20 Current WWE Superstars With the Hottest WAGs

WWE superstars are typically thought of in the same light as rock stars. They are wildly famous, and even those who know nothing about the wrestling world will likely recognize many of their names. Superstars also sport a rock star lifestyle more times than not. That means they enjoy their parties and their booze. Perhaps the biggest reason why young boys dream of becoming rock stars, though, is all the women that seem to be associated with them. Well, WWE superstars share that in common as well.

Superstars spend a lot of time working on their bodies. They must conscientiously work out and follow strict diet routines. This often leads to, let’s say, desirous results for the opposite sex. I mean, who is really surprised that these famous wrestling hunks are frequently spotted next to beautiful women?

Perhaps you’re here looking for a little added motivation to become the next ultra-famous WWE superstar? Maybe you’re here simply to appreciate the view. Don’t worry, you’ll find no judgement from us; we can’t help but stare either. Mind you, this isn’t designed to be an objective list ranking women against one another, merely a compiled list of women generally found to be attractive. There should be no harm in appreciating that.

Here are 20 of the current WWE superstars who have the hottest wives and girlfriends we could find. Read on and enjoy.

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20 Christian - Denise Hartmann

Via youtube.com / bloggicious.com

It's been a while since Christian made an in-ring appearance, but he's still considered an active superstar on WWE's official roster. Get this: Christian made his wrestling debut way back in 1995, making this year his official 20 year anniversary in the realm of professional wrestling. Of course, you don’t get to have such a longstanding career without some support. That’s where his beautiful wife Denise Hartmann comes into play. Naturally, his famous friendship with Edge also helped propel his career.

Christian met Denise in England while he was on tour. The couple were instantly attracted, and they were married in 2001. Denise is a stunning German model. Together, the two gave birth to their first child in 2013. They’ve lived happily together as a newfound family ever since.

19 Chris Jericho - Jessica Lockhart

Via imasugunews.com

Jericho has always lived his life in the limelight. He’s the son of a former NHL player, and began wrestling at an extremely early age. On top of that, it seemed success was simply easy for him to attain. Title after title began raining down for him, and he was quick to be swept into fame and fortune.

His wife Jessica Lockhart is one of the more grounding influences in his life. She’s absolutely stunning, with flowing blond hair and blue eyes, and it’s easy to see how the two married after first meeting in high school. Together, they’ve raised three children: a boy and two twin girls.

18 Brock Lesnar - Sable

Via celebritytonic.com

Any woman who is fond of muscles surely harbors an attraction towards the hulking Brock Lesnar. The beastly man has racked up a huge reputation as one of the better wrestlers in the league, and has even gone on to try his hand in the UFC to boot. As it turns out, his success also extends into his choice in romantic partners.

Sable is as gorgeous as they come, and she isn’t afraid to show it off. She became well known as a WWE diva, feuding with Luna Vachon and Jacqueline. She’s also been on the cover of Playboy three times. Her cover in the April 1999 edition was one of the highest selling issues in the magazine’s history. Her beauty has been recognized in Hollywood as well, with appearances on television shows like Pacific Blue.

17 Dean Ambrose - Renee Young

Via pinterest.com

Dean Ambrose is the longest reigning WWE United States Champion in the league’s long and storied history. He’s headlined multiple pay-per-view events and was part of the Shield alongside famous superstars like Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. That alone is enough for most people to hang their hats on, but to top it all off he’s also currently dating Renee Young.

Young is making quite the name for herself in WWE broadcasts. You might have seen her. She’s the gorgeous blond journalist who covers interviews and commentaries throughout matches. She actually had aspirations for comedic acting prior to joining the WWE, so you know she also has a sense of humor!

16 Rusev - Lana

Via sportskeeda.com

Rusev’s career is closely tied to his girlfriend Lana. In fact, for a lengthy period she was his manager in the ring! Together they formed a formidable duo reminiscent of the Russian antagonists of Rocky IV. She’s helped him achieve some impressive feats, and his momentum continues to rise despite a recent loss of the WWE United States Championship and being sidelined with an injury.

Lana is just as beautiful as she is successful within the ring. She’s a good-looking blond sporting a (fake) Russian accent that merely makes her seem all-the-more exotic. Don’t get too attached, though, as she and Rusev are rather serious. In fact, they live together in Nashville, Tennessee. Something tells us that Rusev scares away just about any man with aspirations of stealing his girl.

15 Jack Swagger - Catalina White

Via adamswrestling.blogspot.com

Swagger is a former two-sport athlete who attended the University of Oklahoma. He eventually moved to wrestling full-time, and his skills notably improved to the point where he set the most pins in a season. By the middle of 2006, he’d already been offered a contract with the WWE. Four years later, he married the woman of his dreams.

