16 Older Wrestlers You Wouldn't Believe Are Still Wrestling

Many of the difficulties that come with working in the pro wrestling business arise from your lack of options following the end of your career. Fortunately, some stars took notice of this early on, and did something about it. For example, former wrestler Simon Dean always had a backup plan, something most wrestlers simply do not have. Dean is currently working as a branch manager for Woodforest National Bank in Louisville. Simon knew his days as a wrestler would eventually come to an end, so he prepared for his future while he was still active in the wrestling business. Unfortunately, not all wrestlers think this way, and when some realize that options are limited, they continue to pursue their wrestling career despite their age and state of their bodies.

Today, unions are finally beginning to open up, helping wrestlers cope with their lives after their careers are over. More needs to be done to ensure that retired wrestlers take a proper path once their careers are over. For these 16 wrestlers though, the proper path was to stay in the wrestling business despite their age and despite the abuse their body’s have already taken. These wrestlers simply don’t want to let go of the business and keep going for as long as they possibly can. For some, this is due to limited resources outside of the wrestling business, but for others, it is simply a passion they can’t seem to let go of. Let’s now find out which 16 pro wrestlers are still wrestling today. Enjoy.


16 Ric Flair, 66 Years Old

At the age of 66, Ric Flair is still showing interest in returning back to a WWE ring as a wrestler. The semi-retired Hall of Famer has expressed interest in returning to the ring despite a career that spanned 40 years. Flair admits he is old but believes he can still outperform most young stars in the WWE today. Ric also expressed interest in coming back as a manger if returning as a wrestler isn’t a possibility. In fact, Flair is interested in managing Dolph Ziggler. But Flair admits that if had the option to wrestle, he would jump on the opportunity in a heartbeat.

15 Mick Foley, 49 Years Old

At the age of 49, the Long Island native returned to the ring, wrestling a match for OMEGA Wrestling on the 28th of February. Mick Foley defeated Mickey Gambino at the OMEGA “Night of a Champion” event. As of now, Foley is semi retired and working on a world tour; the show is a stand up comedy act by Foley in which he tells some funny tails from his past encounters. Many expect Foley to once again return to the ring for an independent promotion following his stand up.

14 Sabu, 50 Years Old

It isn’t too uncommon for a wrestler to still be competing at the age of 50 (as you'll see in this particular article), but what’s remarkable is how much of a beating Sabu’s body has taken throughout his career and how he is still wrestling today. Sabu spent the better part of his career wrestling in a dangerous and hardcore fashion. Sabu is a major part of revolutionizing the hardcore aspect of wrestling. Today, Sabu is still wrestling for various independent promotions.

13 The Great Muta, 52 Years Old

Not only is the Great Muta still wrestling at the age of 52, but he is also still at the heart of the battle in the Japanese wrestling promotion Wrestle-1. The Great Muta had a rather long run with the Wrestle-1 Championship before finally losing it against Kai earlier this year, on the 8th of March, 2015. Muta also wrestled for TNA in February, defeating Mr. Anderson as a part of Global Impact: USA versus The World. Quite impressive to say the least.

12 Meng/Haku, 56 Years Old

In his prime, Meng was certainly one of the most feared individuals in the ring. We can even say that his demeanor was similar to Brock Lesnar's. After a brief return with the WWE in 2001, Meng hit the independent circuit where he still is today, wrestling for various promotions such as most recently, World Xtreme Wrestling. Meng is currently regarded as being semi-retired, as he is still taking bookings every once in a while.

11 Marty Jannetty, 55 Years Old

The journeyman Marty Jannetty, still seems to be going strong at the very impressive age of 55 years old. Jannetty also continues to campaign for a spot in the Hall of Fame, something that we can all agree he is certainly deserving of. In 2011, Marty signed a deal with Chikara as a trainer and a wrestler. Jannetty is still working in the promotion, as he is still very capable of putting on a good match at the age of 55.

10 Jim Duggan, 61 Years Old

Being over 60 years old is clearly not a problem for this wrestler. At the age of 61, Jim Duggan just signed a deal with the new wrestling promotion “Global Force Wrestling”. The WWE Hall of Famer will be in charge of promoting GFW events and tours for the new promotion. As if this wasn't impressive enough, Duggan also still works independent circuits from time to time. Duggan wrestled former WWE wrestler Daivari recently at WrestleCade.


