16 WWE Wrestlers That Are Actually Younger Than You Think

Age is certainly just a number for these 16 entrants on this list. Some are with the company, while others were released by the WWE or retired at a very young age. More and more now, we are seeing the company go younger. The “New Era” is in full effect, from the wrestlers to even the commentators with the addition of Byron Saxton and the backstage interviewers with Jo Jo, who is remarkably only 22 and Renee Young who turned 30 last year. The youth movement is certainly in full swing.

These personalities are just a small example of the youth in the WWE ranks. This article will now take a look at some other faces you probably wouldn’t expect that are still quite young, either in or out of the WWE ranks. So, let’s find out who made this list; here are 16 WWE wrestlers that are actually younger than you think. Enjoy!

16 Paul Heyman: 50 Years Old

15 AJ Lee: 29 Years Old

14 Chris Masters: 33 Years Old

13 Zack Ryder: 31 Years Old

12 Xavier Woods: 29 Years Old

11 Kaitlyn: 29 Years Old

10 Jo Jo: 22 Years Old

9 Jason Jordan: 27 Years Old

8 Emma: 27 Years Old

7 Alexa Bliss: 24 Years Old

6 Sasha Banks: 24 Years Old

5 Alicia Fox: 29 Years Old

4 Kelly Kelly: 29 Years Old

3 Bo Dallas: 25 Years Old

2 Paige: 23 Years Old

1 Bray Wyatt: 28 Years Old (turns 29 May 23rd)

And the award for most mind blowing 28 year old goes to…. Bray Wyatt! Everything about this guy seems to be so much older, like a veteran in his late 30s. From his wrestling style to his tremendous promos, Wyatt just has it all at such a young age. Bray signed his first deal in 2009, a year after his younger brother Bo. After a failed stint with The Nexus, Rotunda thrived under his new role as Bray Wyatt. Like Sasha Banks, it seems like the WWE are taking their time with Bray, but also like Banks, once this guy reaches the top you can expect him to stay there for a while.


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16 WWE Wrestlers That Are Actually Younger Than You Think