15 Wrestling Employees Who Ruined Their Own Legacy

Professional wrestlers have the capability to transcend their role as entertainers and become absolute heroes. Whether through constantly winning or downright acting like a comic book superhero, wrestlers can build a reputation comparable to idolatry. Wrestlers are athletes and actors, both jobs that most people feel are deserving of praise when performed well, and being a good wrestlers means you’re one of the best performers in those categories as well, and you’ve truly earned your legacy. Unfortunately, some of the most famous and successful wrestlers in history have chosen to shatter said legacy after attaining this status.

While they are capable of becoming heroes, wrestlers have a funny way of constantly reminding us they’re just human, and humans are anything but perfect. The following list contains some of the greatest wrestlers in history—world champions, top-level performers, and incomparable sports entertainers. However, this list also contains some of the worst people in wrestling history—murderers, racists, and if not that monstrous, just downright terrible people. Several of them aren’t even that bad, but by refusing to honor their words as performers, they’ve shattered their legacy just the same.

15 Jimmy Snuka

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14 Chyna


13 Matt Hardy

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12 Jeff Hardy


11 Jim Cornette


10 Vince Russo

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9 Ed Ferrara

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8 Terry Funk


Terry Funk is a WWE Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, and nothing he has done has particularly hurt that reputation. However, Funk has earned a special place on this list because he is more or less the primary reason the word “retire” is considered a complete joke in professional wrestling. Funk started wrestling in the 1960’s and first “retired” in 1983. He has unretired, re-retired, and unretired yet again countless times since, although he seems to have finally stopped wrestling in October of 2015, now that he’s reached his 70’s.

7 The Dynamite Kid


6 "Superstar" Billy Graham

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5 Mick Foley


4 The Ultimate Warrior

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3 Chris Benoit

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2 Hulk Hogan


1 Ric Flair

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While most entertainers Ric Flair’s age have settled for ruining their legacy off-stage or behind-the-scenes, Flair continues to do so every week live on television as his age marches on into the late 60’s. Flair has less fake retirements on record than Foley or Funk, but that didn’t stop fans from practically begging him to do so for decades before he finally did. People were calling for Flair to retire as early as the mid 90’s, but he wouldn’t permanently hang up his wrestling boots until 2012. Even post-retirement, Flair hurts his legacy each time he ruins one of his daughter Charlotte’s often great matches with his drunken old man routine at ringside. There's no arguing the fact Flair was one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the game, but it's hard to remember now that there's arguably more footage of him being an old embarrassment than a youthful legend.

Sources: WWE, PW Torch

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15 Wrestling Employees Who Ruined Their Own Legacy