15 Wrestling Careers Ruined By Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is probably the most successful person in the history of professional wrestling, and he has shared that success with literally hundreds of wrestlers by allowing them to craft incredible careers as a part of his programming. With such great power to create also comes an incredible power to destroy, and Vince McMahon has done his deal of destruction, as well. While it’s almost every wrestler’s dream to one day appear in WWE, they don’t always get to control every little aspect of their career once they finally get there. Vince always ultimately has the last say on the wrestlers’ gimmicks and what it is they get to do in the ring.

Vince is a creative genius, and he hires a team of other creative geniuses to help him fully realize some of his craziest and best ideas, but sometimes all of the creative energy backfires. Some truly terrible gimmicks have been given to incredibly talented wrestlers, ending their careers before they could even take off. Occasionally, a fairly or even extremely successful career was derailed thanks to Vince’s intervention. Some of them managed to pull out of the spiral and still have a moderately successful career outside of WWE, but by and large, these 15 wrestlers had their careers destroyed by Vince McMahon and WWE.

15 Golga

Via Ref Bump Review

14 Héctor Guerrero


13 Goldberg


12 The Ultimate Warrior


11 Road Warrior Hawk


10 Mike Shaw

Via Ring The Damn Bell

9 Perry Saturn

Via The Sportster

8 Terry Taylor

Via The Sportster

7 Diamond Dallas Page

Via Classicalite

6 Lance Storm

Via Chinlock

5 Chris Candido


4 Tazz


3 Al Snow


2 Muhammad Hassan

Via Goliath

1 Roman Reigns


While everything else on this list is firmly within the history books at this point, fans get to watch Vince McMahon destroy the career of Roman Reigns each and every Monday night. If things go the way fans are predicting, it’s possible upwards of 100,000 people will get to watch Vince drive the nail in the coffin live at WrestleMania 32. Reigns debuted in WWE in 2012 as a member of the Shield. Despite obviously being the least popular and least talented member of the group (although neither untalented or unpopular, just less so than his partners), Reigns has always been the WWE and Vince’s favorites, as evidenced through the words of his announce team avatars.

With all the other people on this list the problem was a bad idea, but in this case, the problem is that the fans just flat out resent the guy. He’s pushed as a Superman type hero, but gets booed out of the building with his every appearance, forcing diehard fans to turn away in droves. Crowds need to be heavily edited for him even to appear popular, since the blatant audience vitriol overpowers the “narrative” WWE is attempting to sell. Virtually every time he appears, WWE attempts to push their big lie about Reigns being a popular beloved wrestler even harder, but audiences know the truth, and continuing to lie is only killing Reigns, McMahon, and possibly the entirety of WWE.

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15 Wrestling Careers Ruined By Vince McMahon