20 Hot Photos That Prove Noelle Foley is Sexiest WWE Superstar Daughter Ever

Noelle Foley is the youngest child and only daughter of WWE Hardcore Legend and former Champion Mick Foley. She has gained a lot of exposure through her various Social Media accounts and her few WWE TV appearances, but it seems that Mick has tried to keep her as sheltered as he can for as long as he can.

Noelle has become an internet sensation, mostly because of how attractive she is and the fact that there have been rumours that she is currently training to become a backstage interviewer for WWE.

Noelle has appeared on many of Mick Foley’s DVDs that were released by WWE over the past few years, and it is there that she truly gained the WWE Universe’s attention.

Her brother Dewey currently works for WWE as a part of their creative team and her father has been rumoured to be making a WWE return over the next few weeks that will lead to him playing a part in WWE’s biggest show of the year, WrestleMania.

There is no word yet on when Noelle will make her WWE debut or if she is still training for the position, but with her social media following and her natural beauty, there is no reason why WWE wouldn’t allow her to join their fold.

The following are the hottest 20 images of Noelle that have to be seen to be believed, the following few images prove beyond all reasonable doubt that Noelle Foley is the most attractive WWE Superstars daughter ever!


20 Noelle and Paige


It takes someone incredibly gifted to be able to make a WWE Diva look ordinary, but it is clear that Noelle is the one who stands out in this image; even though she is next to Paige.

Paige is a former Women’s Champion and a very attractive woman in her own right, but standing next to Noelle makes Noelle look like she is the WWE Diva and Paige more like a fan who is taking a photo with her hero.

Noelle has decided to wear CM Punk’s shirt for the image, indicating that was obviously taken before his 2014 departure from the company.

19 Bathroom Mirror


A girl's life is not complete unless she has tried on an incredible outfit for the first time and then gone into the bathroom to take a photo in the mirror. Of course the next reaction is then to share it with all of her friends to hear their thoughts.

It’s good to know that despite Noelle’s famous father and consequential modelling career, that she is just like an average young woman deep down. The following image proves that she still heads into the bathroom to take the pictures and will share them out on social media, much like many other females around the same age.

18 Getting Her Magic On


The following image doesn’t seem like it is one that Noelle took part in for a photo shoot. It also does not look like one that she has taken herself to upload to her Instagram or Twitter account.

This looks like it is an image of Noelle on holiday with her family, having some fun with them recording wrestling promos. She has a Hogwarts shirt on, but something tells me just one look from her is enough to cast a spell!

Whilst she still looks absolutely incredible, the differences between this image and her professional ones can be seen because she looks more relaxed on this photo which in turn makes her look much more beautiful, if that’s physically possible.

17 Transparent Shirt?


As part of her Sensual Summer in NYC photo shoot, Noelle took part in many images where she was wearing all white, which included a blouse that obviously became wet.

The images before this one showed Noelle in the sea as she posed, looking as stunning as ever. Because of the positioning of the images it was unknown if she was wearing anything underneath the white blouse.

This image clearly shows that she wasn’t and it is only her hair that stops this image being used as a part of a wet t-shirt contest, but it’s still an incredible image and she looks amazing.

16 Those Legs


Probably the most apt post that Noelle has ever put on social media, this photo sees her wearing some very short shorts and showing off her incredible legs. She has shown many times that she has the figure of a WWE Diva and given the fact that she would be a second-generation wrestler, she would definitely have the support to make in with the company.

She is also seen here wearing a shirt that mimics the “Bah God” phrase that was made famous by WWE Commentator Jim Ross, which incidentally would probably be the phrase he would use when talking about Noelle’s legs.

15 WWE Diva Pose


Noelle definitely has what it takes to make it in WWE, and the following picture shows that she already knows how to pose like a Diva.

She is seen here wearing leather and what looks like a chained bracelet over her knuckles, but she still looks amazing. Not to mention she looks prepared to cut a scathing promo because of the attire she has decided to wear.

Even if she doesn’t head to WWE, Noelle definitely has a future in the wrestling industry and given her father’s connections. It certainly won’t be hard for her to be recruited by an independent company.

14 Duck Face


Usually any person seen making the duck face expression in a selfie is blasted all over the internet and told that they look like a fool until they remove the offending image.

Not Noelle, because she has found away to make the duck face look incredible again. Here she looking stunning in this image that she uploaded to her own Instagram account.

She is seen wearing what looks like a figure hugging one piece black suit with another rather tight jacket on top, if she is trying to show off her incredible figure, then she has succeeded and receives top marks on this one.


13 Bikini Shot


Another absolutely stunning shot of Noelle from her younger modelling days, here shows her sitting on the side of a cabin of some sort that overlooks the sea in a black polka dot bikini.

It is hard to see how someone who looks like Mick has managed to produce someone so beautiful, but given that Noelle’s mother was an attractive women when she met Mick, it makes sense that a lot of her looks came from her mother’s gene pool.

Either way, Noelle has managed to become a head turning beauty and whoever is responsible for it, needs to be commended.

12 Black Bikini


Given the celebrity status of her father when she was born, Noelle was pushed into the spotlight at a young age and can even be seen crying on one of WWE’s DVDs about the hardcore legend.

Since she is used to spending her life around cameras and audiences, then it comes as no surprise that she wants to follow in the footsteps of her father and she looks like she is in great shape to do so.

