15 WWE Stars Who Hate Civilization

When looking at the state of the business today, man have times ever changed in more ways than one. The WWE is now in better shape than ever with the company with professionalism at an all-time high, something that would seem like an impossibility back in the day.

Where a wrestler resides is also another factor that has surprisingly changed over the years. Back in the 90s, WWE stars lived all over the United States and even in Canada. Today, this is another element that’s changed drastically, with a bulk of the new era Superstars residing out of the Florida area, close to the WWE’s Performance Center. Even a veteran like Chris Jericho moved to the area, as he now resides in Tampa, Florida.

This article will instead shed some light on those that still live in different areas. Most of the wrestlers on this list are 90s stars (not surprisingly), but there are some new era stars who live close to their place of birth, or in the case of Dean Ambrose, a wacky and random location to reside in Vegas. With that said, let's kick off the list with Dean Ambrose and make our way down to the other 14 WWE stars that reside in private areas. Enjoy!


15 Dean Ambrose: Las Vegas, Nevada

This may or may not surprise you, but yes, Dean Ambrose does in fact reside out of Las Vegas, Nevada, making him one of the only wrestlers in the WWE to live in the area. What makes Dean so great is that his awkward on-screen personality is basically just a reflection of who he really is in real life. Living in Vegas certainly justifies that. He also spends some time in Toronto, Canada, with his girlfriend, WWE employee Renee Young.

Ambrose was not born or raised in Vegas, he was actually born in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the Stone Cold Podcast, it was made public that Ambrose spent the majority of his time living in a public house, and he used wrestling as a source of escape and motivation during his childhood. Soon after, he’d pursue a career in the wrestling business and eventually sign a deal with the WWE in April of 2011.

How did he end up in Vegas? Well, that’s Dean just being Dean!

14 Seth Rollins: Davenport, Iowa

In the ring, he’s all about being the top dog in front of the public, but outside of it, he’s the complete opposite, enjoying his normal life away from the public’s eye residing out of Davenport, Iowa. Why Iowa? Well it’s simple, Seth was born in Buffalo, Iowa, where he formed some great relationships he still enjoys today. He also has his family in the area which made his move to Davenport that much easier with all his friends and family close by. In addition, he opened up a gym/wrestling school in the area, so when he’s not home relaxing from a day off, he’s probably at the facility getting a workout in or taking a few bumps in the ring with some of his students.

Rollins also enjoys the simpler things Iowa has to offer, like going to local restaurants, spending time with his dog Kevin, and just really hanging out with friends playing video games. Seth’s roots have stayed the same despite all his success in the industry; props to Rollins for that.

13 AJ Styles: Gainesville, Georgia

Since he began in the wrestling business back in the late 90s, Styles had two priorities: become a star in the industry and provide for his family.

Staying complacent with TNA after all those years had a lot to do with the travel schedule, because unlike the WWE, TNA shot their shows in the same location and had a very light schedule. The WWE instead, was (and still is) a touring machine being on the road constantly. This caused Styles to stay with TNA for a decade until he finally decided to leave for Japan in an attempt to resurface his brand value, which would lead to a better life for his family.

AJ’s vision became a reality after the wrestler not only became the hottest commodity in all of the industry, but he signed a lucrative deal with the WWE in the process. The best part for AJ signing the deal was being able to provide for his family according to the Phenomenal One.

With a lighter schedule because of the brand split, AJ spends as much time as possible with his four children and wife of two decades, Wendy Jones. The family is happily residing out of Gainesville, Georgia.

12 Randy Orton: St. Charles, Missouri

Contrary to beliefs, Orton was actually born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and not the Missouri area. The life of a pro wrestler back in the 70s and 80s was like you were a circus performer travelling non stop; some wrestlers went as far as to work six out of seven days a week in six different cities. That was the life of a pro wrestler.

His father Bob Orton, lived through that era. The family was constantly all over the place before finally settling down in the Missouri area where Orton was raised. Randy’s family were against Orton having a wrestling career because of the brutal travelling, so they encouraged him to pursue a stable career instead, but as you probably know, that did not work out.

Despite his fame and success, Orton still lives in the area he grew up in residing out of St. Charles, Missouri. Following an event, Randy heads back home to spend time with his new wife Kimberly Kessler and their children.

