20 Most Embarrassing WWE Busts and Fails of the 21st Century

WWE has an incredible creative team that comes up with many story lines that have the WWE Universe on the edge of their seats. They are responsible for helping create some of the biggest legends of all time. Yet for all of their successes and amazing storylines, it’s always the flops that the fans remember.

There are storylines that will remain in the WWE audience’s mind for the rest of their lives, and then there are storylines that should have been left on the floor of the creative meeting. These are the ones that someone should have spoke up and said, it was a bad idea, but sadly they were allowed to air and they will now be remembered forever.

Characters that were never going to get over with the WWE Universe and some highly embarrassing gimmicks that some superstars were forced to perform.

For a company that prides itself on its ability to produce engaging television, they certainly have a fair few skeletons they need to address hanging in their closet.

The following is a list of busts, WWE failures and all around bad ideas that should never have been allowed to make the cut on WWE television. Hopefully WWE have learnt from their mistakes and they won’t be reliving some of these disasters.

20 Eugene


Eugene had a lovable gimmick, but nothing remarkable was ever done with him. He relied on the fact that he was a bit ditzy to get over with the WWE crowd and it seemed to get stale after a while.

19 The Miz


The Miz is a classic case of a superstar that was given everything but it was never enough to catapult him into a role as a main event star.

Miz has been WWE Champion, he has also held numerous other championships as well as being the man who claims he trained Daniel Bryan on the mic, but Miz as a character himself would be considered a failure by many WWE fans.

18 Kharma


Was Kharma ever really given a chance in WWE? She was an intimidating presence and could have been used so much more effectively than she was.

Her only match in WWE was when she took part in the Royal Rumble match, after it was announced that Kharma was leaving WWE because she was pregnant, which I guess would make it hard to wrestle.

17 Snitsky


Gene Snitsky was a strange character that you would assume would connect with the WWE Universe. Sadly he didn’t.

After his debut match where he caused Lita’s miscarriage, the WWE Universe hated him and WWE decided it was good for money to keep around a great heel, the problem was, it was what he did that he was hated for, not his wrestling ability.

16 The Great Khali


The monster who made his debut in WWE was a far cry from the comedy star that was released.

WWE built Khali as a monster in his first year in the company which culminated in a fantastic Last Man Standing match with The Undertaker. That sadly was the highlight of his career, Khali couldn’t talk on the mic and his move set was limited due to his size which meant that WWE in-turn were limited with what they could do with him.

15 Scott Steiner


Steiner was a great example of WWE’s “What were you thinking” phase when they signed him to a contract in 2002.

Steiner was terrible in the ring and even though he was a big pull for the company following his career in WCW, he never followed through in any of his bigger matches and he didn’t look as good as he used to either.

14 Royal Rumble 2014/15


Widely considered the worst Royal Rumble events in the history of the pay-per-view, it was thought that WWE made these two events the most predictable and boring that fans had had enough.

2014 saw Batista booed out of the building after his win before fans in Philadelphia booed 2015 winner Roman Reigns, even after his cousin The Rock came out to save him. They then tried to attack superstars as they left the event and caused all kinds of chaos outside the arena.

13 Jessee and Festus


Jesse and Festus were a bad decision from WWE’s creative team, they had a gimmick that saw Festus unable to wrestle or even form sentences unless a bell was rang and Jesse basically controlled him.

It was a gimmick that was only destined for a short stint and fans didn’t seem to react to the duo the way officials thought they would.

12 Vladimir Kozlov


Kozlov was a big hit and miss with WWE, he was signed at a time when WWE wanted fans to get behind more of their foreign superstars to help their markets abroad, but he was a big flop.

Kozlov was put in feuds with some of WWE’s big hitters including Triple H and Undertaker and he failed to deliver every time.

11 Los Matadores


The nephew and brother of Carlito, Primo and Epico were prepackaged as Los Matadores, a bullfighting duo that even had their own bull, El Torito.

