15 WWE Superstars You Won't Believe Are The Same Age As These Celebrities

For those of us who have been die hard wrestling fans for our entire lives, we get completely lost in these characters, as well as the drama and the suspense of a good match. We live for that one night per year when WrestleMania goes live and we can turn into twelve-year-old children again, filled with a sense of wonder and imagination in spite of our fellow adults telling us that it’s all just so silly.

We don’t care if it’s silly, nor should we. But sometimes we get so lost in it all that we forget there’s actually some pretty fun trivia to be had when you stand on the outside and look in. WWE Superstars become staples in our weekly and sometimes daily lives, and as such, we tend to not think about their real lives or things such as how old they really are, because to us they’re ageless!

It can be intriguing and downright fun sometimes to learn that a Superstar you’ve watched for so long is suddenly about to hit his golden years, or that a wrestling star you’ve come to respect is so young that his or her career can only just be getting started. And when you take that knowledge a step further and compare these wrestlers’ ages to those of other celebrities, such as actors, musicians or even politicians, things really get interesting, to say the very least.

Here are 15 wrestlers who are the same age as some surprising celebrities.


15 Kane and Adam Sandler, Age 49

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Known as “The Big Red Machine,” Kane stormed into our living rooms in 1997 as the mysterious younger brother of WWE legend the Undertaker. As the story went, the Undertaker had inadvertently burned his family alive in his early years and Kane had survived, scarred and vengeful. Kane became known for his horror movie-like invincibility in the opening years of his career, though later would be notorious as one of the watered-down wrestlers who made other WWE Superstars look good by losing to them. In spite of his waning usefulness in 2016, Kane is one of WWE’s most iconic monsters.

You may be interested to know that the Undertaker’s cold-blooded brother is actually the same age as some well-known celebrities, namely comedy legend Adam Sandler, known for his stint on Saturday Night Live and a plethora of popular movies like Happy Gilmore, Little Nicky, Big Daddy, The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates and The Waterboy.

Other celebrities the same age as Kane: Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry.

14 Roman Reigns and Scarlett Johansson, Age 31

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Roman Reigns debuted for WWE as a member of the beloved stable The Shield alongside Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in 2012. Though from the perspective of the WWE Universe (WWE’s fancy term for “fans”) Reigns was the least popular of the trio, the company itself saw otherwise and put every ounce of momentum they had behind him. To some extent it’s backfired as the wrestling giant’s biggest young hero is booed out of every building he wrestles in, but the word is out that Reigns is the real deal and he’s here to stay.

It is common knowledge to most wrestling fans that Roman Reigns shares the blood of wrestling royalty, coming to us from the same Anoa’i Dynasty that gave us Rikishi, Yokozuna, the Uso brothers and an endless list of others including WrestleMania legend and Hollywood megastar Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. However, did you know Reigns also has something in common with other Hollywood stars? Roman is the same age as the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson, who is known for starring in several film series such as The Avengers, Captain America and Iron Man.

Other celebrities the same age as Roman Reigns: Keira Knightley, Kelly Osbourne, Prince Harry Windsor.

13 Maryse and Carrie Underwood, Age 33

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Maryse Mizanin, then known as Maryse Ouellet, debuted for WWE ten years ago as part of the WWE Divas Search, an annual competition held by WWE to find their next female stars. Maryse captivated the male viewers who fell in love with her French accent and WWE hired her despite not winning the contest. It was a time when new women coming into WWE weren’t expected to wrestle any classic matches, but Maryse’s two Divas Championships speak for themselves.

On screen, Maryse and her real-life husband and fellow WWE Superstar The Miz often brag about their red carpet status in Hollywood, but even though the couple will be co-starring in an upcoming picture for WWE Films, Maryse has other things in common with the rich and famous: she is the same age as famed country music crooner Carrie Underwood. But unlike Carrie’s ex's, Maryse’s husband probably won’t think “before he cheats” in another wrestling match.

Other celebrities the same age as Maryse: Jared Padalecki, Elisabeth Moss, Emily Blunt.

12 The Undertaker and Sarah Jessica Parker, Age 51

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Current and future WWE Hall of Famers like Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena can all claim to be household names as everyone, not just fans of WWE, know exactly who these men are. But fame outside the ring isn’t everything and there’s no more respected name in the entire wrestling industry than that of The Undertaker. The “Dead Man” debuted for WWE at the annual Survivor Series event in 1990 and has been going strong ever since. Now usually wrestling only one match per year, the Undertaker’s career is winding down but he’ll go down in history as the most revered wrestler to ever step in the ring.

While the Undertaker can’t claim the mainstream recognition of Hulk Hogan or The Rock he’s certainly connected to some well-known faces in Hollywood. At 51, he’s the same age as Sarah Jessica Parker, known for playing Carrie in the long-running Sex and the City franchise all about New York women who talk way too much about their sex lives. Parker’s also known for the Halloween favorite Hocus Pocus and for being married to Matthew Broderick, star of the 80’s film phenomenon Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Other celebrities the same age as The Undertaker: Chris Rock, Courtney Love, Lori Loughlin.

