15 WWE Superstar Net Worths That Will Shock You

One of the biggest mysteries wrestling fans want to know about is how much some of their favorite superstars make. Despite their crazy travel schedules, they are actually  compensated quite nicely for their work. John Cena is currently the highest earner amongst current WWE superstars (we will take a look later in this article at how much he is currently worth and making today). The Rock has the company’s highest net worth, he is worth $160 million today. Kurt Angle has the highest net worth outside of the WWE, he is worth $20 million.

So what about some of our other favorite WWE stars? How much does Dean Ambrose make? Or Bray Wyatt? That said, here are 15 WWE superstar net worths you never knew about. Enjoy!

15 Dean Ambrose: $6 million

14 Cody Rhodes: $2.5 million

13 Kofi Kingston: $1.5 million

12 Ryback: $1.5 million

11 Bray Wyatt: $850,000

10 Dolph Ziggler: $3 million

9 Eva Marie: $2.5 million

8 Alberto Del Rio: $6 million

7 Goldust: $2 million

6 Paige: $3.5 million

5 The Bellas: Nikki Bella: $5.5 million / Brie Bella: $4 million

4 Shane McMahon: $35 million

3 Daniel Bryan: $5 million

2 Seth Rollins: $3 million

1 John Cena: $35 million

John Cena is currently the wrestler with the highest net worth and annual salary. Cena is making $3.5 million a year, and his net worth is the most amongst any active wrestler at $35 million. Cena sits at number 3 amongst the highest paid wrestlers just behind Stone Cold’s $45 million and The Rock’s massive $160 million. Cena actually has a bigger net worth than Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, who are both worth $25 million each.


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15 WWE Superstar Net Worths That Will Shock You