15 WWE Superstar Net Worths That Will Shock You

One of the biggest mysteries wrestling fans want to know about is how much some of their favorite superstars make. Despite their crazy travel schedules, they are actually  compensated quite nicely for their work. John Cena is currently the highest earner amongst current WWE superstars (we will take a look later in this article at how much he is currently worth and making today). The Rock has the company’s highest net worth, he is worth $160 million today. Kurt Angle has the highest net worth outside of the WWE, he is worth $20 million.

So what about some of our other favorite WWE stars? How much does Dean Ambrose make? Or Bray Wyatt? That said, here are 15 WWE superstar net worths you never knew about. Enjoy!


15 Dean Ambrose: $6 million

At the prime of his career, Dean Ambrose is starting to make some serious money with the company. Dean is getting paid like an upper-card talent earning $850,000 in 2015. He also made an extra $283,000 in winning bonuses. Ambrose is projected to make $977,500 in 2016. Dean may earn in the millions once 2017 comes around. This WWE star is certainly on the upswing in his career at this point.

14 Cody Rhodes: $2.5 million

Rhodes is currently wrestling under the gimmick of Stardust. Cody is quite the worker, he is currently regarded as a mid-lower card wrestler. Cody’s market value has gone up over the years; in 2015 Rhodes made $550,000, which was a significant increase to his salary from 2014 which saw him make $379,310. Stardust is expected to make $632,500 for 2016, yet another pay raise. Despite his lower card status with the company, Rhodes is one of the most worked superstars on the roster, working four shows a week normally. Cody is at the prime of his career at the age of 30.

13 Kofi Kingston: $1.5 million

Kofi signed his first deal with the WWE in 2006. He was sent to the developmental territory following his deal with the company. Since joining, Kofi has seen his pay increase steadily. With his new gimmick as a member of The New Day, Kofi is now a mid-upper card worker for the company. He is set to receive quite the healthy raise in 2016, making a salary of $535,325 (this compared to his salary of $465,500 in 2015). Kingston will also benefit from a winning bonus, as his group The New Day, have hardly lost a match-up since capturing the Tag Team Championships.

12 Ryback: $1.5 million

Last year Ryback earned $465,500 (and he also earned a solid winning bonus of $155,167). The Las Vegas native is another overworked wrestler, averaging about three to four shows a week. Ryback is expected to earn $535,325 in 2016, undoubtedly a new high for the mid-card wrestler. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for the former WWE Intercontinental Champion.

11 Bray Wyatt: $850,000

You can expect this number to go way up in the upcoming years. Like Ambrose, Bray Wyatt is regarded as a crucial part of the WWE’s future. At still only 28 years old, the sky’s the limit for this WWE star. Despite his mid-upper card status though, Wyatt only made $200,000 last year. He is expected to make $230,000 in 2016. You can expect this number to increase dramatically by 2017, as some expect Wyatt to make a salary of $500,000.

10 Dolph Ziggler: $3 million

Like some of his peers, Dolph Ziggler is quite the worker for the company. His in-ring skills are certainly noticeable, as he is one of the most talented workers on the roster today. In 2015, Ziggler earned $650,000 (he also received a healthy winning bonus of $258,333). Ziggler is expected to earn another pay raise for 2016 (the number is still unclear but estimated to be around $775,000). At the age of 35, this WWE superstar is showing no signs of slowing down in the ring. It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for this mid-upper card talent.

9 Eva Marie: $2.5 million

In 2015, Eva was one of the lowest earners on the main roster making a salary of $200,000. This is actually not bad at all considering Eva rarely wrestled. If this NXT Diva can somehow improve her in-ring talents she would certainly sky rocket to the top of the Divas Division because of her unique look. As of right now, Eva is set to make a similar salary because of her status with the company. Eva is currently working with the WWE’s developmental system down in NXT. Despite her lower card status with the WWE, Eva has made a steady income outside of the wrestling business working various photoshoots and earning endorsement deals with several companies including the popular fitness brand Shredz.


8 Alberto Del Rio: $6 million

At the age of 37, Alberto Del Rio has been in the wrestling business for 16 years working all around the world. Alberto earned some serious bonuses in 2012 and 2013, after he captured the World Heavyweight Championship. It is estimated that Del Rio will be making approximately $776,250 in 2016. This is a little less than his 2015 salary which saw Alberto make over a million dollars according to Forbes.

7 Goldust: $2 million

This guy truly has been around forever. Runnels has been wrestling for 27 years now (pretty crazy to think about). The WWE star has been all around the World including stops in All Japan Pro Wrestling and TNA. Today, Goldust is considered a lower-card worker with the company. Runnels earned a salary of $185,000 in 2015, including a $61,000 winning bonus. The lower-card veteran is expected to make a little over $212,000 in 2016.

6 Paige: $3.5 million

Absolutely remarkable to think that Paige is worth $3.5 million at the young age of 23 (there certainly aren’t many people that can say that at her age). As of 2015, Paige has the 4th highest net worth amongst active WWE Divas. She only trails the highest earner Nikki Bella, by $1.5 million. With so many years to go you have to believe that Paige will have the highest net worth amongst all the WWE Divas. What a future this 2-time WWE Divas Champion has with the company.

5 The Bellas: Nikki Bella: $5.5 million / Brie Bella: $4 million

The Bellas have come a long way with the company, as the two are currently in the top 3 for highest Diva net worths in the WWE as of 2015. Niki currently has the highest net worth at $5.5 million. The former Divas Champion earned a salary of $310,000 in 2015. Brie sits in the number 3 spot behind Natalya. Brie made a salary of $280,000 during the 2015 campaign. The two twins have a combined net worth of just under $10 million.

4 Shane McMahon: $35 million

Shane decided to leave the world of wrestling and make a splash in the business world. McMahon became the CEO of You On Demand, a PPV company in China. He is also a minority owner in the WWE. You can expect Shane’s stock to go up even more if he does in fact one day take the place of his father as the acting CEO of the WWE.

3 Daniel Bryan: $5 million

With his future outside of a WWE ring, Daniel Bryan certainly has some money to invest in a new (or a few) future project(s). In 2014, Bryan made $675,000 with the WWE. He also made a tremendous winning bonus, along with another pay for being a part of the WWE’s reality show Total Divas. We wish Bryan nothing but the best on his post-WWE career and future endeavors.

2 Seth Rollins: $3 million

At the young age of 29, look for Seth Rollins to be the company’s highest earning superstar in the future. Rollins made some huge bonuses on his contract after he cashed in his “Money in the Bank” contract at WrestleMania, and capturing the WWE Championship in the process. With a lack of upper-card heels on the roster right now, expect Seth’s stock to rise even greater once he makes his long awaited return to the ring.

1 John Cena: $35 million

John Cena is currently the wrestler with the highest net worth and annual salary. Cena is making $3.5 million a year, and his net worth is the most amongst any active wrestler at $35 million. Cena sits at number 3 amongst the highest paid wrestlers just behind Stone Cold’s $45 million and The Rock’s massive $160 million. Cena actually has a bigger net worth than Stephanie McMahon and Triple H, who are both worth $25 million each.


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