “This car does not belong to Kurt Angle. This car belongs… to me!” Long had Guerrero removed from the building by security, and Eddie turned around and yelled, “I got set up!”


13 Shane McMahon Sends Kane to Hell in a Limo


Kane and Shane McMahon had developed a bitter feud by the fall of 2003 after The Big Red Machine gave a Tombstone to Linda McMahon. Kane would proceed to give The Boy Wonder a Tombstone of his own as well as tying him up and electrocuting his privates with jumper cables. On the Oct. 3, 2003 episode of RAW, Mr. Here Comes the Money had retribution on his mind, as he jumped The Devil’s Favorite Demon from behind and lured him into the parking lot, jumping in a black limousine. Kane grabbed a crowbar and smashed the passenger and roof windows and crawled into the limo, ready to send Shane to hell. In the meantime, Shane-O-Mac moved to the front of the limo and got out on the driver’s side, grabbing a 2X4 and placing it on the foot of the pedal. He asked Kane, “You wanna play rough?” and then put the gear in drive and took the parking brake off before yelling, “Have a nice ride!” Immediately, the limo sped down the runaway and crashed into a parked trailer, almost ripping the entire top off.The Pittsburgh crowd could be heard yelling “Holy Sh!t” as the broadcast went back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

12 Edge Decimates Alberto Del Rio’s Ride at WrestleMania 27


The Rated-R Superstar was the World Heavyweight Champion going into WrestleMania 27. He would face El Patron, who had won the 40-man Royal Rumble in January 2011. Things got very personal before their WrestleMania encounter, with Del Rio and his bodyguard Brodus Clay taking every opportunity to lay waste to Edge. Around this time, Edge’s long-time tag team partner Christian returned from injury and aided his best friend in his rivalry with ADR.

At WrestleMania 27, Edge and Del Rio engaged in a back-and-forth affair that saw The Rated-R Superstar lock Del Rio in his patented Edgeucator, while El Patron locked Edge in his patented Cross Armbreaker. The former Brood member won after nailing the Spear, and on the way up the ramp, both he and Captain Charisma took crowbars and went to town on Del Rio’s Rolls Royce, with Edge scratching and scraping the vehicle along with knocking off the Rolls Royce emblem and smashing a lot of windows. This would be Edge’s last match, as he was forced to retire a week later due to a real-life neck injury.

11 Hulk Hogan Runs Over The Undertaker’s Motorcycle


In February 2002, the nWo made their shocking debut on WWE television. “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan would go on to main event WrestleMania in a dream match against The Rock. Even though Hogan would come up short, the crowd in Toronto was solidly behind him, so much so that he shook The Rock’s hand after the match. This didn’t sit well with The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash). The crowd had welcomed Hogan back into their graces, and he would go on to win the Undisputed WWF Championship from Triple H at Backlash. The Undertaker decided to challenge Hogan for the strap – renewing their historic rivalry from 1991 - and on the April 25 episode of Smackdown, The Deadman interfered in Hollywood’s match against Triple H, and Hogan assaulted The Undertaker (bad move). The Phenom responded by using Hogan’s belt and whipping him while busting him open. How did the man with the 24-inch pythons respond? On the May 6, 2002 episode of RAW, Hogan was in the back calling out The Undertaker when he came across The Deadman’s custom motorcycle and proceeded to enter a conveniently located 18 wheeler to demolish The Undertaker’s ride. Ironically, Hogan ended the segment by saying, “You’re a dead man, Taker!” We know, Hulk, we know…

10 Brock Lesnar Destroys J & J Security’s Cadillac

At WrestleMania 31, Seth Rollins shockingly cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and delivered a Curb Stomp to former Shield member Roman Reigns, who was wrestling WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. Leading up to that point, Rollins had aligned himself with The Authority, consisting of HHH, Stephanie McMahon, Kane, and J & J Security (Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury).

