15 WWE Dream Matches That Never Happened

WWE fans love an exciting “what if?” scenario. Even though matches and results are predetermined, professional wrestling is filled with endless questions and discussions that allow fans’ imagination to run rampant, as is evident online with millions of fantasy bookers.

What if the two greatest female wrestlers competed against each other? What if the two most decorated tag teams battled it out? What if the two biggest superstars in the history of professional wrestling faced each other?

For one reason or another, certain dream matches that every wrestling fan would want to see never materialised: Different eras, working for different companies, backstage politics and questionable booking mean that fans miss out on potential classics. Without focusing on the winner and instead detailing match specifics, this list provides the confrontations fans would consider dream matches that never graced the squared circle.

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15 “Macho Man” Randy Savage Vs. CM Punk

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Who drops the elbow better? Ok, that one’s easy: Macho Man‘s Elbow Drop is unbeatable, but CM Punk’s tribute to the late, great Randy Savage holds its own. A match between the two would have been fantastic, with great high-flying action and a smash-mouth approach.

The promo work leading up to the big matchup would have also been phenomenal, with two characters that can talk on the mic and walk the walk in the squared circle.

The peak of both men’s careers mirror each other: "Macho Man" Randy Savage and CM Punk were both main event players, but played second fiddle to their respective eras’ Golden Boys, Hulk Hogan and John Cena. Both Punk and Macho Man were superior wrestlers to their rivals and each had their distinguished moments and chance in the spotlight.

14 Trish Stratus Vs. The Fabulous Moolah

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Most wrestling fans would be delighted to see the two most influential female wrestlers duking it out. Although from two different eras, Trish Stratus and The Fabulous Moolah would demonstrate how to properly put on a wrestling clinic.

Dominating from the 1950s to the 1980s, the Fabulous Moolah defined sustained success, holding the WWE’s women championship for an unbelievable 10,170 days. Her technical but nasty fighting style would match up well with Trish Stratus’ speed and strength. The record-holding 7-time Women’s Champion would have been the Fabulous Moolah’s greatest challenger had they crossed paths in history. Trish may not have been the best technical female wrestler of all time, but in terms of storytelling, athleticism and mic skills mixed in with brain, brawn and beauty, there were none as complete as Trish Stratus.

The Fabulous Moolah may have set the standard of what a female wrestler should be, but Trish Stratus redefined it and carved her own path.

13 Shawn Michaels Vs. Eddie Guerrero

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The Heart-Break Kid vs Latino Heat. A sure-fire instant classic, a match between Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels never materialized even though there were many opportunities for fans to witness this, including at Wrestlemania.

It was, purportedly, the original idea for the 22nd edition of the big show before Eddie’s untimely death in late 2005.

Both men were phenomenal wrestlers and amazing in-ring performers, technically sound yet capable of great speed, athleticism and high-flying action, with the possibility of resorting to foul play if needed. Eddie would pull out some Three-Amigo suplexes before going for the Frog Splash while Shawn would tune up the band for his Sweet Chin Music. Their charisma was unparalleled and the fans would clamor for more.

12 Degeneration-X Vs. The New World Order

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Arguably two of the biggest wrestling factions going at it in gang warfare supremacy highlights this next entry. Both factions revolutionised the sport and led it into a new era of appealing to adults just as much as kids and teenagers.

D-generation-X and the New World Order made it cool to watch wrestling, as the two broke every rule and did things their own way, disrespecting authority and dominating their respective companies. They helped bring forth the Attitude Era during the Monday Night Wars in the ‘90s.

There are many members that could represent each faction in this battle. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall were the founding members of the New World Order and included other superstars such as The Macho Man, Scott Steiner and The Giant. D-generation-X was founded by Triple H and Shawn Michaels, with X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn rounding out the faction.

11 Batista Vs. Brock Lesnar

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Just because Brock Lesnar and Batista have technically faced each other back in their developmental days doesn’t mean this wouldn't be a dream match if it happened now. The match pitting an immovable object Vs. an unstoppable force would headline any PPV, including Wrestlemania.