9 Jimmy Snuka, 72 Years Old

It is absolutely unbelievable that nearly 33 years after his diving splash off the cage, Superfly is still wrestling today. When asked when he will finally retire, Jimmy Snuka responded by saying "probably never". Jimmy apparently sees no end in sight, loving the wrestling business way too much. Snuka worked a tag match at the age of 71, teaming up with The Patriot. The duo were victorious at the independent event.

8 Bushwacker Luke, 68 Years Old

Who said that you couldn't stay active passed 65 years old? At the age of 68, Bushwacker Luke is impressively still being advertised for different wrestling events. In addition to still being advertised, Luke also spent some time wrestling for Ring of Honor and various independent circuits in Canada. The Bushwacker's were also just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class 2015, This is certainly a tremendous honor for such a memorable and honorable tag team.

7 Bob Orton, 64 Years Old

Believe it or not, at the age of 64, “Cowboy” Bob Orton (yes, the father of WWE superstar Randy Orton) is still actively wrestling independently to this day. Just recently, Orton stepped in the ring for Pinnfall Wrestling Association, where he defeated Bradley Stephens via his son's RKO. Despite his age, Orton (senior) is still actively wrestling and has already fought more than 4 matches so far in 2015.

6 Greg Valentine, 63 Years Old

The native from Seattle, Washington, has wrestled all over the world for more than four decades, winning over 40 Championships during that time span. In 2004, Greg Valentine was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, honoring his tremendous accomplishments in the wrestling business. Despite everything he has already accomplished though, Valentine is still going strong, and still working independent shows today; whether it is strictly for an appearance, or as a competitor in the ring (although this is rarer as of late).

5 Honky Tonk Man, 62 Years Old

Since 2000, the Honky Tonk Man has been working independently, competing all over the world. Honky Tonk (to his credit) has kept himself rather relevant with the aid of social media. Honky Tonk has dropped some infamous shoot interviews in the last couple of years, bashing some of his former colleagues (bashing names such as Ric Flair's). Honky Tonk is still very active with autograph signing sessions and still wrestles for different independent promotions occasionally.

4 The Rock n’ Roll Express, 58 & 56 Years Old

Regarded as one of the greatest tag teams of all time, the Rock n’ Roll Express made their official debut together in the early 80s as a part of Mid-South Wrestling. If you can believe it, this duo is still taking independent bookings to this day, an impressive 35 years later. The duo has fought 6 times thus far in 2015. This is pretty remarkable for Morton and Gibson, who seem to keep on going quite well despite their age.

3 Bob Armstrong, 75 Years Old

Bob Armstrong is currently the oldest active wrestler today at the age of 75. In May of 2009, Armstrong had a retirement show where many past superstars came out to pay their respects to the legend who main-evented the show in what should have been his final match. A couple of years later though, Armstrong would return to the ring competing for Combat Sport Pro. Armstrong is currently working under the title of Chairman of the Combat Committee. As of April 2015, Armstrong is still active for Combat Sport Pro.

2 Bill Goldberg, 48 Years Old

At the age of 48, Bill Goldberg returned to the ring after a rather long leave of absence. Goldberg returned during a special event at Citi Field in New York for the “Legends of Wrestling “event this past week. Goldberg certainly made his presence felt by hitting a huge spear on Scott Steiner, following his match against Rob Van Dam. Goldberg has expressed interest in returning to the ring, however, Bill states that when he does it will be on his terms and for his son. Goldberg is interested in booking an entire event with himself as the main attraction.

1 Dave Kidney, 79 Years Old

In 2011, Dave Kidney became the oldest male wrestler to step in a wrestling ring, at the rather elderly age of 79. His last known match took place for the promotion SSW in January of 2011. Kidney is a wrestler who spent most of his career at home in the United Kingdom. Although this is undoubtedly an impressive feat (and we're not taking away his number one spot), the record for oldest in ring competitor is still held by Mae Young, who competed in a 16-Diva Tag Match at the shocking age of 87.



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