15 Wrestlers Who Got In Serious Trouble Outside The US

WWE is the biggest wrestling company in the world, and it’s based in the United States of America. Because of this, the vast majority of the most visible and successful pro wrestlers today are also American. If not from the US, many Canadians and Mexicans have also made it big, but they too are American in the grand sense of hailing from North America. These various Americans have found their way all around their world, though, both by way of WWE’s tours of foreign countries, by working in those countries earlier in their careers, or even while off on vacation.

While most people fondly look back on their time traveling around the world, the wrestlers who’ve made the trek around the globe don’t always have the fondest remembrances of their journeys. Wrestlers are a rambunctious bunch and are no strangers to controversy. While controversy in the wrestling ring is one thing, when certain wrestlers brought their dramatic and emotional performance arts to exotic locales, that controversy has led to a few wrestlers ending up hit with some serious fines, others landing themselves in jail, and some even being banned from countries outright. Keep reading to learn which 15 wrestlers got the worst heat of their lives in a foreign country.

15 Ric Flair - Regretted Going To North Korea


WWE likes to brag about packing 100,000+ into Dallas for WrestleMania 32, but that’s actually just barely over half the size of the actual largest crowd in wrestling history. WCW and New Japan Pro Wrestling cross-promoted an event called the Collision In Korea in 1995, and the show was held in front of a record setting 190,000 North Koreans. Of course, given the nature of North Korea, it wasn’t exactly a choice for most of the people to attend. It was a choice for the wrestlers, at least at first, but no less a source than Ric Flair has told his story of his time in the country, and it was predictably filled with regret.

14 Vader - Attacked A TV Host in Iraq


13 Steve Corino - Stuck Representing A Fake Russian In India

Via Superluchas

12 Mark Henry - Threatened A Fan In Ireland


11 Biff Wellington - Caught With Narcotics In Japan

Via YouTube

10 Ed "Strangler" Lewis - Partied Too Hard In Tijuana, Mexico


9 Konnan - Despite What He Says, He's Definitely Not From Mexico

Via Lucha Underground

8 Lex Luger - Not Allowed In Canada


7 Chris Jericho - Disrespected the Flag of Brazil


6 Luke Gallows - Trapped In A Hotel In Nigeria


5 William Regal - Forgot Where He Was While Flying Over Japan


4 Juventud Guerrera - Naked and High on PCP in Australia

Via Asistencia Asesoría y Administración

3 Roddy Piper - Played His Role Too Well in the Dominican Republic

Via Rolling Stone

2 Bruiser Brody - Alleged Death Cover Up 

Via Cageside Seats

1 JBL - Acted Like A Nazi in Germany


Most people know by now that former WWE World Champion and current Raw color commentator JBL is a bona fide bully. Regardless of his contributions to the sport of wrestling, he’s been a total jerk behind the scenes to just about everybody, and in one instance that included the entire country of Germany. While the top heel of SmackDown in 2004, JBL joined WWE for their Passport of Pain tour, which saw him wrestle several main event matches in Germany. JBL has bullied countless other wrestlers in deeply insensitive ways, but nothing compares to the stupidity on display when he decided, in Germany, to raise his arm in the Nazi salute and goose-step around the ring. Both gestures are highly illegal and obviously offensive in Germany, and although JBL was able to eschew legal charges by passing it off as him doing a great job at playing his douchebag character, his actions got him fired from his side job with CNBC.

Sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Pro Wrestling Illustrated

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15 Wrestlers Who Got In Serious Trouble Outside The US