On the June 29, 2015 episode of RAW, Rollins gave Kane and J & J Security gifts for helping him retain the title since WrestleMania 31. For J & J, he bought a new red Cadillac CTS. On the following week’s RAW, the Cadillac was parked by the entrance ramp while The Architect and J & J stood in the ring. When Lesnar came out, he motioned to the side, where Paul Heyman brought out a large fire kit. Lesnar kept staring down Rollins and company, and then he took out not one but TWO axes. You can probably figure out what he did next to that $55,000+ Cadillac. He smashed most of the windows and dent the vehicle on the driver’s side and rear while ripping the left passenger door off its hinges. WHACK…SMASH…DENT…REPEAT!

9 Hollywood Hogan Tries to Kill The Rock With a Semi


On the Feb. 18, 2002 episode of RAW, The Great One challenged Hollywood to a match at WrestleMania 18 to see who the better of their two respective generations was. Hogan accepted, but first he and The Outsiders took out The Brahma Bull and one of the most shocking beat downs ever seen in wrestling, including each member of the nWo giving Rocky their finishing move as well as Hogan hitting The People’s Champ in the back of the head with a HAMMER. If you thought that was crazy, what about what happened next? As the ambulance was taking The Rock away from the arena, the dastardly nWo intercepted the vehicle, and Hall and Nash locked Rocky in with a chain as Hollywood repeatedly rammed a semi into the ambulance! As the nWo looked inside the ambulance, they saw something gruesome, so much so that Hogan got scared and told Hall and Nash to hightail it.

8 Batista destroys JBL’s limo

The Animal was fresh off a victory from the 2005 Royal Rumble. At the time he was still a member of Evolution. He now had the choice to select which champion he would face at WrestleMania 21 – either the WWE Champion JBL or fellow stablemate and WWE World Heavyweight Champion HHH. The Game, worried about Batista gunning for him, devised a scheme to have Batista run over with a limousine that looked EXACTLY like JBL’s limo, only to push The Animal out of harm’s way at the last minute, thus leading Batista to believe The Game had his best interest at heart. HHH even told Batista to go after JBL’s championship and to stay loyal to Evolution, thus ensuring The Cerebral Assassin would remain champion.

On the February 7 episode of Smackdown, JBL comes out to explain he was not the one who attempted to run over Batista on the previous RAW. He still calls out The Animal, who pulls into the arena and is headed to the ring with a purpose. However, Big Dave notices The Wrestling God’s limousine, and the light bulb goes on. First, he touches the longhorn on the front of the limousine. Batista heads back to his Mercedes, takes his coat off, rolls his sleeves up and pulls out an aluminum bat, much to the delight of the Cleveland audience. Then, he goes to town on JBL’s limousine, destroying every single one of the windows while ripping off the longhorn. Batista added a little finesse by checking himself out in the passenger window before taking off, and Foghorn Leghorn threw a hissy fit in the ring.

7 Vince McMahon Dies in a Limo Explosion?!?


On the June 2, 2007 episode of RAW, Vince McMahon announced the night would be “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night.” Various former wrestlers and celebrities were shown pretty much bashing Vince as a jerk who didn’t deserve any appreciation. Toward the conclusion of RAW, McMahon came out to the ring and picked up a microphone but seemed to be at a loss for words while just standing there and looking out at the audience. He dropped the mic and headed to the back to leave. While walking in the arena hallway, all of the superstars and divas are in the back staring at him before Jonathan Coachman tells Vince he’s going the wrong way. The Chairman starts walking back the other way, and as he reaches his old associates, Pat Patterson and Gerald Briscoe, he turns around to look back at his entire roster. Then, Vince walks out the door and continues to walk toward his limousine before he turns around to see two WWE employees talking presumably about him. When he makes eye contact, they stop talking and look at him. This happens again. Finally, Vince arrives to his limo, turns around, gives a sheepish look, is about to get in the limo, looks back again and gives a typical Vince arrogant/annoyed/angry look and gets in the limo. The moment he shuts the door, McMahon’s limousine EXPLODES, and the viewers at home are left with the impression that Vince McMahon, the owner and chairman of the WWE, has just been killed! Fortunately, this terrible storyline was stopped weeks later when a real tragedy occurred – the murder-suicide of Chris Benoit and his family.

