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15 Wrestlers Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well

15 Wrestlers Who Have Aged Surprisingly Well

It’s very rare to come across a bunch of wrestlers in their early 40s that are actually aging gracefully. Considering that they take punches to the face for a living, it’s quite extraordinary that there are still dozens of wrestlers out there looking much younger for their age — in fact, in this list, you will even find legendary athletes in the field of wrestling that are well in their 50s and still look really good. Our assumptions are that these wrestlers were always moisturizing, knowing that if they didn’t, they would probably end up looking like none other than Hulk Hogan.

The age groups tend to vary from late 20s to late 60s, but all in all, all of these names seem to be doing rather well as far as their looks are concerned. See the list of 15 wrestlers who are aging gracefully below.

15. Chris Jericho


You’ve gotta hand it to Chris Jericho. For the fact that he’s been wrestling for decades, starred in a couple of movies, gone through a couple of family tragedies, and still manages to keep up his reputation in the WWE, this 45-year-old isn’t looking as bad as one would have thought he would. Since he’s close to pushing 50, many blogs have stressed that Jericho is probably one of the few who has managed to age rather gracefully. You know how they usually say that when you reach a certain point in life, you begin to dress and act differently — well, that certainly ain’t the case for Chris, who still looks exactly the same as he did 15 years ago. He could maybe use a different haircut, though.

14. Alex Riley



Recent surveys show that the ladies seem to be obsessed with Alex Riley. Having made his WWE debut all the way back in the year 2007, in terms of his looks, nothing has really changed. And that’s quite rare considering that many of the most popular wrestlers we know begin to age horribly once they push for their mid-30s. Yet at 35 years old, Alex is definitely keeping up with his appearances, still going strong in the ring and claims to have a rather clean diet (it definitely shows). Eating healthy, working out, and refraining from alcohol and smoking as often as possible seems to have contributed to the fact that Riley is aging very well.

13. Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler definitely became one of the most promising wrestlers back in 2004, when he first made his debut in the ring. And since then, he’s literally not aged one bit. Ziggler, whose real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, has definitely been taking care of himself — he always looks so made up; he dresses well, acts appropriately for the most part, and, again, the ladies seem to love him. Many have wondered why Dolph doesn’t try out modeling — after all, he has the looks to be headlining campaigns for the likes of Calvin Klein, Versace, and maybe even Marc Jacobs. Fans predict that with his good looks, Dolph Ziggler will eventually hit it big time at the box office when he decides to take his acting skills in wrestling over to Hollywood studios, who’ll hopefully help him land a big time movie role. I can see this happening, for sure.

12. Fandango



The true WWE fans will remember Fandango’s first appearance in the ring all the way back in 1999. Fandango’s personality was very much over the top; he was more or less considered a macho, always taunting his opponents with his wavering brown hair. Now that he is close to pushing 35, in terms of his appearance and looks, Fandango, real name Curtis Jonathan Hussey, continues to be known as one of the best aging wrestlers in the industry. He is still very much the “macho man” that he was when he first entered the ring, but to deny the fact that this man has aged gracefully would literally mean that we’re all lying to ourselves. So maybe we can give him a pass for being “macho”.

11. Cody Rhodes



Anyone remember Cody Rhodes? Sure, he wasn’t the most popular wrestler in his field at the peak of his career, but he has managed to earn himself a placement as one of the best aging wrestlers in the game. So, that more or less should be something to be proud of, right? We were first introduced to Cody in 2006, and many famously said that Cody could resemble someone that was in his late teens, as he really did look that young. And if you’re already being passed off as a teenager when you’re in your early 20s, chances are that you’re still going to get a lot of compliments once you hit 30. Well, Cody is definitely one of the honourable mentions as far as good looks are concerned. His parents should be proud for passing down some handsome looks on him — strong enough to keep him looking youthful in his 30s.

