15 WWE Stars Publicly Humiliated By Their Co-Workers

Crazy to think that still today, so many wrestlers from the 90s are still making a quick buck telling candid backstage stories from their glory days. Wrestling fans like myself still have such an inte

Crazy to think that still today, so many wrestlers from the 90s are still making a quick buck telling candid backstage stories from their glory days. Wrestling fans like myself still have such an interest in hearing some kayfabe stories about what went on behind the scenes years ago, and it’s quite remarkable how many new stories manage to circulate over time.

Today, times have changed and stories seem rather dull. This is why we tend to rely on old stories for entertainment. McMahon has evolved the WWE into a professional work environment that demands the absolute highest standard of class and work ethic in and out of the ring. The days of the circus-like atmosphere are certainly done. This article will take a look at some of our favorite 90’s wrestlers and their comments about some past and current WWE stars. From Sunny to Chris Jericho to even Steve Austin, it’s safe to say these pro wrestlers aren’t afraid to speak their minds when it comes to some of their former co-workers. So, let's dive right in; here are 15 former WWE Superstars that were publicly humiliated by their co-workers. Enjoy!

15 Rob Van Dam on Shawn Michaels

RVD was known to be quite the character backstage during his run with the WWE. So many former wrestlers claim that Van Dam was never the face of the company because of his lack of communication skills with the boss, Vince McMahon. According to countless former WWE stars that worked with Vince, they admit that most of the time if you’re on top, it’s because you have a relationship with the boss. Rob was usually a wild card, admitting himself that his conversations with Vince were usually weird and awkward, and McMahon would stop the wrestler backstage and try to make conversation only to see it end rather quickly. Rob also had a difficult time communicating with WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. According to Van Dam, Michaels was very arrogant in his tone when he spoke to the former ECW star. Apparently Shawn would always talk down to him in a condescending manner. Van Dam recalls Shawn congratulating Rob on his Hall of Fame appearance inducting The Sheik, although he claims the compliment was “back ended” more than anything. Yet another former wrestler with some harsh words for the Heart Break Kid.

14 Ahmed Johnson and Road Dogg on The Rock

Pretty odd to see people knocking on The Rock, as there really isn’t much to hate about this guy. However, back in his earlier days he did tend to rub some of his former co-workers the wrong way. According to Ahmed Johnson, The Rock was very arrogant early on in his career. In one instance, Johnson recalls The Rock turning down Ahmed’s ideas of taking some of his big bumps, while Johnson instead obliged to do everything The Rock wanted. This infuriated him and ended with the two pushing one another (punches were also thrown before wrestlers on the scene came to break things up).

Road Dogg was another wrestler that had some harsh words for the people’s champ. During a shoot interview, Road Dogg claimed that The Rock was very arrogant backstage with everyone, even with those older than him. The former DX member claimed that he treated The Rock the same exact way and that the two really did not get along. Keep in mind, this all took place during Road Dogg’s darker drug infused days. Safe to say he’s a changed man today, holding a prominent position with the WWE backstage.

13 Hardcore Holly on Stone Cold Steve Austin

In most of his interviews, Bob Holly sounds rather bitter about some moments that transpired during his WWE career; he has knocked several of his former co-workers, and one in particular which shocked wrestling fans was his comments regarding Stone Cold Steve Austin. According to Bob, fame changed Austin. Holly discusses the fact that Austin developed an ego and all of a sudden, apparently “knew everything”. Holly also commented on the fact that when Austin started gaining more money and power he stopped acknowledging Billy Gunn and Holly, who were his former travelling buddies before he rose to fame. Rare to see negative comments towards Austin, although it sounds like bitterness more than anything.

12 Sunny on Shawn Michaels

Sunny admitted that going back to the WWE for her Hall of Fame speech was one of the most nerve racking experiences of her life. There were many faces she hadn’t seen in years, which included the likes of Shawn Michaels, a wrestler she was strongly linked to during the 90s. Sunny retold the story of how she encountered Michaels that day; while she was in line at the buffet, Shawn approached her. According to Sunny, Shawn complimented her, but Sunny on the other hand claimed Michaels looked “old, balding and googly eyed”. Ouch. Sunny did however refer to Shawn as the greatest in-ring performer of all time during her speech, so take those comments for what they’re worth.

11 Vince Russo on JBL

Now, this hatred runs pretty deep. Did you know that the “Brawl for All” tournament was actually started because of Russo’s hatred towards JBL? Well, according to the story which was discussed by Vince Russo, the former WWE employee was fed up with hearing how JBL could have beat up any wrestler in a bar fight. The next day, Russo pitched the idea to Vince just so he could see JBL finally look like a fool on live TV. The wrestlers were also given an added bonus if they entered the tournament. Like Russo expected, JBL was humiliated and destroyed losing via knockout to Bart Gunn. Crazy to think that the entire tournament was started over Russo’s dislike for JBL; that was The Attitude Era, folks!

10 Shane Douglas on Ric Flair

Douglas made it very clear that he idolized Ric Flair growing up. Unfortunately, all that changed once Douglas was united with his childhood hero. According to Douglas, Flair always felt threatened by other wrestlers, as Ric didn’t want to lose his place atop the throne and it was clear based on what so many former wrestlers had to say. Despite this factor, Douglas said he still wanted to learn from his hero, so in one instance he asked Flair to watch his match and give him some pointers on what he should improve. Following the match, Flair said Douglas looked perfect. Shane decided to quiz Ric, asking him how the Cross Body was. The catch? Douglas didn’t do one during the match. Flair took a couple of seconds and said, “it was perfect”. After that day, Douglas lost a huge amount of respect for his idol.

