15 WWE One Hit Wonders You Won't Even Recognize

Over the years we’ve seen so many past WWE stars come and go. Some are quite memorable, while others seem to escape our minds rather quickly. This is where this article comes into play. Today we look

Over the years we’ve seen so many past WWE stars come and go. Some are quite memorable, while others seem to escape our minds rather quickly. This is where this article comes into play. Today we look back at some of the WWE’s biggest one hit wonders and what they look like today. Some still look pretty good for their age, while others look absolutely unrecognizable.

Judge for yourself which ones lost their looks. For the most part, these wrestlers have moved on from the wrestling business, working as electricians, bankers and even one as a marijuana salesman. The post wrestling life can be rather odd, and life takes many weird twists and turns, as we all know. Enough of the talk; let’s get to it. Here are 15 former WWE one hit wonders you won’t even recognize. Let us know which transition is the best and which one is flat out bad, and very unrecognizable. Enjoy!

15 Simon Dean

Portraying his Simon Dean gimmick in the front of the big lights of the WWE, this former ECW star is mostly remembered in the world of pro wrestling under his role as a bWo member, alongside the Blue Meanie and Steven Richards in ECW. He broke into the wrestling business way back in 1992, where he saw his first action with the WWE as a so-called “jobber”. In his brief time with the WWE, Bucci caught the eye of ECW legend Raven, who was then working with the WWE as a creative head backstage. Raven convinced Bucci to join the ECW ranks in order to gain some added experience with a brand that promoted young new talents.

14 Kristal Marshall

If you blinked, you probably missed Kristal Marshall, who had a brief run on WWE television. Finishing fourth in the Diva Search competition Marshall still managed to land a WWE contract following the contest. She began as a backstage interviewer and eventually rose her way up to a pretty prominent on-screen role as Teddy Long’s lover. After a very brief run, Marshall was released, and she would move on to TNA where she would only last a couple of months. Once her time with TNA also came to an early end, Marshall got out of the wrestling business. She entered a fitness competition and had a child during that time. She also worked as a freelance hairstylist. The latest update on the former WWE Diva (who is still only 32, if you can believe it) is that she is finishing up her Communications degree at Colorado State University.

13 Stevie Richards

At the age of 44, Richards is looking better than ever, spending most of his time training and living a healthy lifestyle. Stevie also recently took part in DDP Yoga as an instructor for the brand. Stevie had a long and journeyman-type of wrestling career spanning all the way back to 1992. Richards seemed to be quite the journeyman working all around the world from notable stints with ECW, to some time in WCW before finally finding his way back to the WWE ranks in 1999. Richards finally landed a significant role with the big company working as a leader of the stable Right To Censor. After a successful run with the group, Stevie went back to the lower-card working various gimmicks as Stevie Night Heat and a reunion with his fellow bWo members in the WWE ranks.

12 Jackie Gayda

Once again, Gayda became yet another casualty of a failed WWE Tough Enough contest. It should be noted however, that Jackie’s run was actually much more significant in comparison to her other Tough Enough alumni that won the show. The company actually tried to Push Jackie on various occasions, only to see it falter because of lack of television time; remember, Raw used to be two hours, so in order to make the show, you have to offer something quite significant.

11 Brian Christopher

Labelled with some serious potential because of the trail left by his father, Christopher never really panned out to all the hype surrounding his possible breakout. The son of Jerry Lawler, broke into the wrestling business way back in 1988 competing for United States Wrestling Association. It’s safe to say he learned quite a bit from his stint with that wrestling promotion, staying with the company for almost a decade. He finally left in 1997 signing a deal with the WWE. His run with the company would be brief but pretty impactful, adding some depth to the program in the lower-card. Christopher will be remembered as a Tag Team wrestler teaming up with Scotty Too Hotty, and later on with Rikishi. The team was known as Too Cool.

10 Nidia Guenard

Once again, another failed Tough Enough contestant bites the dust. I can actually do a 'where are they now article' on Tough Enough contestants alone, that’s how much of a failure the competition has been since its initiation way back in 2001, when Nidia and Maven took home the grand prize. Unlike other Tough Enough winners, the WWE finally did the right thing by sending Nidia down to OVW to further her training skills. Something that is an absolute must today for new Tough Enough stars (all of the wrestlers that got signed to NXT still haven’t appeared on television to this day, showing how strict things have become with wrestlers that have limited experience). After an OVW rivalry with Victoria and some needed experience, Nidia was bumped up to the main roster.

