15 WWE Stars That Are Older Than You Think

For some WWE stars, it’s rather evident that age is just a number. Nowadays, it takes a tremendous amount of strength and conditioning to perform at an optimal level. Just watch tapes of matches during the early to mid-90’s, and you'll notice wrestlers were slow and sluggish with barely any conditioning levels. Oh, how that’s changed today; matches feel like they’re being performed on fast forward compared to the 90’s, and conditioning is the best it has ever been with the company. With this being said, all the training has made some of these wrestlers look absolutely ageless. Look at Finn Balor for example, the guy is sculpted from head to toe, but despite his young look, Balor is actually turning 35 in July. That’s right, 35.

The following article will take a look at some wrestler ages you just wouldn’t expect from some of your favorite past and current WWE stars. These wrestlers prove that age really doesn’t defy one's look. So, let’s get to it; here are 15 WWE stars that are older than you think. Enjoy!


15 Lita: 41 years old

According to Lita’s birth certificate she just turned 41. How? I really don’t know. Lita is still very active on WWE television, particularly on the company’s network. She still looks absolutely stunning, and age is certainly just a number for this former Women’s Champion. Dumas wrestled her final match over a decade ago (if you can believe it) at the 2006 Survivor Series. Lita dropped the title to Mickie James. Her relationship with Edge also came to an abrupt end without any real explanation. Today, as we just discussed, Lita is back with the company. You can see her as a panel member alongside Booker T during WWE PPV events.

14 Shelton Benjamin: 40 years old

Like every year before WrestleMania, rumors began to run rampant about a possible return for Shelton Benjamin to the WWE. Unlike other former WWE stars, Benjamin thrived after leaving the company recreating himself with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Shelton has enjoyed some great success since leaving the company nearly 6 long years ago, and Benjamin is confident that he will step into a WWE ring one more time before he calls it quits. The company better act fast though, as Shelton’s set to shockingly turn 41.

13 Hideo Itami: 35 years old

Like AJ Styles, Kenta still has so much to give despite his age of 35, which he just recently turned in early March. Wrestling enthusiasts have a handful of dream matches involving Itami on the main roster. With this being said, fans hope to see Hideo on the main roster as soon as possible. It hasn’t been easy for the seasoned veteran as of late though, in January it was announced that due to complications Itami wasn’t even close to coming back. Fans are hopeful that Kenta will be back in a WWE ring by the summer.

12 The Hardy Boyz: Jeff, 38 years old, Matt, 41 years old


Before this past WrestleMania, rumors were running rampant about a possible Hardy Boyz reunion on WWE television. Unfortunately, that never happened. Matt is currently enjoying a renaissance to his career as a major heel with TNA Wrestling, and he was also recently the company’s World Champion before dropping the title. Jeff is also enjoying success with the promotion, but Hardy has said that he plans on finishing his career with the WWE. At the age of 38 and brother Matt hitting his 40’s, wrestling fans hope this jump happens sooner rather than later.

11 Torrie Wilson: 40 years old

Get ready for this one; Torrie Wilson is set to turn 41 on July 24th. Just wow. If you still follow Wilson on social media, you know she hasn’t aged a single day since leaving the wrestling business, and the former WWE star looks better than ever. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, as Torrie is a huge fitness enthusiasts nowadays residing out of Los Angeles, California. Wilson left the wrestling business on May 8th, 2008, making it already 8 years since she departed from WWE television. Don’t worry about Torrie though, she’s doing just fine with her $18 million net worth. It’ll be interesting to see if Wilson will ever get acknowledged as a WWE Hall of Fame candidate.

10 Stacy Keibler: 36 years old


Like her other WCW counterpart Torrie Wilson, Stacy just hasn’t aged since leaving the wrestling business. Despite being a mom to her child Ava Grace Pobre, Keibler has managed to stay in perfect shape because of training and dieting. Stacy was a rare case of a superstar that left in her prime. Just as Stacy was becoming a star with the company, she left a decade ago in 2006, to appear on the popular reality show Dancing With The Stars. This was a great move for Keibler who gained some serious national exposure with this gig. She would also go on to date George Clooney. Stacy is set to turn 37 this upcoming October.