Not only would this be a stiff, hard-hitting matchup with power moves galore; the mainstream appeal is undeniable. The buzz this match would generate would be off the charts. Batista, following in The Rock’s footsteps, is the new muscle in Hollywood. He would go up against the freak of nature and former-UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar in a match that would be all sorts of awesome.

With both wrestlers having experience in the MMA world, fans could even potentially see this match in the Octagon.

10 Goldberg Vs. The Undertaker

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This match would pit the two wrestlers who sport the greatest streaks in professional wrestling against each other: Goldberg had his remarkable 173 – 0 win streak, which was broken by Kevin Nash. The Undertaker had his legendary Wrestlemania undefeated streak at 21-0 before succumbing to the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar.

This match would feature all kinds of power moves and a remarkable display of athleticism, with the crowd eating it all up as the Undertaker’s mind games wouldn't bother Goldberg in the least. The best bet for this match to have happened was at Wrestlemania XX, with Goldberg and the returning Dead Man facing off for bragging rights and selling out Madison Square Garden on their own.

What a sight it would have been to witness the Undertaker’s epic entrance to the ring followed by Goldberg’s energy-filled, firework-showered entrance.

Would the Undertaker defeat his foe using the Tombstone Piledriver? Or would Goldberg win with his Spear and Jackhammer?

9 The Big Show Vs. Andre the Giant

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The two most iconic big men in wrestling facing off would have been a colossal affair. Another case of careers never overlapping, The Big Show and Andre the Giant wouldn't have had a technical classic, but the atmosphere alone and the visual of the two biggest athletes staring each other face to face would have been legendary.

Both are former world champions who would draw a huge crowd to their historic matchup. In their youth and in their physical prime, both giants would have shown their power, their athleticism and even their speed as both were unnatural physical specimens capable of great feats. The Big Show was even billed as Andre the Giant’s son in WCW, adding an interesting dimension to this monumental matchup.

8 The Legion of Doom Vs. The Dudley Boyz

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The two most successful and decorated tag teams in history would put on one hell of a show in the ring. The Legion of Doom and the Dudley Boyz dominated their respective promotions, becoming the most feared tag teams in their time.

Although both teams had a penchant for dishing out punishment, their look couldn't have been more different: massive bodybuilders with facepaint and spikes versus awkward, tie-dye and camo wearing, slightly out of shape nerd bullies.

With over 40 tag team championships between them, these four competitors would be most comfortable brawling it out, breaking the rules and pummeling each other with weapons in a street fight.

7 John Cena Vs. Hulk Hogan

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Hall of Famer vs future Hall of Famer. The original Superman vs the current Golden Boy. John Cena and Hulk Hogan would have an epic match in terms of storytelling and crowd involvement, regardless of the actual quality of the match they would put on.

Two of the biggest names in wrestling history facing off would be entertaining as hell, with Hulk Hogan putting his Big Boot and Leg Drop up against John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment and Five-Knuckle Shuffle. Each wrestler is the face of his own generation, main eventing PPV after PPV, one Wrestlemania after another, adored by women and children and envied by men everywhere.

One was all about eating vitamins and saying his prayers while the other preached loyalty and respect. Whatcha gonna do when the Cenation and Hulkamania run wild on you?!

6 CM Punk Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

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The story for this match sells itself, as CM Punk’s straight-edge lifestyle clashes with Stone Cold Steve Austin’s beer-drinking, ass-kicking ways. Awesome back and forth promos would lead to a classic, with both wrestlers capable of brawling it out and pulling out some technical moves and submissions.

Polar opposite in terms of lifestyle yet so similar in their way of being and thinking, CM Punk and Stone Cold both clawed their way to the top of the wrestling world. Many said that if Steve Austin would ever return for one more match, it should be against Punk. Alas, with Punk’s controversial exit from the WWE and with his shocking new deal in the UFC, such a match looks fairly improbable now.

