18 Shocking Moments of Nudity in WWE

WWE is a globally televised show, and while it is violent, it is also PG. This means that there isn’t supposed to be nudity of any kind as part of the entire production.

Wrestlers wear very little clothes to the ring, and add that to the heat from the lights and the sweat that they inevitably produce, wardrobe malfunctions are bound to happen. Especially with the occasional accidental grabbing of tights that sometimes leads to moments of nudity that even WWE superstars could not have seen coming.

Most of the time these are genuine accidents; a top accidentally slips or someone accidentally pulls the tights down and you can see the genuine surprise on their face and the delight of the crowd.

Fun fact: Rosa Mendez was so overwhelmed with the WWE Universe’s response when she was accidentally exposed to WWE camera’s on an episode of WWE Main Event that she actually tried to have an intentional wardrobe malfunction in order to further her popularity!

Not all WWE Superstars are happy when the clothes come off, but at least some are! Here is a list of all of the times that WWE Superstars and Divas have accidentally (or on purpose) shown off more than they had planned to.


18 Mae Young at the 2000 Royal Rumble


Mae Young interrupted many of WWE’s bikini contests over the years, but perhaps her biggest impact came during the Royal Rumble in 2000.

Their was a swimsuit contest and competing was Ivory, Jacqueline, Terri Runnels and The Kat, but it was Mae Young's entrance that stole the show. Even if she showed off a little more than anyone actually wanted to see.

Much to the displeasure of the audience, Mae pulled her swimsuit down and showed her chest off to everyone watching in the crowd. Luckily viewers at home saw a “censored” bar pop up to shelter us from the image! Much to everyone's shock (although it was scripted), Mae went on to win the contest over all of her younger successors.

17 Aksana's Wardrobe Malfunction vs Brie Bella


Aksana didn’t have a great time during her short stint with WWE. Especially since she was more known for her mistakes in the ring than her talents. One of her most infamous mistakes came when she almost blinded Naomi after kneeing her in the eye.

Aksana was known to come to the ring wearing attire that didn’t require her to wear a bra, and on one episode of Raw, this became very evident. She was grabbed from behind by Brie Bella and as her suit was pulled both her chest and her posterior came into view for the WWE Universe to see.

16 Dawn Marie Flashes The Crowd


Long before WWE introduced their PG rating, the Divas of WWE were quite literally running wild, and Dawn Marie was no exception to this.

On an episode of Smackdown, WWE wrestler Sean O-Haire actually managed to talk Dawn into going out into the middle of the ring and flashing her chest at the crowd. Dawn obviously went ahead with it, and as she did she turned and faced the commentary team where a strategically placed rope managed to maintain her dignity for the fans watching at home, but the live crowd inside the arena certainly caught an eyeful.

15 Candice Michelle Bra and Panties Match


When Ashley first hit the scene, she tag teamed with Trish Stratus for an unforgettable moment. The duo went up against Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Victoria and included what was Ashley's first ever bra and panties match.

It was Trish and Ashley vs Victoria, Torrie and Candice in a handicap bra and panties match and the duo had already beaten Victoria, so Ashley turned her attention to Candice. When Ashley threw Candice into the corner, Candice flipped herself over the top of Ashley and as she landed Ashley yanked down her underwear as well as her skirt. A shocking maneuver that led to Candice showing off more than she had hoped for!

14 Stephanie McMahon Gets A Pedigree


The daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had just returned from breast enlargement surgery when she had a moment of nudity that she has probably long since forgotten.

Stephanie was booked to be set up for a pedigree by Triple H on the announce table, but she hadn’t judged the weight of her new chest as she leaned forward and both fell out in front of a live crowd and on live TV. There was nothing Steph could do about it because Triple H had hold of her hands so the camera panned out until Chris Jericho ran in and made the save.

13 Candice Michelle in the Shower


This was a moment that managed to sneak under WWE’s PG radar as Mickie James and Melina were battling it out in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the WWE Women’s Championship.

The Divas escalated their brawl to the women’s locker room where they found the likes of Torrie Wilson, Maria and Victoria, who all became part of the fight. Candice Michelle then came out of the shower to find the brawl happening and had her towel ripped off to reveal that she was obviously wearing nothing underneath. The cameraman then “fainted” and the coverage then returned when Mickie and Melina headed back out to the ring.

12 Ashley No Way Out 2007

Ashley was another Diva who didn’t have a very successful in-ring career with WWE, but she managed to pose for Playboy back in 2007! So at the very least she'll always be remembered fondly by many males that watched her in and out of the ring.

It was during the unveiling of her Playboy cover at No Way Out 2007 when Ashley made her way to the ring for a bikini contest, that she gave the audience something to remember. Ashley stopped on the ramp and revealed her cover, before then removing her gown! In a move similar to what Sable had done a few years before, Ashley only had hand painted bunnies covering her chest. It should not be a shock that Ashley was announced as the winner.


11 Eve Torres Loose Shorts


Eve Torres managed to turn her Diva Search win into something a lot more positive than any of the previous winners, but she hasn’t made this list for something that she intended to happen.

Divas always wear skimpy attire to the ring and Eve was no exception, only this time she was paid for her choices. Her attire was quite loose around her crotch and when she was put into an awkward position, the live cameras picked up a little more than they should have. Both Maryse and Becky Lynch have also accidentally shown off this part of their anatomy in recent years.

