16 WWE Wrestlers That Are Actually Younger Than You Think

Age is certainly just a number for these 16 entrants on this list. Some are with the company, while others were released by the WWE or retired at a very young age. More and more now, we are seeing the company go younger. The “New Era” is in full effect, from the wrestlers to even the commentators with the addition of Byron Saxton and the backstage interviewers with Jo Jo, who is remarkably only 22 and Renee Young who turned 30 last year. The youth movement is certainly in full swing.

These personalities are just a small example of the youth in the WWE ranks. This article will now take a look at some other faces you probably wouldn’t expect that are still quite young, either in or out of the WWE ranks. So, let’s find out who made this list; here are 16 WWE wrestlers that are actually younger than you think. Enjoy!


16 Paul Heyman: 50 Years Old

Not sure if it’s just me, but doesn't it feel like Heyman’s been 50 years old for last decade? It seems like this guy's been in the wrestling industry forever, ironically he’s still only 50 (take into account that’s 20 year younger than the CEO of the WWE Vince McMahon). Heyman always had a passion for wrestling. At the age of 13 he was already brought in by McMahon as a photographer for the company. At the age of 21, Heyman made his debut way back in 1987 on the independent circuit as a manager, and he would later acquire the name Paul E. Dangerously. A couple of years later after a brief stop with WCW, Heyman joined ECW in 1993. He would stay with the company for 8 years turning into the face of the brand. Almost three decades later, Heyman is still on television from time to time, going back to his roots as Brock Lesnar’s manager. At the age of 50, Paul still has a lot to give.

15 AJ Lee: 29 Years Old

Crazy to think that today, AJ is still not even in her 30s, turning 29 just a couple of months ago. The New Jersey native shocked the wrestling world when she announced her immediate retirement from in-ring competition on April 3rd, 2015. Lee had just turned 28 at the time. Her decision was made based on several factors, which included women’s inequalities in the wrestling business. Lee made a public announcement discussing her issues with the company, most having to do with how the women are compensated by the WWE in comparison to the men. Stephanie McMahon actually agreed with her statement, which turned even more heads. It remains to be seen if wrestling fans will ever see this former Divas Champion again. At such a young age, it remains a legitimate possibility.

14 Chris Masters: 33 Years Old

Judging by some of his recent pictures, you’d think Masters was in his 40s. It seems like the guy's been around forever, although he is still relatively young at the age of 33. Many wrestling enthusiasts tend to forget that Masters actually made his RAW debut at the age of 22. The WWE was very high on this wrestler who had such a tremendous look at a really young age. Despite this, Masters had a disastrous run filled with let downs and suspensions. Chris was suspended twice by the company in his first run, only to then be released. He would later comeback briefly in 2009, before once again finding himself unemployed in 2011. Today, Masters is still actively wrestling independently. At the age of 33 you can bet he still has a lot to give. A WWE return however, seems highly unlikely.

13 Zack Ryder: 31 Years Old

Just recently on May 14th, Ryder celebrated his 31st birthday. Pretty remarkable to think he’s only 31, as it seems like this guy's been around for a really long time. Zack signed his first deal with the company more than a decade ago in 2005. He was only 19 when he made his SmackDown debut in a losing effort to Matt Morgan. Following the match, Ryder joined Deep South Wrestling, WWE’s old developmental system. Ryder would finally make his main roster debut in 2007 as a part of the ECW brand. Fast forward almost a decade later, Ryder just recently won the biggest championship of his career, winning the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania. Although his reign lasted a day, the word backstage was that the company did this as a thank you to Ryder for all his hard work with the company.

12 Xavier Woods: 29 Years Old

You’d think this guy is in his 30s judging by his skills on the microphone. Surprisingly, Xavier is still in his 20s, set to turn 30 this September. Like so many other aspiring wrestlers, Woods started extremely young making his independent debut at the age of 19. When he was only 21, The New Day member signed his biggest deal at the time joining TNA Wrestling. Fast forward three years, Woods would sign a developmental deal with the WWE in 2010, at the age of 24. Today, Woods is enjoying the best success of his entire pro wrestling career under his New Day stable. Fellow member Big E is also a noteworthy youngster, as the powerhouse just turned 30 on March 1st.

11 Kaitlyn: 29 Years Old

The WWE is certainly no stranger when it comes to women retiring at a young age. Kaitlyn was yet another woman that decided to call it quits in her prime. The former WWE employee announced her retirement on July, 17th, 2014; she was only 27 at the time of her announcement. The former Divas Champion made a statement that she wanted to leave the business in order to switch her focus on her clothing line and her marriage. In 2015, Kaitlyn opened up her own smoothie shop in Boca Raton, Florida.