6 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Blows Up the D-X Express

Austin 3:16 had been on the shelf ever since a mysterious person ran him over at the 1999 Survivor Series. The Rock was involved in a feud with Triple H. Austin had aligned with The People’s Champion and, during the Smackdown before Backlash 2000 (where The Rock and HHH would meet for the WWF Championship), The Game called out the Texas Rattlesnake and later The Great One. Austin did not show up, but The Rock did – in a very expensive, designer-brand shirt, I might add. After The Great One said his piece, he welcomed Stone Cold via the Titan Tron, which saw The Toughest S.O.B. outside in the parking lot. Austin said a lot of people were good at construction and building things, but the only thing he’s ever been good at is breaking things! Stone Cold then proceeded to use a Caterpillar that held a large cement block and drop it RIGHT ON TOP of the D-X Express bus, which instantaneously exploded! OH HELL YEAH!

5 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Fills Mr. McMahon’s Corvette With Wet Cement


Since his first championship win at WrestleMania 14, Stone Cold Steve Austin was determined to be his own man and not Vince McMahon’s puppet champion. Because of this, McMahon decided to make Austin’s life a living hell, trying time after time to stack the deck against him in the hopes Stone Cold would lose his coveted title. When McMahon schemed with The Undertaker and Kane, the Brothers of Destruction teamed up in a triple threat match at Breakdown to cost Austin his championship.

In this RAW episode on Oct. 12, 1998, the segment started with a nerdier-than-ever Michael Cole, who thankfully was not the play-by-play announcer yet – trying to get an interview with Austin. Cole proceeded to ask Stone Cold one of the dumbest questions while Austin is sitting in a cement truck. Geez, Michael, I wonder what he could be up to?!? Stone Cold ends the interview by telling Cole to let Vince McMahon know what he is about to do and thankfully dismissed the amateur interviewer: “Now get your ass out of here because I’ve got some work to do, and I want to check my equipment out!”

Later on that night, Austin drove the cement truck right beside Vince’s white Corvette, and as soon as he lowered the lever, the camera pans to McMahon’s stunned and wide-eyed look that you can’t help but laugh at. Vince knew right away his precious toy was a goner. The sight of the busting windows is something seared in my memory from the moment I watched it. The camera panning back and forth between Austin and McMahon, along with Vince’s different facial expressions made the entire moment priceless, not to mention J.R.’s and Jerry Lawler’s reactions.

4 John Cena and CrymeTyme Give JBL’s Limo a Makeover

In 2008, John Cena and JBL renewed their rivalry from 2005 after both participate in a fatal four way elimination match for the WWE Championship at Backlash. During the fatal four way, Cena submitted JBL to the STF. On the July 7, 2008 episode of Monday Night RAW, Cena interrupted a JBL promo and mentioned that his limousine was not in compliance with Louisiana state law. The leader of Cenation told The Self-Proclaimed Wrestling God that state law required vehicles to have a passenger mirror. Standing alongside Cena were CrymeTyme, with each member wielding a baseball bat and keeping Bradshaw at bay. Cena asked JTG if he saw a passenger-side mirror. Immediately, JTG proceeded to smash said mirror off of JBL’s limousine, and then gave a priceless “I don’t see any mirror” look to Cena. The Champ then let JBL know that state law required a ventilated windshield, much to Bradshaw’s dismay. “Shad, would you please help JBL ventilate his windshield?” Shad thought for a second how to do this, and proceeded to batter the windshield to pieces, much to the audience’s delight. After having some more fun at JBL’s expense, Cena and CrymeTyme finished the segment by spray painting the limousine as a parting gift.

