15 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Fought In MMA

More and more today, we are starting to see wrestlers make the jump to MMA. Before Lesnar made headlines with the UFC, so many other former pro wrestlers had also made the jump previously, and as you can imagine, their careers were very short lived, with most of them lasting no longer than one fight.

Today, with so much more knowledge and training at your disposal, MMA careers can now last longer than one fight; Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley are a couple of wrestlers that can agree to this. It’ll be interesting to see how the WWE’s latest ex-employee CM Punk does on the MMA stage. He’s certainly created a big buzz, so now it’s time to back that up. Punk believes that despite his injuries, he will fight in 2016. You can bet wrestling fans will be tuning in!

Not all transitions went as smoothly or made headlines like these guys, though. For some, it ended in utter embarrassment while others actually held a pretty decent record. Let’s get to this list. Here are 15 wrestlers you won’t believe fought in MMA Enjoy!

14 Shinsuke Nakamura (3-1-1)

13 Jushin Thunder Liger (0-1)

12 Bobby Lashley (14-2)

11 Nathan Jones (0-1)

10 Nick Mitchell (0-1)

9 Taka Michinoku (0-1)

8 Kid Kash (0-1)

7 Sean O’Haire (4-2)

6 Dan Severn (101-19-7)

5 Steve Williams aka Dr. Death (0-1)

4 Rodney Mack (1-0)

3 Bart Gunn (1-1)

2 Batista (1-0)

1 Alberto Del Rio (9-5)

Yup, that weird looking masked man you see in the picture above is in fact, Alberto Del Rio during his MMA says. Alberto admitted in several interviews that he had been brawling his entire life. While making a name for himself on the wrestling scene, Del Rio also took part in MMA. His 14 fight career lasted almost a decade from his first fight; a 20 second win in August of 2001, to his final fight on February 27th, 2010, a TKO loss in the second round. At the age of 38 and back in the WWE, I can bet Del Rio’s MMA days are done. Then again, you never know!


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15 Wrestlers You Won’t Believe Fought In MMA