9 Scott Hall on Hardcore Holly

Holly actually started this feud when he stated that Scott Hall was the biggest locker room cry baby of all time. Holly went on to discuss an incident in where he had enough of The Kliq, and spoke to them all individually. According to Hall, he has no recollection whatsoever about the incident, and Hall claims the fact that Holly remembers this, shows how bitter he was about his time in the WWE with his “race car gimmick”. Hall went on to discuss that Bob only got a minor push at one point because of his massive “steroid intake”. Ouch.

8 Scott Hall on Shane Douglas

Hall admitted the heat between these two began immediately when Douglas was brought into the WWE. According to Hall, Douglas had a reputation of being great, but Scott went on the record to state that it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Hall criticized Douglas for being slow and sluggish in the ring. Hall even labels Douglas as being one of the most overrated workers in pro wrestling history. Don’t feel too bad though, Douglas fired back in various shoot interviews discussing his hatred for Hall and his fellow Kliq buddies.

7 Jim Cornette on Sable

Oh, Jim; if you haven’t gotten a chance yet, I strongly urge you to watch some of Jim’s classic shoot interviews, because the guy's hilarious and certainly worth the watch. Sable, was one of the many former pro wrestlers that got some major heat from Cornette. According to Jim, Sable had no interest in the wrestling business and was just there for fame and because Vince had a crush on her. He also discussed how Sable ruined Marc Mero, and adding her as his manager just made fans hate him more than anything else. To sum it up, Cornette did not like Sable during her run in The Attitude Era.

6 Chris Jericho on Big Show

For those of you that haven’t, I strongly encourage you to watch Jericho’s podcast, as the stories he tells are truly phenomenal. As you probably already know, Jericho’s run in WCW was overshadowed by so many undeserving veteran wrestlers. Not only that, the morale backstage at the time was terrible. Today, Big Show is one of Jericho’s closest friends away from the camera (although, this wasn’t always the case). According to Chris, Show had a huge ego backstage and was a “d**k”, simply put by Y2J. Once Big Show got to WWE things changed; Show became an honest worker with a new focus on his wrestling abilities more so than anything else. Today, the two veterans are very close.

5 Shawn Michaels on Jim Cornette

Rare to see Shawn conduct a shoot interview, although it should be noted that this interview took place a really long time ago in the late 90s early 2000s. During the shoot, Michaels admitted he and Cornette did not see eye to eye. Michaels blames Jim for not changing with times. Shawn simply said the problem between the two was that Shawn wanted to push the envelope while Jim was a traditionalist and hated the entertainment aspect of the business. Michaels refers to Cornette as a “prick” in the shoot; something you certainly won’t see again today.

4 Big Show on today’s roster

During his interview on The Chris Jericho Podcast, Big Show talked about Brock Lesnar and why he is so over. Show pointed out how Lesnar visually looks so superior, but he went on to say that today’s roster looks like “it can’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag”. Show also discussed how wrestlers were animals you were afraid to look at back in the day, although he does admit that today, wrestling is under a new era that supports the “athlete look”.

3 Ventura on Hulk Hogan

These two were actually best friends at one point. It all went south after Hogan ratted on his friend telling Vince that Ventura was trying to start a wrestler's union. This got Jesse fired and later resulted in a court battle between McMahon and Ventura. Jesse claimed Hogan was a snitch and one of the “fakest” people he’d ever met. Ventura also discussed how embarrassing it is that Hulk still attempts to wrestle at his age. Jesse claims Hogan has become that old guy everyone hates that just won’t go away. Some harsh comments by the conspiracy theorist.

2 Chris Jericho on CM Punk

Jericho was one of the first wrestlers to criticize CM Punk for some of his antics during his run with the WWE. Y2J called Punk “unprofessional”. Jericho recalls a particular situation where he and Edge were watching the Men’s Hockey Gold Medal Game between Canada and the US. Just as they were about to go, Canada scored ending the game. Edge and Chris was ecstatic while Punk was upset that the two weren’t focused on the match. To send a message, Punk wrestled the entire tag match without tagging Jericho. Following the match, Chris was furious telling Punk he robbed the fans of watching Chris perform that night. Jericho also stated that Punk is a hypocrite because he does the same exact thing with his love for the Chicago Blackhawks (Jericho stated Punk would always send out hockey Tweets on the day of a show).

After his release, Punk also took a shot at Chris stating Chris only wanted to use Punk for his Podcast in order to increase his viewership numbers. Safe to say these guys are no longer buddies.

1 Stone Steve Austin on Roman Reigns

Austin has been reprimanded several times for making comments against the WWE’s current product. According to rumors, many backstage were infuriated with Steve and how deep his questions were for the boss and CEO, Vince McMahon. Still, this hasn’t stopped Austin from speaking the truth, and this is why we love the Texas Rattlesnake. Austin made it clear, stating “Roman Reigns isn’t quite there yet”. Austin discussed how the WWE still has a lot of work to do with Roman, but many took this as a shot to the WWE’s creative team. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Roman Reigns and his status within the WWE ranks.


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15 WWE Stars Publicly Humiliated By Their Co-Workers