15 Wrestling Gimmicks You Didn't Know Ripped Off Musicians

Pro wrestling takes influence from whatever is necessary to engage the audience and stand out in an already crazy and colorful world. One of the only other professions in the world allowed the creativity, originality, and nonstop showmanship wrestlers need to thrive is that of the professional musician. Like wrestlers, musicians need to be unique, creative, and controversial in order to constantly stand out in an always changing and fast moving medium. Because of this, more than a few wrestlers have decided to simply copy musicians for the better part of their careers.

We already covered wrestlers who stole from pop culture, and when we did, we exempt music because it often serves as more of an influence to wrestlers than a case of outright theft. However, there have indeed been a few cases of outright theft, and some of those influences stretched so far it stopped being a loving impersonation and starting being a desperate cash-in on the musicians fame. There’s a few where that’s all they ever were, and the lack of success they received in the wrestling world until now proves it. Read on and discover 15 wrestling gimmicks that blatantly ripped off famous musicians.

15 Kid Kash Impersonated Kid Rock

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14 Van Hammer Was Inspired By Van Halen

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13 3 Count Were Inspired By N*SYNC and Backstreet Boys


12 Leif Cassidy Combined Leif Garrett and David Cassidy


11 Johnny B. Badd Impersonated Little Richard

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10 The Honky Tonk Man Impersonated Elvis Presley


9 The Flying Elvises and Disgraceland Also Impersonated Elvis Presley

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8 Mike Saxon Impersonated Michael Jackson

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7 "Diamond" Dallas Page Stole His Theme Song From Nirvana


6 Raven Stole Lyrics From Black Sabbath (and others)


5 George Ringo, The Wrestling Beatle


4 The KISS Demon Represented KISS


3 Chris Jericho Stole From Spinal Tap


2 Prince Iaukea Was Inspired By Prince


1 Goldust Copied The Artist Formerly Known As Prince


While Prince Iaukea at least had a solid understanding of his source material, when Goldust decided to start ripping off Prince, he instead did things as only The Bizarre One could, and he got real weird with it. In late 1997, Goldust went through an onscreen break up with his wife and manager Marlena, and started painting himself strange colors and imitating all sorts of wrestlers and pop culture creations. During his Artist period, Prince wrote the word “Slave” on his face to make a statement on recording industry contracts; TAFKA Goldust wrote “FU” on his face for no particular reason. He soon teamed with Luna Vachon, and the Prince allusion all but disappeared in favor of BDSM and the color green, despite the fact Goldust kept using a nickname that was clearly artistically inspired. He would revert to plain old Goldust after less than a year of weirdness.

Sources: WWE

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15 Wrestling Gimmicks You Didn't Know Ripped Off Musicians