5 The Undertaker Vs. Sting

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The dream match fans were so close to getting at Wrestlemania 31, Sting and The Undertaker clashing in the ring was once unfathomable. Each man represented his company like no other, just as true icons of wrestling should. Sting bled WCW while The Undertaker has always been the locker room leader in the WWE.

A matchup between the two grizzled veterans would most likely be their swan song. Sting and The Undertaker would put on a match that would steal the show, throwing everything at each other to please the fans and solidify their legendary status. It wouldn't matter if they’re both past their prime: the in-ring action would be solid enough for the phenomenal storytelling.

Watching the Dead Man walk down the aisle with his epic entrance only to be matched by Sting’s Crow-like demeanour and equally-atmospheric entrance would send unending goose bumps to wrestling fans around the world.

4 Bret Hart Vs. Kurt Angle

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How good would this match have been? Wrestling fans can argue that this match would be a 5-star classic if both men faced each other at their prime. Both wrestlers have claims to being the best ever: the Olympic gold medallist, Kurt Angle, versus the Excellence of Execution, Bret Hart.

Hart and Angle both have strong wrestling backgrounds. The legendary Hart Dungeon in Calgary served as the training ground for the Hitman, while the Olympic Hero dominated the ranks of amateur wrestling. The two could have a good match with anyone and everyone, making their opponents look like a million bucks, win or lose.

The match itself would be a technical marvel filled with submission maneuvers. There would be Angle slams, suplexes, Russian leg sweeps and fist drops, culminating in either a Sharpshooter or an Ankle Lock. Truly a dream match for the ages.

3 Goldberg Vs. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

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This next matchup would pit the two most popular wrestlers during the Attitude era, which was the hottest and most profitable period in wrestling. These two bald-headed badasses spearheaded wrestling into an economic boom.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Goldberg were the hottest acts in their respective companies in the late 90’s. One was a foul-mouthed rebel who fought the authority in the WWE while the other beat people senselessly without ever losing in WCW. You couldn’t talk about wrestling back in the day without mentioning these two. And with such heated competition, it was only natural to talk about a potential matchup between these two bulls.

This would have been a brawl, with punches and kicks thrown along with some powerhouse maneuvers from Goldberg and some sneaky, quick moves from “Stone Cold”. Although this match will likely never see the light of day, its impact would have been undeniable.

2 The Rock Vs. Shawn Michaels

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This match would have stolen any wrestling show it was on. How the WWE never put The Rock and Shawn Michaels in the ring, the fans will never know. Despite being in the same promotion during prime years – Shawn Michael’s second go-around – these two wrestlers never got into the ring because they simply didn’t like each other. Inflated attitudes and backstage politics robbed the fans of a wrestling masterpiece.

The match would have hit on all cylinders: the promo work and the build-up, the entrances, the psychology, the in-ring action, fan participation – you name it. The People’s Champion and the Heartbreak-Kid would tear the house down, providing exhilarating action and dramatic story-telling. Put in a main event spot, these two would deliver something absolutely mind-blowing.

1 “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Vs. Hulk Hogan

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The two biggest stars in the history of professional wrestling going up against each other, face to face in a one fall matchup is the number one dream match that fans never got to see. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin versus “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan. Insert goose bumps here.

Not only would these two be featured in a Mount Rushmore of wrestling, it’s safe to say that Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan were each the face of wrestling and the two biggest draws in the company’s history. They both set records in terms of ratings and attendance, making wrestling the global phenomenon it is.

Never breaking the rules, the Hulkster was a squeaky clean babyface; the Rattlesnake changed the meaning of what a babyface was, becoming the anti-hero who rebelled against his bosses. The match itself would be a spectacle, with big, high-impact moves and a good amount of fist-throwing.

The crowd would be split 50/50, wearing the red and yellow of Hulkamania and the black and white of Austin’s “3:16”. At the end of the day, a surprise Stunner would decide it. Or perhaps a Big Boot followed by the infamous Leg Drop? Fans will never know, always wondering “what if?”


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