He and Catalina White were married in December of 2010. Catalina also dabbled in some in-ring activities, debuting as a ring personality of Saylor James in the small FCW league, though it would be short lived. Catalina has also been a model featured frequently on the magazine Maxim, and even has a record deal singing pop music!

14 Kevin Owens - Karina Steen

Via twitter.com

Owens is a name that many grew familiar with when he stepped up for John Cena’s U.S. Open Challenge. Essentially, Cena challenged anyone and everyone to “come get some” and claim the belt. Everyone was surprised when the NXT champion stepped up to the plate, slamming Cena to the ground after disrespecting the entire challenge and WWE fans in general.

Soon after the entire affair, an adorable video was posted on Vine by Karina Steen, his wife, showing their son’s reaction to seeing his dad take on the face of the league. He and Karina also have a daughter together, and they all combine to form a nice looking family.

13 Seth Rollins - Leighla Schultz

Via unstablexbalor.tumblr.com

This entry is a bit of a standout. That’s because the current status of the relationship between Seth Rollins and his girlfriend Leighla Schultz is a bit up in the air. It’s safe to assume that it’s actually coming to a quick end, despite the fact that the two were engaged. Nevertheless, Schultz is an absolute stunner, and any man who scoops her up would be lucky.

Okay, time for some background. Apparently, Rollins had sent some nude photos to another woman and Schultz had gotten hold of them. She then posted the photos to her twitter account, but they were quickly taken down. Since then, she’s gone rather quiet over the social media realm, but a savvy eye would spot the fact that her relationship status has changed. Still, this is a day and age where social media can’t be taken as fact, and so nothing is completely set in stone.

12 The Miz - Maryse

Via zimbio.com

The Miz actually grew familiar with all the lights and cameras as a reality television star when he became a cast member on MTV’s The Real World: Back to New York. He gained enough star power to later land a gig on the fourth season of Tough Enough, where he became the runner up. He eventually got his shot in the WWE in 2006, and the rest is history. He’s now one of the staple names of the entire league.

His wife Maryse was also involved in the league in that time, wrestling from 2006 to 2011. The two were married back in February of 2014, hosting their wedding in the Bahamas of all places. They’ve been a happy couple ever since, with Maryse starting up in the realm of real estate after her wrestling career came to a close. Needless to say, in terms of looks she’s “Awesome!”

11 Cody Rhodes (Stardust) - Eden

Via neogaf.com

Nope, you didn’t misread that. WWE’s very own Stardust makes an appearance on our list because he was able to snag the incredibly beautiful Eden. Also known by her actual name Brandi Runnels, Eden is a former model for the magazine Maxim, and now acts as a ring side personality for the WWE.

Eden and Rhodes tied the knot nearly two years ago, back in 2013. Since, she has gone on to become rather significant within the league. She’s been a ring announcer for some time, making appearance on RAW and SmackDown! It seems she has proven her worth too, as the WWE has even worked her into some inside the ring events, such as a battle royal.

10 Jimmy Uso - Naomi

Via dailywrestlingnews.com

Jimmy Uso is most well-known wrestling in tandem with his brother. Together, the Uso brothers have formed a successful Samoan tag team that has won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice since they joined the league back in 2010. Jimmy, it seems, is the one who landed the girl.

Naomi is the tag team’s current manager. She is also Jimmy Uso’s wife, as the two have been married since early 2014. She was a former contestant on NXT, and very nearly won the whole thing, coming in second place. She continues to work in the WWE as both a manager and a WWE diva, and we hope Jimmy won’t mind when we say he’s quite the lucky man.

9 Randy Orton - Kim Marie

Via pinterest.com

Randy Orton has made quite the name for himself over the past few years. His career has had its share of ups and downs, yet he has managed to hold on firmly to his status as one of the preeminent WWE superstars. After all, when you come from a family with multiple WWE alumni, it’s fair to say you know how to handle the gig.

Orton has also had his share of women over the years, yet has yet to tie the knot with anyone. That changed as recently as July of 2015. In fact, on July 5th, news broke over social media outlets that he’d asked his girlfriend Kim Marie to marry him. The news was confirmed by Marie herself, posting pictures of the ring. Marie is as beautiful as they come, and we wish them both years of happiness.

8 Kofi Kingston - Kori Campfield

Via africansneer.com

Kingston is a wrestler from Ghana who has found a foothold in the league largely due to his infectious enthusiasm and intense emotional energy whenever he wrestles. It’s something that immediately caught the fans’ eyes, and the leagues upper brass as well. Likely, it’s this same persona that attracted his gorgeous wife, Kori Campfield, to the man.