11 Tyler Breeze and Brooke Hogan, Age 28

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Tyler Breeze was a sensation in NXT before being called up to WWE and booked into oblivion. Tyler’s an obvious hit among the WWE Universe, but WWE seems to think the lack of reaction for the poor storylines and matches he’s been given are poor reactions for the wrestler himself. Fortunately, there’s a brand split coming and Tyler Breeze stands to benefit greatly from the WWE draft on July 19.

In both NXT and WWE Tyler’s character has been that of an overconfident supermodel who decks himself out in fur and films himself walking to the ring using a selfie stick. He claims his famous status gives him access to unique residences for every season, but something Breeze doesn’t mention is that he’s the same age as a handful of celebrities, including the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, Brooke. Brooke Hogan herself doesn’t have much of a claim to fame aside from her father’s name, but she did have a tragically-received pop album sometime last decade.

Other celebrities the same age as Tyler Breeze: Michael Cera, Zac Efron.

10 Dean Ambrose and Lady Gaga, Age 30

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Dean Ambrose crashed the WWE party alongside Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns as the group known as The Shield. In late 2012 their reign of terror began, but less than two years later they went their separate ways and have individually been riding the waves of success. Though Ambrose was the last of the former Shield members to get to the main event picture, he’s arguably the most popular of the three and often seen as a modern hybrid of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Mick Foley.

Currently scheduled for a triple threat match between all three former members of The Shield at Battleground 2016, Dean Ambrose’s career is currently at its peak. Fans have followed his WWE career closely but what the WWE Universe may not know is that, at 30, he’s the same age as another star that has also been known to dominate her area of expertise, Lady Gaga.

Other celebrities the same age as Dean Ambrose: Lena Dunham, Megan Fox.

9 Renee Young and Robert Pattinson, Age 30

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WWE’s beloved announcer and backstage interviewer Renee Young started breaking down some barriers when she debuted with the company in 2012. As a woman, Renee has progressed further in the role than any female in WWE history and has quickly become a treasure among fans. She’s witty and she can hold her own, not to mention she’s smoking hot.

Renee’s going to be joining the all-female cast of WWE’s reality show Total Divas next season, so we’re going to be learning a lot more about her. But what you might not learn on that show is that Renee Young is not only the same age as her boyfriend and fellow WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose, but she’s also the same age as the most famous vampire in the world, Robert Pattinson of the Twilight series of films.

Other celebrities the same age as Renee Young: Lea Michele, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.


8 Brock Lesnar and Jared Fogle, Age 38

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Brock Lesnar’s WWE career began in the early 2000s and saw him quickly skyrocket to the WWE Championship and future WWE Hall of Fame status. He left the company a few years after debuting and thrived in UFC before returning to WWE in 2012 for the most dominant run of nearly any Superstar in the history of the company. Lesnar has been an indestructible beast since his return, in which he has seen yet another lengthy run with the WWE Championship and a nasty feud with the Undertaker.

Brock Lesnar has a lot to be proud of, but one fact he surely can’t appreciate is that he’s the same age as famed sandwich eater and child molester Jared Fogle. Fogle, who became a household name as “Subway Jared” after appearing in a slew of ads for the Subway food chain, also made several appearances for WWE before becoming even more widely known as a criminal after he was discovered to be in possession of child pornography and to have had sex with underage girls.

Other celebrities the same age as Brock Lesnar: Maria Menounos, Ashton Kutcher.

7 John Cena and Shakira, Age 39

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While The Undertaker might be the most respected name in wrestling, John Cena can claim the crown as the man who has been the face of WWE for the longest period of time. Cena’s reign of supremacy has lasted now for over 14 years and been packed with so much dominance he’s been labeled “Super Cena” by WWE fans. He’s homing in on tying two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair for most World Championship reigns at 16, and in all likelihood will break that record as he’s not slowing down anytime soon.

John Cena has branched into the acting world recently with a role in the Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck, so he’s made his mark in the celebrity community. But John Cena also shares something in common with a few other celebrities, as he’s the same age as the 39-year-old Colombian pop singer Shakira. Known for songs like “Hips Don’t Lie” and “Whenever, Wherever” as well as her time as a coach on the TV show The Voice, Shakira probably never expected to be talked about in the same breath as a 15-time WWE Champion.

Other celebrities the same age as John Cena: Anna Faris, Andrea Barber.

6 Paige and Miley Cyrus, Age 23

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Paige has racked up more success at age 23 than some WWE Superstars do for their entire careers. As the daughter of famed British wrestler Saraya Knight, Paige came into NXT with a ton of experience already under her belt. She won a tournament defeating Emma to become the first NXT Women’s Champion, then soon burst onto the main roster and defeated AJ Lee for the Divas Championship in her first match. Since then Paige has won the Divas title for a second time and is now one of the most consistently high-quality wrestlers in WWE’s renamed women’s division.

