15 Wrestlers Who Were Attacked By Fans

Only the youngest wrestling fans have yet to be clued in on the fact that the action in the ring is scripted, but the emotions that sports entertainment can inspire within its audience is often very real. Whether or not the grapplers in the ring actually hate each other, many of the fans actually have experienced visceral negative feelings about the top heels of their era. Luckily, security measures have gotten heavy enough at least within the major wrestling companies that this generally only translates to bad words and angry threats, but before wrestling was completely mainstream, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for fans to attack and even stab or pull out guns on wrestlers.

While the allegedly more mature fans like to laugh at the people screaming it’s still real to them, damn it, this form of committed devotion to our favorite sport is often terrifying, and has nearly cost a few wrestlers their lives. Not that they complained, though—there was actually an era in wrestling when stab marks were a sign of a truly great heel, and whether or not it was any fun receiving them, the meanest heels would wear them with pride as a sign they were absolutely killing it at their jobs. Regardless of how the wrestler reacted, we think you’ll wince in shock at least a few times as you gaze through our list of 15 wrestlers who had their lives threatened by fans.

15 "Rowdy" Roddy Piper


14 Ole Anderson

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13 "Classy" Freddie Blassie


12 Dean Ambrose


11 Hans Schmidt

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10 Assassin #1

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9 Killer Kowalski


8 Boris Malenko


7 Dr. Jerry Graham

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6 Blackjack Mulligan

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5 Pedro Zapata

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4 The Messiah

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3 Stan Stasiak


2 The Mummy

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1 Paul Lee

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15 Wrestlers Who Were Attacked By Fans