11 Paul Heyman: Scarsdale, New York

What can we say, some guys are just loyal to their roots. Born in Westchester County, New York, Paul Heyman has predominantly stayed in the city he loves dearly. Not only is Paul a passionate New Yorker, but he also built his brilliant persona off of those kayfabe roots.

He began in the industry working in the New York area which was dominated by the WWE at that point. Heyman made his first buck during a WWE show in MSG taking a picture backstage; he would eventually sell that photo to the company.

He would go onto make a name for himself under the persona of Paul E. Dangerously, an arrogant New York agent. The guy absolutely thrived because he was basically portraying himself in front of the wrestling world. And well, the rest is history, as they say.

Today, Heyman works a part-time schedule with the WWE and spends most of his time in the New York area helping to run an agency he co-owns, Advertising Age’s.

10 Rusev & Lana: Nashville, Tennessee

Rusev is from Bulgaria, and Lana was born in Gainesville, Florida. Which begs the question, why the heck did they end up in Nashville? The two moved to the city last year before getting married or engaged. They were spotted in the area several times, including a particular instance during a Nashville Predators game where the couple was shown on the big screen and was also asked to pump up the crowd during the game. Quite different to their role in the WWE, which serves the opposite purpose: to silence the crowd and draw some serious heat.

As for why they moved to Nashville, the couple wanted to be secluded and according to reports, the couple felt like the location was ideal for travel purposes seeing how it’s located in the middle of the country.

Today, the couple are happily married just finishing their honeymoon and heading back to work.

9 R-Truth: Indian Trail, North Carolina

Truth was actually born in Atlanta, Georgia, although he was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. His childhood was rather difficult, living in a poor family and getting arrested for the distribution of illegal drugs. Wrestling would eventually save his life and before he knew it, he was wrestling for the WWE’s main roster in 2000.

He would float around during the mid 2000s with TNA and other Indie promotions, only to return to the WWE in 2008 and stay with the company till this very day.

Outside of the ring, Truth would marry Pamela Killings in 2011. A year later in 2012, the couple would buy a beautiful home located in the North Carolina area, rather secluded from other homes. Later on, in 2014 the couple would welcome their very first daughter. Truth is still residing out of North Carolina today and flies back home following Raw events and live shows.


8 Mark Henry: Austin, Texas

Born in Silsbee, Texas, Henry has called the great state his home for his entire life. After a successful power lifting career, the WWE instantly contacted Henry, shooting the big man some serious dollar signs along with a ten year deal. The company was fully invested into Henry and the world’s strongest man would ink a deal with the WWE despite no previous experience.

His signing was certainly worthwhile. Since he inked that deal in 96’ Henry has never left the WWE and has been employed for two decades with McMahon’s empire. The time spent with the company certainly made his life outside of the WWE a joy; he purchased a beautiful 4,518 square foot home in Austin, Texas. The house has a beautiful lake view along with a breathtaking backyard with a pool and entertainment area.

At the age of 45, Henry will be enjoying most of his time in Austin, Texas, once his WWE career finally comes to an end.

7 Jerry Lawler: Memphis, Tennessee

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re pretty sure you’re aware that Jerry Lawler is born in the great city of Memphis, Tennessee. Still to this day, The King proudly celebrates his origins residing out of the area after all these years.

Rewinding way back to 1970 when the King was trying to make it as a DJ in Memphis, he was later asked to give pro wrestling a shot. It not only worked out, but Lawler became an icon in the city becoming the face of pro wrestling in that area, which was a huge deal back in the day as the pro wrestling business was split by territories and not different companies that toured. Lawler owed all of his success to Memphis and he would later branch out to the WWE, joining the company in 1992.

Today, Lawler spends most of his time in Memphis with a part-time WWE schedule as a panelist. He is a valued member of the community and avid Coca-Cola collector with memorabilia filling up his Tennessee residence.

6 Kane: Dandridge, Tennessee

He’s now selling his beautiful private Tennessee home, although he loves the area and plans to move nearby. The reason for the sale is because of the commute; he and his wife constantly travel to an agency which is an hour away. According to recent speculation, Kane is also apparently pondering a possible run for mayor in Tennessee, which really confirms how invested he is in the area.

A lesser known fact about Kane is that he’s actually born in Madrid, Spain. His family was residing out of the area at the time, stationed at an Air Force base for the United States. Kane would later grow up in Missouri attending the Northeast Missouri State University and picking up a degree in English Literature.