10 Shawn Michaels Moons The Crowd

Shawn Michaels was an incredible character when he was a part of D-Generation X in the 1990s, but he also made a lot of crude actions that I am sure he will have fun explaining to his kids!

That is because long before Michaels became a born again Christian, he used to do some of the strangest and most inappropriate things on TV. One of which was when he decided to strip down and moon the watching crowd during a live episode of WWE Raw.

Back then DX could easily get away with doing this kind of thing on TV, but if it happened now, there would definitely be some form of punishment.

9 Billy Gunn Moons Ken Shamrock's Sister


The Badass Billy Gunn was known by that nickname for one big reason, he loved ass. More importantly, he loved his own ass and that is why he’s managed to make the list.

It was during a Monday Night RAW segment that Ken Shamrock had attacked Val Venis for approaching his sister. As Shamrock headed backstage, Billy Gunn entered the ring and exposed his bare behind to his sister. A brawl ensued and the encounter ended with Shamrock accepting Gunn's Intercontinental Title challenge.

Gunn's ass wasn’t shown for very long and it was just a case of him showing it off, but it is still one of the stranger segments from those days, and trust me, there have been some pretty strange ones.

8 Terri Runnels Distracts The Sultan


When the WWE presented a new racier adult show called Saturday Night Shotgun, Terri Runnels was often seen. As part of this event, Terri (known as Marlena) accompanied her husband Goldust to the ring for a match with The Sultan.

Just as Sultan locked in the Camel Clutch on Goldust and it looked like he was about to tap, Terri jumped up on the apron and dropped the top of her dress to reveal her chest to his opponent. The camera remained behind her back but the watching audience gained an eyeful as chaos ensued to end the match.

7 Jacqueline Gets Exposed By Sable


Sable and Jacqueline were a part of a heated feud heading into WWF’s Capital Carnage event in 1998. The two met in a mixed tag match with partners Christian and Marc Mero, and the match ended after Christian chased Marc backstage and Sable then pinned Jacqueline after a TKO.

Jacqueline was not impressed with her loss and attacked referee Tim White following the conclusion. Sable was still in the ring at the time and responded by ripping off Jacqueline’s shirt whilst she was on the referee’s shoulders, thus leaving her exposed to both the live and the watching crowd at home.

6 Chyna Moons Audience


Chyna was hired by WWE to be the female enforcer of D-Generation X, but throughout her career, the company were trying to sexualize her to the crowd to help them remember that she was actually female. Chyna had always come across as a female who was a lot stronger than many of the male superstars, so WWE had to find a way to tame this.

This was one such time. During an interview segment on a 1998 episode of Monday Night Raw, Chyna decided to drop her trousers and moon the audience. This was shown to the viewers at home as well and it was considered a significant moment in the former Intercontinental Champion's career.

5 The Kat Arm Wrestling Match


Back at Insurrextion 2000, Terri Runnels and The Kat were already deep into a feud that had been engulfing the women’s division for the past few months, so naturally, the pair faced off in an arm wrestling match.

The Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young were also involved and ended up playing a huge role.  Terri tried to cheat by spitting water at The Kat, but fortunately Mae was there to then throw water over Terri to help Kat score the victory. Terri then decided to play the role of sore loser and ripped off The Kat’s top, clear revenge from when The Kat ripped off Terri's clothes the week before.

4 Sable Gives The Crowd A Hand (Or Two)


During her time in WWE, Sable became known as the Diva who would do anything to gain attention, and this mostly came from her taking her clothes off.

She was consistently a part of WWE’s bikini contests, but at Fully Loaded 1998, she set the bar for all other women who were set to compete in these contests.

She had put the crowd on notice beforehand, stating that she was about to reveal something special. She lived up to her word when removed her gown and showed that she was wearing just two strategically placed painted handprints over her chest.

3 Brie Bella's Slip on Miz TV


Brie was a part of the launch of Total Divas along with her sister Nikki, Eva Marie, Cameron, Naomi and Jojo. While a powerful group of women, that doesn't make them immune from wardrobe malfunctions!

Brie was a guest on Miz TV as part of an episode of Monday Night Raw, before the new show aired on the E! Network the following night. But we aren't talking about this interview for anything that was said.

Brie blamed the dress tape and heat from the lights for her malfunction but as the new cast promoted the upcoming show, Brie managed to fall out of her top without noticing! As a result, she showed off her nipple to the watching crowd. Brie later took to twitter to apologize for the incident.

2 Lita Gets It On With Edge


After cashing in his Money in the Bank contract for the first time at New Year's Revolution 2006, Edge won the WWE Championship and decided that he and Lita should have a live sex celebration in the middle of the WWE ring as a way of his consummating his win.

The bed was set up and the two disappeared beneath the covers and for a split second the covers were pulled off and Lita’s entire naked body was exposed to both the live and TV watching crowd. John Cena ran out to break up the celebration moments later, but it is still a moment fondly remembered by the WWE Universe.

1 Miss Kitty Takes It All Off


Later known as The Kat, Miss Kitty was a part of a four way women’s evening gown pool match as Ivory defended her Women’s Championship at Armageddon 1999.

Ivory was the last one to lose her dress as Miss Kitty swam under the water to take it and her Women’s Championship. As a form of celebration, Kitty then took off her dress herself and jumped in the water.

After exclaiming that she was forced to wear underwear, she then removed her own bra and had to be covered up by Sergeant Slaughter with a towel, but the crowd had already got what they came to see.


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