10 Jo Jo: 22 Years Old

It’s rather obvious that the company is trying to get younger and push its “New Era” further. With this being said, the company is getting younger everywhere, including in the ring-announcer department. Crazy to think that Jo Jo is still only 22 years old, making her one of the youngest employees in the entire company. Offerman was signed in May of 2013. She was only 19 at the time of her signing with the WWE’s developmental brand NXT. Today, the youngster is up on the main roster serving as a backstage interviewer and a backup ring announcer to the veteran Lillian Garcia.


9 Jason Jordan: 27 Years Old

Bouncing around various personas, it seemed like Jordan was a talented wrestler that would never find his way because of bad gimmicks. Thankfully, an unlikely pairing with Chad Gable sprung Jordan to the top of NXT as one of the best acts in all of the developmental brand. Believe it or not, Jordan had his very first tryout with the company back in 2010. Jason was only 22 at the time. Jordan elected to finish his college degree before signing with company and in 2011, he reported to FCW after inking his first major deal. It took a couple of years but Jordan finally found himself in developmental. It’s also quite remarkable to think that despite all his years of experience, he’s still only 27. What a future this kid has up on the main roster.

8 Emma: 27 Years Old

Much like Jason Jordan, it took some time before Emma finally found a gimmick that worked. Like Jordan, Emma had time on her side, as she is still only 27 (which she recently turned on March 1st). The Australian reported to FCW after signing her first major deal with the company back in 2011. After a failed stint on the main roster, Emma was repackaged successfully down in NXT. She is currently on the mainstay on the WWE’s roster, working with her long time ally Dana Brooke.

7 Alexa Bliss: 24 Years Old

It’s pretty clear that Sara Del Rey is doing an incredible job with the women down in NXT. Alexa Bliss is a perfect example, she went from an unnamed ring announcer to a villainous heel rather quickly. Despite her small stature, Bliss is very aggressive in the ring and shaping up to be quite the heel at the moment. With a little more experience, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Superstar cracks the main roster by 25.

6 Sasha Banks: 24 Years Old

It seems like her age is the only thing stopping her from being the Women’s Champion. It’s rather obvious that the company is taking their time with Banks, not wanting to rush her rise too quickly. This is why she’s been away from the title picture for quite some time now. You can bet that once she does win the championship, she won’t be giving it up for quite some time. Despite being only 24, Banks already has 6 years of wrestling experience. She made her debut in 2010 and started training in 2008. Still so much time left for the California native who is only just beginning her career.

5 Alicia Fox: 29 Years Old

Fox is the longest serving WWE female on the roster, signing her first deal a decade ago in 2006. Alicia was only 20 at the time of her signing, although she did spend a couple of years in developmental with OVW and FCW. Since 2010, the Florida Native has been a mainstay on the main roster. Today, you are more likely to find her working live events or doing promotional work for the company. Despite still being very young, Alicia’s days with the company may be coming to an end soon, especially with both Bella sisters gone from the company at the moment.

4 Kelly Kelly: 29 Years Old

A reoccurring theme in this article seems to be how young so many former WWE Divas still are today. Kelly Kelly left the WWE way back in 2012. Believe it or not, she was only 25 at the time of her departure. Kelly stated that she needed time off as she was nursing a neck injury. The Diva also had plans to work as a full time model which she has done since leaving. In addition, the 29 year old is working as a reality star with the E! Series WAGS.

3 Bo Dallas: 25 Years Old

Thankfully for Bo, he’s only 25, and set to turn 26 on May 25th. I say thankfully, because his gimmick turned out to be a huge failure on the main roster despite success down in NXT. Dallas still has time to completely resurface his character into something else. The Florida native has already been with the company for 8 years, inking his first deal back in 2008 when he was only 19. It’ll be interesting to see how his character plays out in the upcoming years.

2 Paige: 23 Years Old

Not many Superstars in the WWE ranks have been able to accomplish what Paige already has, not to mention she’s done it all and is still only 23 years old. Paige recently made her return to live action in a winning effort against the Women’s Champion Charlotte. With all the new women being called up, Paige remains one of the most popular faces within the company’s ranks. Don’t expect this Norwich native to be going anywhere anytime soon.

1 Bray Wyatt: 28 Years Old (turns 29 May 23rd)

And the award for most mind blowing 28 year old goes to…. Bray Wyatt! Everything about this guy seems to be so much older, like a veteran in his late 30s. From his wrestling style to his tremendous promos, Wyatt just has it all at such a young age. Bray signed his first deal in 2009, a year after his younger brother Bo. After a failed stint with The Nexus, Rotunda thrived under his new role as Bray Wyatt. Like Sasha Banks, it seems like the WWE are taking their time with Bray, but also like Banks, once this guy reaches the top you can expect him to stay there for a while.


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