Today, Kane is happily working a part-time schedule with the WWE and living in the Tennessee area, along with his wife Crystal Goins and two children.

5 Mick Foley: Garden City, New York

If you watch the new WWE Network show Holy Foley, you’re well aware that the Foley family resides out of the greater New York area, a place that Foley has called home for practically his entire life. However, Foley is actually born in Indiana. He’d move to New York when he was very young and lived pretty much his entire life in the area going to both college and university in New York.

His career altering moment also took place in NYC when he and a buddy hitchhiked to Madison Square Garden. That very night, Foley’s jaw literally dropped after he saw Jimmy Snuka perform a dazzling splash off the top of the steel cage; that moment changed Mick forever and from then on, he set his sights on becoming a pro wrestler.

Foley is still appreciative of his roots and has raised his family (consisting of four children) out of the area. At the age of 51, Foley is enjoying his time as Raw’s General Manager.

4 Triple H & Stephanie McMahon: Weston, Connecticut

Like the Chairman Vince McMahon, both Stephanie and Triple H also enjoy their private life living away from the public’s eye. Hunter and Steph live in a secluded area located in the Connecticut area (Vince actually lives down the road, believe it or not). The location for both houses is also conveniently located next to the WWE headquarters where McMahon, Hunter and Stephanie spend most of their days off from the road.

Hunter and Stephanie got married in 2003 and began to raise a family in 06’ expecting their first child. Aurora Rose was the first. Then came Murphy Claire in 08’, followed by Vaughn Evelyn in 2010, the couple’s last daughter to date.

Despite their hectic schedules the couple makes it a priority to spend as much time as possible with their children. Nowadays, Stephanie flies back home after Raw, while Hunter spends some additional days down in NXT at the Performance Center in Orlando. As of now, neither attends the SmackDown shows which has helped their crazy schedule a heck of a lot.

3 The Undertaker: Austin, Texas

Like Mark Henry, The Deadman lives a quiet life residing out of Austin, Texas. Like other Texans (including Henry), Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, these wrestlers are loyal to their Texas roots and still reside in the area that they were born in, which says a lot.

Taker was from Houston, Texas, has four brothers and attended Waltrip High School during his youth. He was quite the basketball and football player growing up.

Following high school, he would stay in Texas attending Texas Wesleyan University located in Fort Worth, Texas. Once he was done with his schooling, Taker opted to pursue wrestling instead of a basketball career. He began at home, wrestling with World Class Championship Wrestling. Once he gained valuable experience he finally left the great state and joined WCW as Mean Mark Callous.

Today, Taker spends his time at home and is great in the community. With a schedule consisting of very limited dates, the 51 year old is living his new life as a family man with wife Michelle McCool.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin: Tilden, Texas

Along with his wife Kristin, the two spend time in both Tilden and the California area, owning residences in both areas. Known as the Broken Skull Ranch, Austin fulfilled his lifelong dream of purchasing a beautiful ranch worth up to $45 million (if you can believe it). He bought the ranch back in 2006. The property is a 2,000 acre piece of land, which is absolutely gigantic. He even films a reality show, Broken Skull Ranch on his own property.

As you probably already know, Steve is a loyal Texan. He was born in Austin but later moved to Victoria, Texas, alongside his mother. He grew up in the area and attended the University of North Texas. Like The Undertaker, once he branched out into the world of pro wrestling he started in the area. He would later expand his horizons by joining a Memphis promotion which labelled him as “Steve Austin”. Shortly after, the WCW would contact the megastar and in 1991, he would debut for the company launching his mainstream career.

1 Brock Lesnar: Maryfield, Saskatchewan, Canada

We saved the most curious name on the list for the end. Despite having no connection whatsoever to Saskatchewan, Lesnar is currently happily residing in the area. You can’t help but to scratch your head as to why and how a Dakota boy ended up in Western Canada.

Believe it or not, there are several reasons as to why. For one, Lesnar had made it abundantly clear, he doesn’t like people and enjoys living a private life away from the public eye. Second, he loves farming and Saskatchewan is in fact, a great farming area which has archers of land surrounding it. And finally, some believe that Lesnar left the United States because of his political problems with the country. He made quite the statement at his last UFC fight when he represented Canada and not the United States.

Whatever the case may be, Lesnar is happily residing out of Maryfield along with his wife Sable, and two sons, Turk and Duke.


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