15 WTF Pictures WWE Fans Never Thought They'd See

From Bischoff making his debut on WWE television, to Lesnar breaking the streak, these moments and visuals had us wrestling fans dropping massive F** bombs at the very sight. As wrestling fans, this is what we live for; those nostalgic feelings of euphoria like the nWo and Degeneration-X clashing, or even watching wrestlers like Sting and AJ Styles make their long awaited debuts on WWE TV.

This article will go down memory lane and take a look at some pictures we truly thought we’d never see. From Michaels and The Rock finally breaking their heat and speaking with one another backstage at WrestleMania, to our Monday Night War heroes Austin, Rocky and Goldberg all reuniting in one picture; these moments truly had us saying "WTF"! So let’s get to it. Here are 15 WWE pictures we thought we’d never see, and made us think, "WTF"!

15 Taker the Family Man

14 Hunter, Stephanie and Taker Breaking Character

13 Degeneration-X Vs nWo

12 The Screwjob finally laid to rest

11 Bischoff on WWE television

10 Young red headed skinny kid with Stone Cold Steve Austin

9 Taker and Vince getting emotional

8 21-1

7 AJ Styles makes his WWE debut

6 Humble beginnings

5 Punk Joins the UFC

4 Hall gets cleaned up

3 Sting and John Cena

2 Goldberg, Austin and The Rock

Such a feeling of nostalgia seeing these three stars from the 90s altogether. These three pro wrestling stars all revolutionized the business in one way or another. Tough to see Goldberg leave the WWE on such bad terms though, as the guy deserves recognition for his tremendous accomplishments and run with World Championship Wrestling. Goldberg was a crucial factor in helping WCW take down the WWE for 84 weeks in a row, and that certainly deserves some praise and recognition by the WWE.

1 Shawn Michaels and The Rock

This is a scene wrestling fans never got the chance to see; two of the biggest stars in pro wrestling history together face to face. Despite fans dying to see this, The Rock shot down any potential match because of past issues with Shawn, claiming he had no interest in working with The Heart Break Kid. Issues between the two dated all the way back to The Rock’s teen years. Apparently, Dwayne was very upset after Michaels disrespected his grandmother. Things got worse once The Rock was becoming a star, and according to Bret Hart, Michaels tried to sabotage Rocky’s journey to the top. Even when Shawn left, he was still lobbying for Hunter over Rocky. Shawn lobbied for Hunter to main event WrestleMania XV, and as you can imagine, McMahon didn’t bite this time.

According to rumors, the two wrestlers squashed their beef at the 2008 Hall of Fame ceremony. This picture was taken at WrestleMania XXVII in 2011, following Shawn’s appearance to commemorate his Hall of Fame induction.


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15 WTF Pictures WWE Fans Never Thought They'd See