15 Wrestlers Who Tried To Ruin The McMahon Family

The McMahon family has ruled the professional wrestling industry for the better part of the past 50 years. Their influence extends another 50 years prior to that, giving them a cumulative century of significantly impacting the sports entertainment landscape. Naturally, with that kind of control, mastery, and dominance comes a long list of enemies trying to overthrow them. Whether it’s a matter of taking the McMahon’s place, getting some form of revenge, or simply taking the McMahon’s down, a great deal of former wrestlers and wrestling personalities have given their best shot at ruining the McMahon dynasty.

There are a few things to keep in mind when discussing “ruining” the McMahons. First is of course the fact none of these people could have succeeded, because the McMahons have yet to be ruined in any sense of the word. Second, there is the issue of what "ruin" means—does WWE have to die for the McMahons to be “ruined,” or do they just need to lose a lot of money? Or, worse for them, do they need to have their future earning potential compromised? There’s probably no clear answer, but we’re defining it as anybody who tried to take enough money out of Vince McMahon or his family member’s pockets that it at least ruined their day, if not their lives. That said, at least half of the people on the list really did want to flat out destroy their lives. If modern WWE has you down and you find yourself wishing the McMahons weren’t controlling wrestling anymore, read on and learn 15 wrestlers who tried to take them down.

15 Raven, Mike Sanders, and Chris Kanyon - Independent Contractors

Via Cageside Seats

14 CM Punk - The WWE Doctors Conspiracy

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13 Barry O - Sexual Harassment 

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12 Sable - Mistreatment Of Women


11 Dawn Marie - Fired Over Pregnancy

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10 Jesse Ventura - Forming A Union

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9 Hulk Hogan - Hulkamania Tour

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8 Bruno Sammartino - Disparaging Remarks


7 Ivan Koloff - Filed Concussion Suit Against WWE


6 The Dynamite Kid - Joined Koloff's Mission

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5 Koko B. Ware - Concussion Suit

Via Online World of Wrestling

4 "Superstar" Billy Graham - Lied About The Garvin/Phillips Incident

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3 Eric Bischoff - Ratings War

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Only a few of the wrestlers on this list really wanted to ruin the McMahons, and even they probably didn’t necessarily care whether or not WWE continued in some form after they got their revenge on Vince. One of the few names in wrestling history who unquestionably gave his best effort at putting Vince McMahon out of business and leaving him penniless was Eric Bischoff. Bischoff was primarily the Executive Vice President of WCW during the height of the Monday Night Wars, but he did step into the ring a few times. He defeated Ric Flair at Starrcade 1998, and a few months before that, he infamously challenged Vince McMahon himself to an actual fight at Slamboree 1998.

2 Jeff Jarrett - TNA

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1 Nailz

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Most of the wrestlers on this list attempted to cost Vince McMahon his company or a lot of his money. Some even tried to send him to jail, although usually not intentionally. We’re not sure what Nailz was trying to accomplish, but it was something else altogether. Nailz briefly wrestled for WWE in 1992 under the character of a possibly robotic ex-con. Nailz lasted less than a year before in a slightly disputed incident he was fired after attacking Vince McMahon. Bret Hart and Tito Santana were both on the scene, and claimed Nailz was choking McMahon and seemed like he was trying to kill him. According to Nailz, McMahon had just tried to molest him. Vince has been accused of plenty of unscrupulous business and bedroom behaviors, but this was immediately mocked and ridiculed as something that definitely never happened, and was a clear attempt at making McMahon look bad. It didn’t exactly work, which shows the risk people take when they try to ruin a billionaire: chances are, the billionaire is just going to ruin them.

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15 Wrestlers Who Tried To Ruin The McMahon Family