10. Steve Austin


Okay, so this is kind of a mixed thing. It really comes down to how you look at things, but for the majority of people who grew up watching WWE, you’d know that Steve Austin has been through hell and back. Though he’s no longer professionally wrestling in the ring with the exception of a couple of appearances every now and then, Austin has moved on to bigger and better things — movies, that is. And I, along with many wrestling fans, would agree that Steve is looking great for his age. Austin will be 52 in December, and considering his contributions to the field of wrestling, which has a tendency to make fellow wrestlers age horribly, Steve is looking much younger than 51, that’s for sure. If I didn’t know who Steve was, I would’ve assumed that he was probably in his mid-40s. From the time he was still wrestling on a daily basis to the actor he has become, there’s not much you can say in terms of Austin’s appearance; it’s more or less still the same.

9. Rey Mysterio

“How can Rey Mysterio make the list when you can’t even see his face most of the time?” is probably what many people are wondering. Well, if you’re that much of a wrestling fan, you would’ve probably seen what Rey looked like without one of his dozens of masks, and trust me when I tell you that he looks young. It’s still crazy to think that Rey, real name Oscar Gutierrez, is already 41-years-old, but then when you consider the fact that he’s been wrestling since 1989, you add everything up and realize how well this man has aged over the years. The mask has not only helped Rey establish himself as a unique wrestler, but has probably also contributed to his aging — wearing a mask for the most part of the day is like wearing sunscreen. He’s literally blocking any sunlight from getting on his face. Okay, that may be a little exaggerated, but it would make sense, no? Either way, Rey Mysterio has aged very well, and I don’t know whether it’s down to his genes, his family’s background, or that mask of his. Which of these do you think has helped Rey to age so gracefully?

8. CM Punk


A lot of people are still hoping that CM Punk will come out of retirement and get back in the ring — he was most definitely one of the most controversial wrestlers of all time. Although, chances of that happening are quite unlikely since the wrestler is now wanting to pursue a career in UFC and acting. Ain’t it funny how every wrestler wants to get in the film industry upon retiring from the ring? Well, if it works out, why not? Besides, as far as CM Punk’s looks are concerned, he is definitely one of the best aging wrestlers out there. Despite having recently turned 37, CM Punk is looking better than half of the wrestlers in their late 20s. Fans often joke that the wrestler, real name Phillip Brooks, has moisturized well enough to avoid the curse that most wrestlers face once they hit 35, which has usually seen many of our favorite stars age horribly. So all in all, well done to CM Punk for not only avoiding the curse but keeping himself busy by finding work outside of the wrestling arena.

7. Seth Rollins



Seth Rollins is one of the few wrestlers who actually knows how to act when in the ring. You know how there’s always those group of wrestlers who give off the most awkward lines when they are filmed backstage before the match? Well, from what I’ve seen, Seth usually gives off a reasonable performance — enough for me to consider that he’ll eventually move on to acting also. With that said, Rollins has not only been named one of the best looking current wrestlers in his field, he’s also one of the few that is aging well. Yes, he’s only 30-years-old, but one has to remember that these wrestlers aren’t like the rest of us, and live lives that are much more hectic. But then again, that doesn’t mean that these things necessarily apply to Seth — still, it should be noted that Rollins is definitely holding himself together well enough to be aging better than some of his fellow wrestling peers. Comparing them would almost seem as if we’re favoring Seth for the simple fact that he’s looking better, that’s all.

6. Roman Reigns



Roman Reigns hasn’t been wrestling for as long as the other names on this list, and it should be mentioned that he’s only 31-years-old, but why shouldn’t he make the cut for a reasonable athlete who is aging rather well in the WWE? Roman, who has pretty much become one of the most promising wrestlers since he made his debut in 2010, definitely hasn’t aged a bit in these last six years. It’s quite funny because women who don’t even watch wrestling named him one of the most attractive current wrestlers — he seems to be a real charmer with the ladies, and the fact that he possesses the appearance of a model hasn’t exactly hurt Reigns as far as his looks are concerned. Some fans even said they would’ve loved to have seen him playing the role of Jacob Black, the werewolf in the Twilight saga because he supposedly looks like someone who belongs to a tribe. It’s probably his hair and his dark facial features, but all in all, Roman is definitely someone who many think is one of the best-looking wrestlers in the WWE… for now at least.

