15 Wrestlers Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well

It’s very rare to come across a bunch of wrestlers in their early 40s that are actually aging gracefully. Considering that they take punches to the face for a living, it’s quite extraordinary that there are still dozens of wrestlers out there looking much younger for their age — in fact, in this list, you will even find legendary athletes in the field of wrestling that are well in their 50s and still look really good. Our assumptions are that these wrestlers were always moisturizing, knowing that if they didn’t, they would probably end up looking like none other than Hulk Hogan.

The age groups tend to vary from late 20s to late 60s, but all in all, all of these names seem to be doing rather well as far as their looks are concerned. See the list of 15 wrestlers who are aging gracefully below.

15 Chris Jericho

14 Alex Riley


13 Dolph Ziggler

12 Fandango


11 Cody Rhodes


10 Steve Austin

9 Rey Mysterio

8 CM Punk

7 Seth Rollins


6 Roman Reigns


5 Darren Young


4 Dave Bautista

3 Randy Orton

2 John Cena

1 Dwayne Johnson

But no one is aging quite like Dwayne Johnson. Literally, the older this man gets, the better he looks. Dedicating a tremendous amount of time to the gym, it shouldn’t surprise people to see that Johnson has kept himself looking just as good as he did decades ago when he made his debut in the WWE. Johnson is on top of his game right now, so he has every reason to keep his appearances in check. He’s believed to be making $10 million for every film he signs on to, which is an achievement in itself. Oh, and don’t be disappointed with the fact that Dwayne has moved onto bigger and better things because he has famously stressed that he is only semi-retired from the ring. We’ve seen Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson return as a wrestler time and time again, most notably at WrestleMania, so it’s kinda cool how he manages to fit everything in his hectic schedule, all whilst aging gracefully.

Fun tip: check out Dwayne’s IMDb page — you’ll be stunned to see how many movies this man is working on. And keep in mind, that’s $10 million for every film. Good on you, Dwayne!

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15 Wrestlers Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well