15 Wrestlers Who Faked Serious Injuries

Professional wrestling is often mocked for being fake, and there’s no denying that it is indeed scripted, but there’s also no denying that the performers are genuinely putting their bodies at severe risk every time they step into the ring. Injuries happen all the time in wrestling, and as of this writing WWE is facing one of their worst eras in terms of injuries, with countless top stars getting injured and forced into early retirement at a rapid rate. If this all sounds pretty serious that’s because it is, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of wrestlers from making a mockery out of their own profession by faking serious injuries.

At first, the idea of faking an injury likely seemed brilliant, especially since the true toll wrestling takes on one’s body hadn’t been realized until recently. Unfortunately, it seems like the trend is accelerating with time instead of decreasing, with plenty of wrestlers faking injuries to this day. This has started to amass a great deal of controversy, since some of the injuries they’ve faked have actually claimed the careers and even lives of wrestlers who came before them. That said, a few of these examples are still viewed as classic angles, and even we admit some of them were pretty funny. Read on if you want to learn about 15 times wrestlers may have sold a little bit too much and lied about a serious injury.

15 Shawn Michaels - Faked A Head Injury


14 Jerry Lawler - Faked Anal Bleeding


13 Michael Cole - Faked A Spinal Injury


12 Bob Orton, Jr. - Exaggerated A Broken Arm

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11 Joel Gertner - Faked A Neck Injury


10 Chyna - Faked A Neck Injury


9 Pitbull #1 - Exaggerated A Neck Injury

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8 Scott Steiner - Faked Multiple Injuries


7 John Cena - Exaggerated A Pectoral Injury

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6 The Rock - Faked A Hand Injury


5 Jonah Adelman - Faked A Neck Injury

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4 Matt Hardy - Faked A Spinal Injury

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3 Stevie Richards - Exaggerated A Neck Injury


2 Ric Flair - Faked A Heart Attack


All of the other fake injuries on this list are somewhat offensive in the world of professional sports, where absolutely anybody can suffer a serious injury at any time. Faking a heart attack takes the offensiveness to a level beyond, laughing in the face of the number one cause of death on the planet. In the late 90s, Ric Flair did exactly that, and he did it in the middle of a WCW ring. In December of 1998, Flair was giving increasingly intense and passionate promos about his hatred of Eric Bischoff, regularly taking off his clothes and turning red in the face while screaming about whatever came to his mind. The announcers would laugh and tell him to calm down lest he have a heart attack, until one night on Nitro it looked like Flair did exactly that. Wrestling being wrestling, they later revealed Flair was actually poisoned, but for at least a few days it looked like one of the top names in wrestling could’ve suffered a tragic fate on national television—the same tragic fate countless co workers of his actually faced in front of crowds of hundreds at high school gyms.

1 Vince McMahon - Faked A Fiery Exploding Death


Vince McMahon is the biggest and loudest personality in wrestling history, in charge of arguably the biggest and loudest sports entertainment company in television history. Obviously, this is a man who goes big or goes home, so if he’s going to fake an injury, he’s going to go all out on an epic level. In July of 2007, Vince McMahon walked into a limo at the end of an episode of Raw, and seconds later the limo exploded. WWE actually reported on their web site that McMahon was presumed dead, and claimed authorities had immediately begun investigating the probable “murder.” Any wrestler can stare into the eyes of fate and mock it with a fake injury, but to actually stare down death and laugh? Now that takes a McMahon. Unfortunately, WWE immediately found out just how bad an idea this was, as less than two weeks later Chris Benoit murdered his family and subsequently committed suicide. Suddenly the fake explosion seemed a little bit gauche.

Sources: WWE, Wrestling Inc

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15 Wrestlers Who Faked Serious Injuries