Campfield and Kingston were married in 2010, and have raised a son together. While she has no true ties to the league other than her husband, she’s become known as one of the more beautiful women involved in some fashion with the league.

7 Triple H - Stephanie McMahon

Via wrestlingnews.co

Alright, this was virtually a given. I mean, can you imagine the tongue lashing we’d receive from the WWE if Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were left off this list? It’s just something you can’t do, especially with the prospect of Triple H seeking retribution on the table. Of course, it also helps that Stephanie McMahon is an absolute stunner, and she deserves a spot on the list regardless.

These two are perhaps the penultimate WWE power couple. Triple H is one of the greatest athletes the sport has ever seen, and he sure knew how to make his voice heard and put on a show. Meanwhile, McMahon inherited many of her father’s traits, and helps make the cogs of the WWE machine turn. Together, they’ve continued to help the league in every facet imaginable, and they’ve made for a good looking couple along the way.

6 Tyson Kidd - Natalya

Via prowrestling.wikia.com

Tyson Kidd first debuted in the WWE in 2009. Prior to that, he’d been signed to a developmental contract with the league, working in leagues like Florida Championship Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling. Since that time, he’s won the WWE Tag Team Championship with Cesaro, and been married to one of the most beautiful women we’ve ever seen.

In 2013, he and fellow WWE wrestler Natalya were married. Natalya is actually a part of the Hart family tree, with the legendary Stu Hart being her grandfather. She’s taken a liking to the family business, and has become quite successful at it. Natalya is a former WWE Divas Champion, as well as a recurring main cast member of the show Total Divas.

5 Roman Reigns - Galina Joelle Becker

Via wwestarz.com

Reigns is quickly becoming one of the biggest stars of the current WWE landscape. Recently, he’s wrestled the likes of Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins for a triple-threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship match as the main event at WrestleMania 31. Essentially, that’s like making it to the Superbowl for an individual wrestler, and gives you an idea of where he is headed with his career.

One thing is for sure, if he continues to make choices like marrying Galina Joelle Becker, he’ll be destined for greatness. It was reported he and his fiancé were married back in December 2014. The couple then released a plethora of pictures. They show a sexy couple arm in arm with a Disney cruise ship in the background, making it even easier to imagine Galina as the next Disney princess.

4 John Cena - Nikki Bella

Via lifeandstylemag.com

This entry might be grounds for a serious debate. After all, how can you rank a pair of twins? The task becomes especially hard when you discuss the famous Bella twins. Cena managed to woo Nikki Bella, and together they have a rather large trophy case. Nikki’s two Divas Championships surely pair nicely with all of Cena’s accolades.

Nikki has been a main cast member of Total Divas since 2013, and the show has detailed various aspects about her life, including her relationship with Cena. One thing is for sure though, each time she’s on the screen it’s immediately obvious just how attractive she is. Being the face of the WWE surely has its perks, huh Cena?

3 Daniel Bryan - Brie Bella

Via wrestlingnews.co

Daniel Bryan is the ultimate underdog. It’s a role many wrestlers have played before, yet none have gained as much of a fan following as Bryan has. It’s simply incredible to watch his momentum tear through this league, yet heartbreaking to watch it halted by injuries. Luckily for him, he has a beautiful wife to help him over the hurdles.

Brie Bella makes up the second half of the Bella Twins tag team. She made her own personal debut on SmackDown in August 2008. Immediately the league played up the twin angle, and it was revealed they were switching themselves in and out throughout the match to stay energized. They’ve managed to stay in the spotlight, and Brie’s wedding to Bryan was even televised by Total Divas.

2 The Undertaker - Michelle McCool

Via independent.co.uk

Turns out the creepy, undead vibe actually works on some women. Just don’t start going out to bars dressed in all black quite yet, though. We’re pretty certain these two are simply a case of a perfect pair meeting. The Undertaker Mark Callaway is actually married to Michelle McCool, and has been for quite some time.

It might be surprising that one of the most gorgeous women in the world would fall for someone who has genuinely made a living off of being creepy, but factor in the notion that he’s extremely successful, and by all accounts a standup guy, and the picture becomes clearer. As for McCool, she has found success in the WWE after initially pursuing a teaching career. We’d say it’s safe to assume both are happy with their life choices these days.

1 David Otunga - Jennifer Hudson

via usmagazine.com

This one tops the cake. Otunga is one of the more accomplished WWE wrestlers in the entire league, though we don’t necessarily mean in the wrestling sense. Otunga was quite the academic throughout his years in school, building up an impressive resume that included the likes of Harvard Law School.

We mention that only to give a little context, especially considering this man went on to marry the one and only Jennifer Hudson back in 2008. The two have remained together these past seven or so years, and have raised their first son together after he was born a year later.

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