15 WWE Wrestler Ages That Will Shock You

Oh, how time passes on by. Some of our favorite wrestlers of all time are now part of the 50s club; some members include Stone Cold Steve Austin who is set to turn 52 in December, and the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels, who is turning 51 this summer. Let’s face it, those wrestlers we once loved are getting old. Heck, even The Rock is turning 44 in just a couple of weeks. Despite their ages though, one thing’s for sure, the legacies of these three men will last forever no matter how old they are.

This article will take a look at some wrestler ages that will shock you; ages in this article range from 22 all the way up to 71. Some are on the younger side, while others are slowly pushing their way towards the 40s club, but you certainly wouldn’t know it considering how well conditioned these WWE superstars are. For me personally, I feel like everyone looks like they're in their 30s (and Flair looks like he’s been 50 for the last 30 years).

Age is just a number for the 15 superstars on this list. Here are 15 WWE wrestler ages that will shock you. Let us know which entry surprised you the most!


15 Finn Balor: 34 years old

Despite being labelled as the future of the WWE, Finn Balor is set to turn 35 years old on July 25th. You couldn’t tell by looking at the Irish native who is in tremendous shape. Balor made his pro wrestling debut 16 years ago in 2000, for NWA UK Hammerlock. After touring the world and mastering the art of the Japanese style of professional wrestling, Balor would join New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2006. Balor’s stay with the promotion would last 8 years; the veteran would enjoy some tremendous success under the stable, The Bullet Club. On May 15th, 2014, Balor was signed to a developmental deal with the WWE. He is still currently in the WWE’s developmental system NXT,  but turning 35 this year, there’s no doubt Balor will be getting a call up shortly.

14 Shane McMahon: 46 years old

Truly remarkable to see what lengths Shane was willing to go to at the age of 46, and a father of three boys. Shane provided the WWE universe a feeling of nostalgia, jumping off a 20 foot high cell and delivering an elbow off the top rope onto the announce table during Monday Night Raw. How can you not be appreciative of what Shane has done in his return? To put things into perspective, Shane’s barbaric match against Kurt Angle took place 15 years ago in 2001, when Shane was 31 years old. 15 years later, Shane put on a match in front of a record setting WrestleMania crowd that WWE fans will certainly never forget. Thank you Shane.

13 Batista: 47 years old

From WWE mega star to big screen movie star, despite his upbringing rather late, Dave has managed to make quite the name for himself amongst mainstream audiences. To put things into perspective, Batista was signed to his first WWE deal when he was already 31 years old. At WrestleMania 21, Batista would accomplish something he never thought possible by winning the championship in the main event of the WWE’s biggest show. What makes it so much more special was the fact that Batista was 36 at the time of his first World Heavyweight Championship victory, proving once again that age is just a number. To add to his inspiring story, Batista would star in the film Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. At the age of 45, Dave thrived in his role as Drax the Destroyer. There’s no stopping the 47 year old who is currently working on four films.

12 Sasha Banks: 24 years old

Switching focus from old to young, Sasha Banks just recently turned 24. She may wrestle like a veteran of 20 years, but Sasha truly still is a kid at heart. Banks began to train for a career in the wrestling business in 2008 (yes, she was 16 at the time). Once Sasha turned 18, she would make her debut for Chaotic Wrestling as Mercedes KV. A couple of years later in June of 2012, Banks would participate in an open tryout camp with the WWE. It was later announced that Sasha would in fact be signed to a contract. It didn’t take a lot of time before “The Boss” was able to capture her first ever NXT Women’s Championship.

11 Paige: 23 years old

So if you were shocked by Sasha’s age, your jaw probably dropped when you found out Paige is even younger than Banks, at the age of 23! You can’t help but to be amazed at what Paige has been able to accomplish at such a young age. Her resume reads like one of a seasoned Hall of Fame veteran; 2-time Divas Champion, NXT Women’s Champion, Tough Enough judge, Total Divas cast member and acknowledged by Rolling Stone as the Diva of the Year in 2014. Not to mention, Paige is probably the most popular woman on the roster today. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for this young mega star.

10 JoJo: 22 years old

JoJo made her debut with the company in May of 2013; she was 19 when signing her first deal with the company. She just recently turned 22 on March 10th, 2016. JoJo was cast on the first season of Total Divas, and she is also the ring announcer for NXT. Most recently, JoJo was doing backstage interviews at WrestleMania 32. There is no doubt that the young 22 year old has a bright future still ahead of her.

9 Bo Dallas: 25 years old

Despite his lack of a push on the WWE’s main roster, it should be noted that Bo is still only 25 years old. The brother of Bray Wyatt was signed to a deal with the WWE in 2008, he was only 18 at the time of his signing. Bo would enjoy a tremendous developmental career with both FCW and NXT, winning the FCW Heavyweight Championship three times and capturing the NXT Championship as well. The future looked insanely bright for this young star. At the age of 23, Dallas made his debut on the WWE’s main roster under his “Bolieve” gimmick. Despite his credentials, Bo failed to make an impact on the big stage. Still only 25 though, the WWE may be inclined to repackage Bo who still has a lot of miles left in his career with the WWE.