9 Samoa Joe: 37 years old

For Joe, it was simply a "now or never" type of decision. Give this guy credit, because despite all his accomplishments outside of the WWE, Joe accepted a deal to work with the WWE’s underground development promotion NXT. Joe has thrived in his role becoming the brand's number one heel. With a recent championship victory, it seems like Samoa may be sticking around for a little longer with the developmental territory. Like AJ Styles, Joe made his debut way back in 1999. Despite his age, wrestling fans cannot wait to see this guy up on the main roster taking on the likes of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. The best is still yet to come with this guy.


8 AJ Styles: 38 years old

For AJ, signing with the WWE really was a "now or never" kind of ordeal. Although he seems brand new to WWE fans, Styles has been around the block wrestling all over the world since 1999. Do the math; that’s a heck of a lot of travel for Styles throughout his career. AJ’s stops included 6 years with Ring of Honor (split in two different stints), over a decade with TNA Wrestling and 2 years with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Although he is 38, Styles admitted he feels like a kid again starting fresh with the WWE. Despite his age, Styles still has so much to give and oh, so many opponents to take on. Look for AJ to last at least another 2-3 years with the company.

7 Baron Corbin: 31 years old

He may seem new to wrestling fans but Corbin is already in his 30’s (set to turn 32 in September). Remarkable to think that it took Corbin less than 4 years to make it to the main roster since signing his first deal with the WWE’s developmental system back in August of 2012. Keep in mind, Corbin had no prior experience whatsoever, all he had was a boxing and football background. His quick rise to the top despite no experience is comparable to Roman’s. This guy's going to be a mega star with the company for many years to come.

6 Kane: 49 years old

Just recently, on April 26th Kane turned 49 years old, wow. It seems like the guy has been around forever making his debut on February of 1995, under his name Mike Unabomb. Crazy to think that since then, Kane has been a part of the WWE family spanning over two decades. Not many wrestlers can say they accomplished such an extraordinary feat. You can bet Kane will be a part of the company behind the scenes for many years to come. On behalf of wrestling fans around the world, thank you Kane for all you’ve done.

5 Sheamus: 38 years old

It took a while before Sheamus finally became a mainstay on the WWE’s roster; some believe he managed to do so because of his relationship backstage with Triple H. It wasn’t before 2009 that the Celtic Warrior finally made his debut with the ECW brand. Before he finally made it to the main-card, Sheamus bounced around several different promotions from Irish Whip Wrestling to various independent British promotions. After he was signed to a WWE deal, Sheamus spent 3 years working on his character down in FCW. It certainly was a long route to the top for Sheamus.

4 Shinsuke Nakamura: 36 years old

Yes, the king of Strong Style has finally arrived to the WWE. Nakamura is a legend in Japan, and he quickly made an impact back in 2002, deemed the “Super Rookie”. After a decade of dominance, Nakamura finally decided to bring his talents to the North America signing a deal with the WWE. Despite being new to WWE fans, Shinsuke is already 36 years old. Age doesn’t matter with this guy who tore down the house alongside Sami Zayn at NXT TakeOver: Dallas. This is only the beginning for Nakamura and his run with the WWE. Fans cannot wait to see him on the main roster.

3 Shawn Michaels: 50 years old

The roof almost blew off the AT&T Stadium when Shawn Michaels, alongside Mick Foley and Steve Austin, stunned the crowd (no pun intended) with a surprise appearance. Set to turn 51 in July, Michaels looked absolutely ageless with his physique looking great. According to rumors, McMahon begged Shawn to make and in-ring return at the event, but unfortunately Shawn told Vice he didn’t have enough time to get prepared for a possible match-up. Crazy to think that despite his age, rumors still fly around about Michaels competing in one more match. That’s truly how good he was!

2 The Rock: 43 years old

Not going to lie, the flame thrower thing was just a little weird. But hey, it’s always great to see the People’s Champ return to the place he calls home. With all his success and fame, The Rock never forgets his roots, breaking into the wrestling business over two decades ago. The Rock would become a global star and arguably the most popular wrestler in history of all pro wrestling. Set to turn 44 on May 2nd, age is certainly just a number for this guy.

1 Brock Lesnar: 38 years old

Not sure what’s more shocking here, Lesnar turning 39 in July or Paul Heyman recently turning 50. Is it just me or does it seem like Paul’s been 50 for the last decade? Anyways, putting that matter aside, Lesnar has been on and off with the company for 16 years now. It seems like Brock finally found a perfect role working on a part-time schedule for the company. Many debate whether Lesnar has a lot left to give with the WWE. Despite his tremendous shape, it seems like Brock is becoming less and less interested as the years go by. It’ll be interesting to see if Brock stays with the company into his 40’s.


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