18 Hot Photos of Candice Michelle You NEED To See

Candice Michelle will mostly be remembered for making history during her time with WWE. On top of being incredibly attractive, she defeated Melina to win the WWE Women's Championship in 2007. This made her the first Diva Search contestant to win the championship belt, proving that she had both beauty and brawn.

Candice also posed for Playboy magazine back in 2006. This led to a memorable and rivalry with fellow Playboy cover girl Torrie Wilson. The two ultimately clashed at WrestleMania 22 where the pair took part in a Playboy Pillow Fight, the first of its kind, and you better believe there's a photo in here from that night.

The former Diva Search contestant didn’t have a great start to her WWE career given that she wasn’t a trained wrestler, but she was eager to learn. The WWE decided to finally give Candice the training she required and there was a noticeable difference in her in-ring ability during her final few years with the company.

Candice was released from her WWE contract in 2009, and less than a year later she gave birth to her first child. Candice named her first child AkiAnne Rose. She has since had two more daughters, one in 2012 and one in 2015, named Ryumi Grace and Aloha Von Ehrlich.

The former Women’s Champion has gone from Playboy Cover girl to loving wife and mother in the span of a few years, but she still has a significant career to look back on. The following is a list of 20 of the hottest pictures of Candice Michelle that are currently on record from her time with WWE, as well as any that have surfaced online since her departure.

18 Leaves


Candice Michelle did appear on the cover of Playboy magazine back in 2006 which means she has many much more revealing images that are lurking around the internet. Sometimes though, it is the teasing nature of pictures like this that can really get your heart rate going.

The following image looks much like ones that were seen on American TV Show Desperate Housewives, where she is covered by just leaves, she is once again looking absolutely amazing as she shows off her incredibly flawless body.

17 The Beauty of Life


As stated above, Candice has become the mother of three little girls since she left WWE back in 2009. She married her husband Ken Ehrlich back in 2005 and the duo were finally able to settle down after Candice was released from the company.

The following shows Candice showing off her body in all its glory. She may be pregnant, but she also manages to maintain all of her dignity; thanks to a black transparent cloth that still covers all of her modesty.

16 Women’s Champion


Candice won the Women’s Championship back at 2007’s Vengeance Night of Champions Pay-per-View after she managed to defeat Melina. Candice was the champion for four months, before she was ultimately defeated by Beth Phoenix.

This is one of Candice’s crowning achievements in the ring. Her name go down in WWE History forever as a former Women’s Champion. Especially because the belt was retired back in 2010.

15 Candice and Torrie


Candice and Torrie began their WWE careers as friends before they began to feud over their associated issues of Playboy magazine.

The duo both left WWE around the same time, and their careers seems to go hand in hand throughout. One sign that they are clearly great friends outside of the ring, is the steamy photos that you can find online of the duo.

14 Bikini Body


Candice has been a part of many photo shoots that have seen her decide to lose her clothes in favour of a skimpy bikini instead, most of which can easily be found online.

The following is one of these images where she is shown in a yellow bikini standing next to a waterfall and looking very wet, but still absolutely so hot.

13 Let Me Show You What Love Is


Like many WWE Divas, Candice developed her own signature entrance that she became known for during her run with WWE. For Candice, she decided to wear a wrestling top that was then covered by a small jacket, that she would rip off as part of her entrance.

During her early years she would wear a long robe-like jacket, but after he Women’s Championship win she began wearing shorter jackets and her entrance was more upbeat after she changed her music to a remixed theme.

12 Playboy Pillow Fight


One of Candice’s crowning achievements during her short run in WWE was when she faced Torrie Wilson in a Playboy Pillow Fight at WrestleMania 22.

The duo was feuding heading into the WrestleMania event over the fact that Candice had posed for the cover of Playboy magazine, technically following in Torrie Wilson’s footsteps after she was on the cover a few years before.

