15 Wrestling Deaths Most People Saw Coming

One of the saddest parts about being a wrestling fan these days is the fact former idols are dying at a rapid rate, often at ages far too young. So many wrestlers have died young there was a jaunty pop song written about it, and the sad fact is, after a while it started to get pretty easy to guess which wrestlers might go down that same path. A tragic number of wrestlers have shown a pattern of drug abuse or generally distressing behavior, and either their friends and fans or the wrestlers themselves have predicted their own deaths. In some cases, those close to the wrestlers attempted to get them help in some way, but they were generally too far gone to be saved by the time people noticed the problem.

To prevent any controversy in regards to stepping over the lines of bad taste, we ignored people of a certain age and people with emotional problems, barring noteworthy examples. People who suffered from cancer were completely kept off the list. The main focus is on drugs and general lifestyle issues, with many of these wrestlers succumbing to accidental overdoses of one kind or another. If you don’t think it’s too morbid, keep reading and learn about 15 wrestlers whose deaths many people unfortunately saw coming.

15 Yokozuna - Pulmonary Edema


14 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper - Heart Attack

Via NBC News

13 Kerry Von Erich - Suicide


12 Gino Hernandez - Overdose

Via NWA Classics

11 Haystacks Calhoun - Weight Outgrew Him


10 Johnny Grunge - "Sleep Apnea"

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9 Chyna - A Cocktail Of Pills


8 The British Bulldog - Heart Attack

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7 Jeep Swenson - Heart Attack

Via Celebrity Images

6 Road Warrior Hawk - Heart Attack At 46


5 Luna Vachon - Overdosed On Combination Of Pills 


4 The Ultimate Warrior - Heart Attack


3 Rick Rude - Heart Stopped At 40


2 Louie Spicolli - Fatal Combination Of Pills And Alcohol

Via Junkhost

1 Axl Rotten - Heroin Overdose

Via The Sun

Axl Rotten lived a hard and fast life, with many friends and fans surprised he even lasted as long as he did. Axl himself was reported to make jokes about how he was ruining various wrestling death pools by staying alive every year, until he finally met his unfortunate end in February of 2016. Axl was addicted to a variety of painkillers and cocaine, and this made him a big hit in the party friendly ECW locker room, but even his extreme co-workers thought Axl was going too far when he started using heroin. Rotten tried to kick the habit more than once, but none of his friends were surprised when he was found unresponsive in a McDonald’s bathroom. They were even less surprised when the news broke Axl died of a heroin overdose.

Sources: WWE, Wikipedia

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15 Wrestling Deaths Most People Saw Coming