15 WWE Stars Still Trying To Live Off Their 15 Seconds Of Fame

Working for the WWE seems like a dream for millions of wrestling fans around the world; what can possibly be better than living your fantasy and being a role model for millions around the globe? With this in mind, what do you do when it’s all over? This is a question so many former WWE stars struggle with. Some find new career paths while others attempt to hang on for as long as they can by staying in the business with another promotion, or making a quick buck attending a wrestling convention trying to unload some old memorabilia. Yes, this is in fact the dark side of pro wrestling, the side the WWE never sheds any sort of light on.

As you will see in this article, this issue is a reality for these former WWE stars. Some in their 30s, while others are over 50. These past stars are still desperately trying to hang on to the fame they earned in the 90s and 2000s. Let’s get started; here are 15 former WWE stars still trying to live off their 15 seconds of fame. Enjoy!

15 Carlito Cool

14 Ezekiel Jackson

13 Kevin Thorn

12 Chris Masters

11 Ken Anderson

Always a smooth talker on the mic, Ken Anderson struggled in the ring, and this eventually cost him his job with the WWE despite his popularity as Mr. Kennedy. After a brief run independently, Anderson was signed to TNA; he would go on to wrestle for the company from 2010 to 2016. Anderson was recently fired after he failed a random Substance Abuse test.

10 Mike Knox

9 Tyson Tomko

8 Justin Credible

7 Shane Douglas

6 The Honky Tonk Man

5 Jim Cornette

4 Marty Jannetty

3 Buff Bagwell

2 Virgil

1 Sunny

Tammy Sytch left the WWE more than 15 years ago. How she is still managing to make headlines baffles many wrestling fans across the world. Sunny has managed to stay relevant after all these years via social media. Her comments about former WWE stars were very controversial, drawing many fans towards her, which seems to be the reason why she constantly stays relevant. She recently made headlines once again for a deal with the adult company Vivid Entertainment. Sunny is a mainstay at wrestling conventions being one of the more popular attractions. You can also find her doing adult Skype sessions online.


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15 WWE Stars Still Trying To Live Off Their 15 Seconds Of Fame