15 WWE Stars That Are Older Than You Think

For some WWE stars, it’s rather evident that age is just a number. Nowadays, it takes a tremendous amount of strength and conditioning to perform at an optimal level. Just watch tapes of matches during the early to mid-90’s, and you'll notice wrestlers were slow and sluggish with barely any conditioning levels. Oh, how that’s changed today; matches feel like they’re being performed on fast forward compared to the 90’s, and conditioning is the best it has ever been with the company. With this being said, all the training has made some of these wrestlers look absolutely ageless. Look at Finn Balor for example, the guy is sculpted from head to toe, but despite his young look, Balor is actually turning 35 in July. That’s right, 35.

The following article will take a look at some wrestler ages you just wouldn’t expect from some of your favorite past and current WWE stars. These wrestlers prove that age really doesn’t defy one's look. So, let’s get to it; here are 15 WWE stars that are older than you think. Enjoy!

15 Lita: 41 years old

14 Shelton Benjamin: 40 years old

13 Hideo Itami: 35 years old

12 The Hardy Boyz: Jeff, 38 years old, Matt, 41 years old

11 Torrie Wilson: 40 years old

10 Stacy Keibler: 36 years old

9 Samoa Joe: 37 years old

8 AJ Styles: 38 years old

7 Baron Corbin: 31 years old

6 Kane: 49 years old

5 Sheamus: 38 years old

4 Shinsuke Nakamura: 36 years old

3 Shawn Michaels: 50 years old

2 The Rock: 43 years old

1 Brock Lesnar: 38 years old

Not sure what’s more shocking here, Lesnar turning 39 in July or Paul Heyman recently turning 50. Is it just me or does it seem like Paul’s been 50 for the last decade? Anyways, putting that matter aside, Lesnar has been on and off with the company for 16 years now. It seems like Brock finally found a perfect role working on a part-time schedule for the company. Many debate whether Lesnar has a lot left to give with the WWE. Despite his tremendous shape, it seems like Brock is becoming less and less interested as the years go by. It’ll be interesting to see if Brock stays with the company into his 40’s.


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15 WWE Stars That Are Older Than You Think