So, are the Prime Time Players supposed to be CrymeTyme 2.0?!?

3 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Runs Over The Rock’s New Car


Austin really had a knack for destroying the vehicles of his antagonists. After claiming victory over The Rock at WrestleMania 15 a month earlier, the two were involved in a memorable battle on a bridge that saw Rocky seemingly toss Austin into the river down below along with his Smoking Skull championship belt. On the following week’s RAW (April 19, 1999), The Rock opened the show by driving down the ramp in a hearse (No, Paul Bearer was not behind the wheel) and telling the audience there would be a eulogy for the Texas Rattlesnake later that evening. The Rock even had a makeshift graveyard next to the entrance ramp.

During the final segment of RAW, The Great One was in the middle of the ring talking smack about his greatest rival when, all of a sudden, the camera cut to the parking lot showing a speeding monster truck with the white logo 3:16. We see Steve Austin driving around Rocky’s parked Lincoln Continental, and he teased running over it. Then, Stone Cold got serious, revved up the engine, and demolished The Rock’s ride. “That’s The Rock’s car, custom-made for The Great One!” Rock yelled. Stone Cold ran over the Continental not once but twice! Then, he drove the monster truck into the arena down the ramp before he stopped to have a cold one. However, Austin did not stop there! He reversed the monster truck before driving it into the hearse The Rock had originally drove into RAW with. Afterward, Stone Cold got down from the vehicle and went to confront The Great One, who missed hitting Austin with the title belt. The Texas Rattlesnake then beat the former Corporate Champ into oblivion, tossing him against barricades, the vehicles, and the stage area before Austin took The Rock on top of the makeshift graveyard. There, the toughest S.O.B. took the championship belt and knocked the future People’s Champion into the grave. Every time these two icons locked horns, magic happened, and tonight was no different

2 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Traps HHH in His Car and Drops Him With a Forklift.

This took place at the 2000 Survivor Series, exactly one year after Triple H schemed to have Rikishi take out Austin so he could win the WWF Championship. The Game had recently turned on Austin and hit him with his sledgehammer, letting Austin know he was the one who had ordered the hit on Stone Cold. The camera showed HHH outside in his car attempting a repeat of the previous year’s diabolical scheme. This time, the Bionic Redneck was a step ahead of the King of Kings, as he was inside a forklift and intercepted HHH, lifting him up in the air as The Game is begging Stone Cold not to turn him over. Stone Cold told HHH, “Just sit right there. You’ve got a hell of a ride coming! The Texas Rattlesnake lifted the car all the way up in the air and, with HHH yelling “OH SHIT,” Austin flipped the car upside down and it crashed to the pavement. Jim Ross memorably yells, “OH MY GOD! THE GAME’S IN THAT CAR! AUSTIN JUST DROPPED THE GAME FROM THAT MACHINE! MY GOD!”

1 D-X Breaks the McMahons' Limousine


Vince and Shane McMahon had been feuding with Shawn Michaels and HHH for the better part of 2006. As Vince and Shane were working in the hallway to their limousine, the Chairman confessed to his son that he felt D-X had “broken him,” primarily because of they had spray-painted Vince’s $30 million private jet, or his “baby,” and left graffiti all over the WWE headquarters. After Shane entered the limousine, Vince stood there looking at his chauffeur and cursed him out for not wearing a tie, calling him a “little bastard.” As the limousine took off, the audience could clearly see a chain tied to the rear axle of the limo. Suffice to say, the McMahons didn’t get very far, as the chain completely ripped the entire axle off! Vince’s entire facial expressions were absolutely priceless. After getting over the shock, Vince and Shane notice the D-X green graffiti on the right side of the limo, and they realize D-X has just gotten the upper hand for the third time that night. Vince starts kicking the limousine, yelling and cursing and holding his ear. The King ends the segment by saying, “I think it’s happened! I think D-X has broken Mr. McMahon!” D-X had two words for Vince: New axle!

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