One thing Paige and her fans might not be aware of is that she’s the same age as some notable celebrities including modern pop music icon Miley Cyrus. And age isn’t the only thing they have in common, Miley also came into her industry with a bit of a head start as she’s the daughter of country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus.

Other celebrities the same age as Paige: Hallie Kate Eisenberg (the Pepsi girl) and Josh Hutcherson.

5 Randy Orton and Laura Prepon, Age 36

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As a member of Evolution in the early 2000’s, Randy Orton’s rise to fame came alongside that of Batista with established wrestling stars Triple H and Ric Flair at their sides. Not that Orton needed the help; he was already coming into WWE the son of wrestling legend “Cowboy” Bob Orton. But Randy soon broke out on his own and made a name for himself to such a degree that his career has eclipsed his father’s. He’s been WWE Champion more than almost anyone in history and has wrestled and defeated just about everyone there is to beat.

One statistic Randy Orton has probably not considered, though, is that he shares his age with several big Hollywood names. One of those, Laura Prepon, became widely known as part of the cast of That ‘70s Show, but is probably more popular today for her starring role in the crazy popular Netflix comedic drama Orange is the New Black.

Other celebrities the same age as Randy Orton: Charlie Hunnam, Jason Momoa.

4 Ric Flair and Ozzy Osbourne, Age 67

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If there’s anyone in professional wrestling who commands a comparable level of respect to that of The Undertaker it’s “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Flair won 16 World Championships across four decades and saw factions like The Four Horsemen and Evolution rise to legendary status. He’s been a member of nearly every notable wrestling organization that’s ever existed and raised several children who went on to become professional wrestlers themselves, including current WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte who is revolutionizing the company’s women’s division.

Yes, Ric Flair is certainly a rock star in the world of wrestling, especially if you consider his years as a “limousine-riding, jet-flying, kiss-stealing son of a gun.” How appropriate it is, then, that he should be the same age as rock and roll icon Ozzy Osbourne! Both men have transcended their industries to become worldwide famous and, as a matter of fact, the former Black Sabbath lead singer has made appearances for WWE including one at WrestleMania 2.

Other celebrities the same age as Ric Flair: Samuel L. Jackson, Meryl Streep.

3 Bray Wyatt and Drake, Age 29

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The creepy Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, and Luke Harper, collectively known as The Wyatt Family, have been attempting to overcome bad booking decisions and terrorize WWE for a few years now to varying degrees of success. Now with an added member by the name of Braun Strowman at their side, the group will hopefully see new life breathed into it following the upcoming WWE brand extension. With separate rosters, the Wyatts might be on the verge of finally getting their due.

The Wyatt Family is a rough-looking bunch, no doubt. Those scraggly beards add years to these young men and many members of the WWE Universe probably think Bray Wyatt’s much older than he really is. The truth is Bray is only 29 years old, the same age as several celebrities including former Degrassi actor and current rap star Drake!

Other celebrities the same age as Bray Wyatt: Ellen Page, Lindsay Lohan.

2 Sasha Banks and Jack Gleeson, Age 24

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Sasha Banks is perhaps the biggest female star to come through WWE since Hall of Famers Trish Stratus and Lita. Sasha doesn’t have to do much to get the crowd behind her, frequently getting among the loudest pops of the night. She’s often credited alongside various other female then-NXT stars as giving real steam to the revolution which saw the downfall of the Divas and rise of the women’s division. Banks is a former NXT Women’s Champion and likely in line for a run with the WWE Women’s Championship.

But have you ever considered how Sasha would have dealt with a bratty king had she ever come face to face with Joffrey Baratheon? The magical possibilities naturally come to mind when you realize Sasha and the actor behind the most hated character in Game of Thrones, Jack Gleeson, happen to be the same age. Gleeson certainly looks younger than his years to have convincingly played a young boy on the monstrously popular TV show, but on the flipside, wrestling fans may not have been aware that Sasha Banks is quite so young and has such a long career ahead of her.

Other celebrities the same age as Sasha Banks: Freddie Highmore, Devon Bostick.

1 Vince McMahon and Donald Trump, Age 70

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Without Vince McMahon, who is one of the most hated, yet most respected names in the industry’s history, pro wrestling might not exist in today’s mainstream. How many millions of lives would have been completely unrecognizable from what they are today had McMahon not launched the business into television sets around the globe with the invention of WrestleMania and turned us all into wrestling fans? Love him or not, Vince McMahon continues to reinvent and revolutionize this little niche genre which has been such a large part of who we are for so long.

And, though one could make jokes that Vince McMahon could take over the world if he wants, his old pal and fellow billionaire Donald Trump might actually do it. Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States of America, so come November he could be one of the most powerful men on Earth.

Trump and McMahon have always had a working relationship and quite a lot in common, but did you know they’re also the same age at 70 years old?

Other celebrities the same age as Vince McMahon: Cher, Sylvester Stallone

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