8 Cesaro: 35 years old

You can’t blame wrestling fans for being upset with Cesaro’s misuse over the past couple of years, as the guy's already turning 36 at the end of the year. The Swiss Superman began his training back in Switzerland when he was only 20 years old. Cesaro was the definition of a wrestling journeyman spending time with Chikara, Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Pro Wrestling Noah and various other independent promotions around the world. Finally, at the age of 30, Cesaro was signed to a developmental deal with the WWE. On April 20th, 2012, the 'King of Swing' would make his WWE debut on an episode of SmackDown. Just recently, Cesaro returned to the ring after sustaining a shoulder injury.

7 Ric Flair: 67 years old

At the age of 67, Ric Flair is still going strong appearing on WWE programming every week alongside his 30 year old daughter, Charlotte. Flair is having the time of his life as a proud father managing his daughter Charlotte, who is the current face of the WWE’s new Women’s Division. It is crazy to think that Flair fought his first match over 40 years ago, and even crazier to think that the guy is still going strong today, leading a series of WOOOOs every single night all over the world. Nothing but love for The Nature Boy!

6 Chris Jericho: 45 years old

Could you believe Chris Jericho is already 45 years old? Man, oh man does time fly. Jericho made his pro wrestling debut 26 years ago when he was only 19. Truly remarkable to think that Y2J has been wrestling for 26 years and he’s still going strong today, putting on A+ performances against the likes of AJ Styles. Jericho’s resume speaks for itself; first ever WWE Undisputed Champion, 3-time World Heavyweight Champion, 9-time Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion and 7-time Tag Team Champion. Not to mention, the guy's literally a rock star on his spare time with his band, Fozzy.

5 Dolph Ziggler: 35 years old

Despite his perfect facial features, the show off is actually 35 years old, believe it or not. He is set to turn 36 at the end of July. Following a successful amateur wrestling career, Ziggler was immediately signed to a deal with the WWE in 2004. Ziggler was only 24 when he reported to Ohio Valley Wrestling, the WWE’s former developmental system. A year later, Ziggler would make his debut alongside The Spirit Squad. After a brief stint with the group, Dolph was the only member of five that was kept. He was repackaged in OVW and FCW under his new alias of Dolph Ziggler. Nemeth would make his return to the ring under his new gimmick on September 15th, 2008. Nick’s accomplishments included a multi-time World Heavyweight Championship run and a 4-time Intercontinental Champion.

4 Daniel Bryan: 34 years old

He may have looked like a 40 year old veteran, but the Daniel Bryan was still in the prime of his career retiring at the age of 34. Bryan seemed like an old soul in the ring because of all the experience he was able to gather over the years. Bryan started training to become a pro wrestler in 1999, when he was 18 years old. Daniel attended Dean Malenko’s wrestling school. He would later get trained under Shawn Michaels at the Texas Wrestling Academy. Daniel would go onto wrestle all over the world with stops in Japan for three years and with Ring of Honor. In 2013, Bryan’s “Yes!” movement would change the landscape of the WWE. He would go on to capture WWE World Heavyweight Championship on three different occasions. Daniel’s contributions will be missed by the entire WWE universe.

3 Trish Stratus: 40 years old

When you think of women in sports and entertainment, you can’t help but to remember the beautiful Trish Stratus. The Ontario native is set to celebrate her 41st birthday at the end of the year. Despite her age, Trish still manages to look as good as she did 10 years ago. Today, she is very active with her Yoga studio located in the Toronto, Canada area, which is probably how she still looks so great.

2 John Cena: 38 years old


At the age of 38, John is still the face of the franchise. Cena is set to turn 39 in a couple of weeks, on April, 23rd. John began his training to become a pro wrestler back in 1999 when he was 20. Fast forward almost two decades later, and Cena is the face of the WWE winning the WWE Championship 12 times along with 3 stints with the World Heavyweight Championship. Despite Cena almost about to hit 40, it looks like this guy still has a long way to go, especially if you think about the possibility of John turning heel. Just ask Hogan how many additional years that gimmick change put on his career....

1 Vince McMahon: 70 years old

This man just doesn’t seem to age. At the age of 70, Vince McMahon is still gracing the cover of Muscle and Fitness Magazine. According to John Cena and son-in-law Triple H, no one can rival the work ethic of McMahon who is a beast in the training room, despite his 24/7 work ethic and commitment to the WWE. Set to turn 71 at the end of August, McMahon still looks better than ever. Vince is showing no signs of slowing down with a $1.1 billion net worth.


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