5. Darren Young



Who knew that Darren Young has been wrestling since 2002? Many people didn’t start paying attention to him until he made the courageous move to tell the world that he was gay back in 2013. The WWE showed Young nothing but support, along with many wrestlers, who called the move rather daring since this became the first time in history that a professional wrestler — who is still very much active in the industry — had come out as homosexual. With all that being said, looking back at Darren when he first made his debut at 22 to how he looks now, it’s really hard to tell what has changed about him other than the facial features. Darren seems to have taken good care of himself over the years, being very vocal about the fact that he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, spends most of his days at the local gym, and eats 100% clean. Well, with all that in mind, it’s not hard to guess why this New Jersey-born wrestler has managed to keep himself looking so fresh and so clean.

4. Dave Bautista


You may disagree, but I think I speak for thousands of people when I say that Dave Bautista is aging gracefully. While he’s not exactly as active in the ring as he is in the film industry, it’s clear that this 47-year-old wrestler is eventually hoping to make acting his full-time career. Having seen the success that other wrestlers have had over the years, continuing his duties with WWE will eventually tire him out. So why not try something new, right? Did you know that Dave made several appearances in the recent James Bond movie? His career as an actor is off to a promising start, and to think that Bautista is already 47-years-old is pretty impressive. He’s been wrestling for 16 years and is now transitioning to acting, all whilst looking pretty good for his age, don’t you think?

3. Randy Orton


Randy Orton: you either love him or you hate him. But with that said, you can’t deny that this 36-year-old has kept himself looking rather youthful over the years. It’s usually said that the ones who do the most trash talking usually find themselves looking haggard by the time they enter their 30s, but look at Randy — he’s still talking smack and still manages to look just as good as he did in his 20s. I can’t point out one thing that has changed about Randy, from his looks to his attitude — absolutely nothing. It’s been 16 years since Randy made his debut as a professional wrestler, and to think that he is just as relevant and perhaps even just as good looking as he was at 26 deserves an applause, no? I mean, there are wrestlers his age who could easily be mistaken for someone that’s pushing 50.

2. John Cena


John Cena has to be a vampire. It’s just unexplainable how this 39-year-old professional wrestler has kept himself looking so great over the years. He has done his fair share in the film industry, has been wrestling since 1999, and he’s gone through some family tragedies. But none of these things have affected his appearance in the slightest. If you hold a picture of John from 2005 next to a photo of him from 2016, you will literally struggle to find something that has remotely changed about this legendary wrestler. Not only is he still on top of his game in the field of wrestling, he’s slowly but surely growing his following as a credible actor — who knows? He might be the next to retire from wrestling to pursue a full-time career in Hollywood. Good for him, he’s definitely one of the best aging wrestlers out there.

1. Dwayne Johnson


But no one is aging quite like Dwayne Johnson. Literally, the older this man gets, the better he looks. Dedicating a tremendous amount of time to the gym, it shouldn’t surprise people to see that Johnson has kept himself looking just as good as he did decades ago when he made his debut in the WWE. Johnson is on top of his game right now, so he has every reason to keep his appearances in check. He’s believed to be making $10 million for every film he signs on to, which is an achievement in itself. Oh, and don’t be disappointed with the fact that Dwayne has moved onto bigger and better things because he has famously stressed that he is only semi-retired from the ring. We’ve seen Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson return as a wrestler time and time again, most notably at WrestleMania, so it’s kinda cool how he manages to fit everything in his hectic schedule, all whilst aging gracefully.

Fun tip: check out Dwayne’s IMDb page — you’ll be stunned to see how many movies this man is working on. And keep in mind, that’s $10 million for every film. Good on you, Dwayne!

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