But like most gimmicks that are only made for comedy, this one quickly sizzled out when it was made apparent that the fans like Torito more than the duo. They then saw Torito feud with Hornswoggle which culminated in the first ever WeeLC match.

10 The Ascension


The longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions in the history of the promotion, The Ascension were one of the best decisions that NXT had ever made, until they made the jump to the main roster.

Viktor and Konor were buried by the Legends in a special episode of Raw and haven’t fully recovered since. WWE have destroyed all credibility the team had during their time on the development roster and had no other choice but to send them back after they failed to make the impact they had foreseen.

9 Sting


Could Sting’s WWE career be considered a bust? He left WCW in a blaze of glory and his career in TNA was one of significance, can the same be said about his time with WWE?

Sting has lost every match he has participated in with WWE which includes a WrestleMania WCW vs WWE match against Triple H and a fantastic World Championship match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in 2015, where he was ultimately injured and has been on the treatment table ever since.

8 Mystery General Manager of Raw


The Raw General Manager that decided to talk to the WWE Superstars through a laptop was without doubt one of the worst decisions WWE’s creative team have ever made.

Michael Cole’s “And I quote” line every week and the familiar sound of a email being sent to a computer will haunt WWE fans for the rest of their lives.

7 Vince McMahon’s Give-Away


It was one of the strangest storylines that WWE have ever come up with, but it saw Mr. McMahon give away $1 million to a lucky fan every week on Raw.

McMahon would appear at the top of the ramp, make a phone call and that person would then win the money. It wasn’t a storyline that was destined to last long and McMahon was losing a lot of money so after a few weeks of this McMahon then faked his own death when his limousine exploded with him apparently inside.

6 Mr Kennedy


Mr. Kennedy, or Mr. Anderson as he is now known, was a guy who had heaps of talent but was too self-obsessed to do anything with it.

Kennedy made enemies wherever he went and there were stories that he was hated by a lot of his former bookers as he made his way up the ladder to WWE.

5 Bobby Lashley


Bobby Lashley was an explosive superstar during ECW’s revival and even held their World Championship at one point, but it seems Lashley’s look was the thing that Vince McMahon was most attracted to.

Lashley stood out during the Battle of the Billionaires at WrestleMania 23, before he then lost his ECW World title to Vince McMahon but he never clicked with the WWE Universe.

4 Chris Masters


The Masterpiece Chris Masters was a great plan on paper, but he never fully developed himself in WWE. Masters' finisher was a big thing for his character in his early days as he used to have “The Masterlock Challenge” which became overused by WWE.

Masters was released for a violation of the WWE Wellness Policy in 2007, but not before he had reached the point of no return in his career, Masters was never pushed towards any World Titles because he just wasn’t the superstar WWE wanted him to be.

3 Carlito


He spit in the face of people who didn’t want to be cool, but what happens when he becomes the uncool one?

Carlito was around for a while in the WWE, but there were still rumours of backstage rifts and issues with other stars. Carlito also became stale for the WWE Universe to watch and so he was aligned with his nephew Primo, and they were given the Tag Team Championships.

2 Sin Cara


The masked superstar gained himself a reputation as a star who botched a lot during his time as Mistico.

The character was brought in as a replacement for the very popular Rey Mysterio who did seem like he was going the other way, Mysterio even helped coach Cara for a short time.

But Sin Cara’s career was injury-plagued, and after he called off a match between himself and Del Rio because he dislocated his finger, it seemed WWE had finally had enough.

1 Fandango


Poor Fandango, he was given everything by WWE, the video packages, the huge debut, the debut WrestleMania win, and he even had his own dance that was replicated throughout sport, but he still took a nosedive.

Fandango’s dancing gimmick came to an end after Summer Rae left him. Merely a year later the WWE Universe left the character because WWE had nothing creative for him.

The character hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for almost a year after Rosa Mendez also left his side. It seems creative could be set to repackage him, but one thing is for certain, his dancing days are over.

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