Joining the WWE isn’t easy, but the above image shows that she already has the looks to make it big. Not to mention her talents have also been evident, making it perhaps only a matter of time before she becomes a big star in the business.

11 Posing


Perhaps the most known and famous images of Noelle, is the following one that shows her posing on what looks like the balcony of a building whilst the sun shines off in the distance.

As ever she looking incredible and her lack of clothing suggests that wherever she is, it is a very warm climate. She shows why modelling was a sensible career choice for her, because she evidentially knows exactly how to work a camera.

She is seen wearing a short white, tight shirt and a shorter pair of shorts. But let's be honest, she will look absolutely flawless regardless of how she is dressed, or how she decides to look at the camera.

10 Summer in NYC


It has already been noted that Noelle has a background in modelling and one of her most famous shoots is titles “Sensual Summer in NYC.”

Many of these images show Noelle in the water whilst wearing an outfit that consists of a small white pair of panties and a longer white blouse that obviously becomes transparent after she manages to become wet.

It is unclear if she is wearing anything underneath the blouse, but does it really matter? The following image shows just how amazing she looks regardless, the image is a smoking hot one despite being wet, and proves that if you get Noelle in a professional photoshoot setting, that she can blow you away.

9 Denim


Noelle has been a part of many modelling shoots and it’s easy to see why. She is believable as a model and she already has the fan base to share the images to. This is an image from Sara Grace where Noelle is shown showing off her makeup but also her skimpy clothing.

She is seen in the image above wearing a bra that doesn’t seem to have any straps and a very short pair of denim shorts. As ever, she looks stunning and it’s definitely believable that she would have an outstanding modelling career if she decides to never join the WWE.

8 Smart Sheek


 If Noelle were to be offered the job as one of WWE’s broadcasting team then she would be expected to dress as smart as the rest of the team that is already there. Good thing that she looks just as amazing dressed up, as dressed down.

The likes of Renee Young, Jojo Offerman and Eden Stiles currently perform the kind of jobs that Noelle would be expected to do, and the following image shows that she can still looking incredible regardless of the attire.

She is seen here in the usual skirt and jacket suit that is worn during smart functions, but to be fair, she'll probably need to wear a shirt on air.

7 Red Lips


Women with pale complexions usually have to work a lot harder to find make-up that makes them look just as stunning as girls who already have naturally darker tanned skin.

Noelle doesn’t seem to have this problem at all, as the image above shows she managed to look just as incredible as she wears bright red lipstick, while wearing a long white dress.

Usually such a bold colour would over power the image, but it seems the backdrop of the image in a field blends in well with the rest of the picture. Plus we all know that she'll manage to look incredible regardless of her surroundings.

6 Sara Grace


Noelle has been used as a model by make-up artist Sara Grace, with many images from the photo shoot on Sara’s own website.

The following is one of these images and all are stated to have not been touched up in anyway, so it is easy to see why Noelle would be the perfect model for a make-up artist. With natural beauty like Noelle's, Photoshop is far from a necessity to look stunning.

She is seen here posing on a stone brick wall looking as stunning as ever as she shows off her newly applied make up and her long straightened blonde hair.

5 Black and White


Confidence breeds confidence and Noelle already knows how beautiful she is. Hard not to be confident when she uploads images like the following onto the Internet, allowing all of her fans to see just how incredible she can look when she wants to.

The picture has been changed into a black and white image, but you better believe it can still catch our attention. She is wearing a short white top that shows off her abs and high waist jeans.

There is a reason she has so many Instagram followers, she is a charming, smart girl online and she knows how to give her fans what they want.

4 Natural Beauty


It’s hard to believe that a man who became famous for being out of shape, wrestling hardcore matches and having his ear ripped off, managed to create someone has beautiful as Noelle.

She is a naturally beautiful women and close up images that she has uploaded to her Twitter account prove that she looks that amazing without having to photoshop the images.

The following image shows her in a white and black lace dress and jacket looking incredible with matching eye makeup. It is clear that she obviously already knows how to accessorize and dress like a one of the real WWE Divas.

3 Bikini Babe


 Noelle is a very attractive young lady and she is already on WWE’s radar for both this reason. Not to mention that she is allegedly incredibly smart.

Noelle is actively training to be a backstage interviewer, but she has also been involved in some training where she’s been allowed inside the ring.

She is obviously cut out for WWE given the shape she is in, so maybe it would be wise for WWE to train her up before she makes her debut and then they have the option of allowing her to become a WWE Diva in the near or distant future.

2 Showing Her Assets


A woman will always know what are her assets and more often than not they will be either their legs, booty or chest. It seems Noelle believes her asset is her incredibly sculptured rear end (we think it's everything).

In the above image she is showing off this asset whilst she also holds a t-shirt over her that reads “titty master” which is a nickname given to WWE’s resident lunatic Dean Ambrose. Could there be more to this image than meets the eye? Or are the two soon to be work colleagues just having a little fun at the expense of the WWE Universe?

1 Taking It Off


Noelle has gained much of her fame from her Twitter account and obviously through making friends with WWE Superstars when she has visited shows with her father.

She continues to gain exposure through Twitter, mostly because she uploads photos like the following image where she is showing the fact that even though she isn’t a WWE Diva, she would perhaps become the sexiest one in the company if she made her debut.

Whether her father would allow it still remains to be seen, but since she is set to join the company anyway, there is apparently no harm in her flaunting all of her assets.

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