11 Handcuffs


Posing on a bed seems to be the best option for most WWE Divas photo shoots and is seems that Candice has chosen this option for one of her hottest photos.

She is shown here in another close up image where she is wearing a black lace bra and short laced up skirt, which is already hot enough, but she is also wearing handcuffs and glittery eye makeup.

10 Red


Leather has always been Candice’s best friend, and while she looks good in many things (such as latex), leather is clearly a sexy look. One look through her photos and you'll see that leather can be accompanied in many photos, and it is easy to see why.

In the following image she can be seen in a red glittery revealing top that only fastens at the back. She also wears arm pads that are leather and laced all the way up to the elbow.

9 Close Up


Candice doesn’t just have an amazing body, but she is also has some naturally beautiful features as well, and these can be seen in the above image.

She is shown in what looks like a uniquely designed patterned bra that has pearls attached to it and it manages to cover all of her neck and chest area.

8 Silver


It has been made blatantly obvious that Candice definitely is not shy when it comes to her body, and when you see what she looks like then you can understand why she has never had a problem showing off her best assets.

She has been a part of many photo shoots that have revealed a little bit more than perhaps she should have, but the following would be put in this category.

7 Early Years


During her early years in WWE Candice took part in some of the most revealing shoots of her career and once again the following is one of these.

She is seen in a lace up back skirt that shows off one of her greatest assets as well as a black lace bra that also leaves very little to the imagination.

6 The Great Outdoors


It’s always fun to see the adventurous photo shoots that the WWE Divas often come up with, and this is one of these images.

Candice is wearing one of the most revealing two piece bikinis that was ever made. Hard to argue when there are only a few single straps holding the entire outfit together! Candice is also cooling off her toes, because why not embrace nature!

5 Leather


Photo shoots are something that comes as the territory when being a WWE Diva and many of these shoots are big hits with the WWE Universe. While some serve a purpose, others appear to just be random occasion.

The following falls into the latter category. Candice is shown leaning against a ladder wearing a figure hugging two piece leather costume and small black heels.

The costume is very cat woman esc, and looks like an outfit that she might one day wear to the ring. Candice looks great regardless of the randomness of the shoot. Not to mention that being asked to lean against a ladder is a bit of an unusual position to pose in!

4 Beach Body


It seems to be a WWE tradition that every diva has to partake in a photo shoot on the beach as a form of welcoming ritual.

Candice obviously had no issues with being a part of this and what followed was one of the greatest shoots that the former Women’s Champion was ever a part of.

3 Leather and Lace


Candice is one of the most attractive women to have ever set foot in a WWE ring, and this was made apparent after she competed in many Bra and Panties matches during her feud with Trish Stratus and Ashley.

She teamed with Victoria and Torrie Wilson during this time and the trio became known as Vince’s devils, but Candice was one of the stand out performers of the trio. As a result, she was the one who was pushed towards the Women’s title after they split up.

2 Knitted Up


Given the fact that Candice was asked to pose for Playboy magazine and she accepted, it is clear that Candice knows she is an attractive woman. As a result, Candice oozes confidence in several of her photoshoots, and rightfully so.

In the following photo she is seen showing off one of her incredible assets as she crawls across a bed. Candice is seen in a knitted, lacy 'top' that we cannot imagine would stay on for very long. If the outfit wasn't hot enough, she is seen wearing knee high leather boots.

1 Too Hot For TV


Candice was always considered too hot for TV and since WWE implemented their PG banner on all of WWE’s products, it was hard for the Divas like Candice who always wanted to push the envelope. At least Candice had made a career out of being one of the best looking Divas in the company.

This image is one that shows Candice would definitely be too hot for TV in WWE’s current PG era. The former Women’s Champion is shown tearing open her robe to reveal her skimpy ring attire, covered with white skulls. Edgy, sexy and not afraid to push the limits, Candice Michelle will be remembered fondly by WWE fans for a long time.

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18 Hot Photos of Candice Michelle You NEED To See