9 Kurgan

A very rare instance which saw a pro wrestler rise to fame after his WWE career, for Robert Maillet this was the case, as he rose to superstardom with several Hollywood roles. During his brief time in the ring, Maillet was known as Kurgan. He was remembered in the midst of a wacky Attitude Era with the group of The Oddities. Kurgan never really broke out of his shell as a wrestler; asides from a marketable look, he was very limited with his in-ring work, as most men of his size were in the 90s. Following his WWE stint Kurgan went to work for Canadian Jacque Rougeau, at his wrestling school. He would later perform a few more matches outside of the WWE, most notably a CFL half-time show matchup against Jim Duggan. He would work some other small matches before officially making the transition into Hollywood as a full time actor.

8 Mideon

Dennis Knight was one of those wrestling journeyman who did it all while performing in the less than luxurious under-card throughout his wrestling stint. Known to most of us as Mideon, he began his wrestling journey way back in 1988. He would go on to perform with WCW, United States Wrestling Association and finally, a stop with the WWE in 1996. His characters took some unexpected twists, first debuting as a member of the Godwinns. He later transitioned into his inner dark side as a member of The Ministry of Darkness, alongside the legendary Undertaker. His character would once again take a bizarre twist changing into “naked” Mideon. That gimmick would be one of his last with the company.

7 Rico

Former WWE employee Rico Constantino, is a perfect example of how unpredictable the life of a pro wrestler can be even if you wrestle on the grandest stage of the WWE. Rico had a very brief career with the company. His gimmick however, was entertaining at a time where the WWE was transitioning away from The Attitude Era. Terry Taylor and Tom Prichard first discovered Rico, and seeing potential in the wrester, he was quickly signed to a deal. He spent a little bit of time training with OVW before being called up to the big leagues as the assigned valet for Billy and Chuck. After a solid WWE run, he was unexpectedly released by the company due to budget cuts in early November of 2004.

6 Spike Dudley

His wrestling career was a true underdog story and something you really don’t see any more with today’s product. From his look to his demeanor, no matter what wrestling company Spike was competing for, you just couldn’t help but to cheer him on. Spike actually began his journey in the real world as a third grade English teacher, believe it or not. His life later took an unexpected turn when he entered a wrestling boot camp to train as a referee and manager. After graduating from the course, Spike began to work in the ring, wrestling independently in the California area. He later signed a deal with an upcoming brand, ECW.

5 Bart Gunn

It took me a while to figure this one out; the former long haired Tag Team wrestler is 52 today. Gunn had all the tools to make it in the industry, which was hungry for a big dominant star to emerge. This was known to be the prototypical Vince McMahon guy. The only problem with Bart was his in-ring skills which never really panned out throughout his career. Gunn was extremely sloppy in the ring, and this would eventually lead to his WWE demise after a failed stint with the big company. Gunn would later take his big 6’4 frame to Japan finding success with All Japan Pro Wrestling, and later with New Japan. Some can argue that his career was greater overseas than in the United States.

4 Steve Blackman

Minus a couple of missing hairs, Steve Blackman still looks fantastic at the age of 52. The former MMA/WWE talent is still enjoying his fame today, appearing at several wrestling conventions across The United States. In addition, Steve is still involved with MMA and works as a reputable Bail Bondsman in Pennsylvania. Blackman was remembered for his epic feud with Ken Shamrock and his 6-time title reign with the Hardcore Championship.

3 Val Venis

2 Marc Mero

Although he may appear older at the age of 55, Mero is actually better than ever deep down, becoming a motivational speaker. His speeches not only touched students around the world, it also went viral to millions at home. Marc has made a tremendous impact with anti-bullying and substance abuse discussions. He currently describes himself as the”Happiest Person On The Planet”. Sad how he left things off with the WWE, though; a Hall of Fame induction seems rather unlikely at this point with several past demons still carrying around from his days as a WWE star in the 90s.

1 D’Lo Brown

Oh, D’Lo, one of my personal favorites growing up. Brown was just another great name to be featured during a wild Attitude Era. The longest serving member of the Nation of Domination, D’Lo was quickly labelled as a future breakout star. After The Rock took over the ranks with the group, D’Lo’s future label took a bit of a hit because of Rocky’s obvious star power. Nonetheless, Brown would still manage to have a tremendous run with the company, winning at almost every level. D’Lo was a four-time European Champion and one of the greatest in WWE history. He also had a run with the Intercontinental title.

Brown’s run came to an end in 2003, and he later bounced around all over the wrestling world from TNA to New Japan to all over the independent scene. In 2014 and 2015, D’Lo worked as a trainer in Vegas holding a weekly class for Future Stars of Wrestling. He is also a part-time bouncer in the Nevada area. At the age of 45, we hope to see D’Lo inducted into the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later.


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15 WWE One Hit Wonders You Won't Even Recognize